Get organized with these great planning and to-do list apps for Android

Trying to stay organized can be a hassle even if you're only keeping track of yourself. Add in children, roommates, your partner, friends and co-workers and it can become downright impossible. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps out there to help order the chaos of everyday life. Whether you need to be able to edit your To-Do list on the run, or see the schedules for everyone in your house at a glance, you're covered.

We've put together a short list of the best organization apps available on Google Play. Let's take a look!

Google Keep

Google Keep

Sometimes the biggest problem to getting organized is just remembering those last minute additions to your schedule, or the random add-on to your to-do list. For everything that life throws at you, Google Keep can help you to get and stay on track. Keep lets you jot down notes, create lists that can be checked off, and even put in reminders. These are super handful in a pinch, when you're in the middle of something but don't want to forget anything on your list.

Notes to yourself can be created quickly and easily by typing, drawing on a photo, or dictating with voice. Attaching a reminder to a list or note can help to make sure you won't forget, especially if you don't have the time to enter a full event into your calendar. Google Keep isn't a catch-all app, but it definitely helps to keep all of your reminders in one easy place. Even better, since Keep is part of the Google ecosystm you can access your notes and reminders across your phone, tablet and computer.

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When it comes to apps that are built around organization, we all probably know somebody who swears by Evernote — maybe that somebody is you. Evernote has apps for you phone and tablet, and even has a Chrome extension on your computer. You can make notes and lists, along with saving articles from the web. The Android apps have a clear Material Design interface that makes it easy to get around.

Evernote is probably the most powerful app and service on the list. You can access it from anywhere, and once you get used to it, checking your Evernote becomes a way of life. You'll never lose a recipe that you found on Facebook again, so long as you remembered to save it. The notebook function lets you easily separate out everything you save so it can be found easily down the line, and there is a tagging feature as well for organizing and sorting. You can even upgrade from the free version to Plus or Premium to get access to features like locking the app, getting more storage space, and annotating PDFs.

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Being able to easily adjust and edit a workflow, while keeping an eye on projects that are still a bit further out can be key in staying organized. If that's the case for you, then Trello might be the app you've been looking for. You can build boards with to-do lists, along with projects for work or home. The ability to invite coworkers or collaborators for a project makes it easy to stay on top of everything, without losing track of anything.

Trello works in a pretty simple way. You create a big board, divide it into columns of lists, and then fill those lists with cards that represent your tasks, projects, or whatever else you're trying to track through a workflow. From here you can drag and drop to move things around, invite people who are collaborating with you, and even assign tasks to other folks on your board. Trello has a very simple and clean interface that works well across multiple devices without any issues. There's even has a calendar view so you can see when all the moving parts of your project are due, as well as who is working on them.

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My Life Organized


Many times the hurdle to staying organized is just the scope of the project, which means you need to break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces. MyLifeOrganized offers you the ability to make project or to-do lists with unlimited subcategories. Being able to take a large project and chop it up into smaller pieces for easier task management makes it more likely you'll get it done on time. MyLifeOrganized also utilizes some fantastic features, so that all the tools you need to stay organized are at your fingertips.

MyLifeOrganized gives you a full suite of features that are available with the free version of the app. You can easily tag entries for context, making them easier to find down the road, as well as assigning due dates and reminders. Upgrading to the Pro version gets you features like charting your project progress, a calendar view, and a password lock. And you get to try out the Pro features for free for the first 45 days after installing.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar

If your biggest hurdle to staying organized comes because it's impossible to remember your schedule — and your partner's schedule, plus the kids, and then work — then Google has your back. Google Calendar aims to make it as easy as possible to keep track of your schedule, letting you you easily add, remove, and edit events, along with supporting multiple calendars and multiple accounts, plus shared calendars and events.

The Google Calendar app is one of the very best calendar apps available, especially is you're already a user of the online Google Calendar service with which it syncs. As a calendar it's organized around your events, and with those events you have a plethora of options. You can make your events repeat down to the granularity of the third Saturday of the month, set start and end in different time zones, invite people to shared events, pin map locations, plan Hangouts calls, and much much more. All of this happens in a clean interface that keeps everything smartly laid out with clear color coordination to keep it all straight. It's even smart enough to pull in your plane tickets and dinner reservations right into the calendar from Gmail.

Download Google Calendar from Google Play for free (opens in new tab)

Hopefully these apps will help get you a bit more organized and on track. Whether that means remembering your appointments with Google Calendar or keeping track of the project you're working on for class with Trello. There are of course plenty of ways to be organized and optimize your workflow. Do you have a specific app you like to use to keep organized? Let us know about it in the comments!

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  •, and a physical planner. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 on I use it all of the time and it is extremely useful.
  • I mainly use Google Calendar and Tasks. I use Pure agenda widget on my home screen to display both together in a list format. I play with my food
  • Google Keep & Calendar for me...
  • Yessir Posted via the Android Central App
  • This! Posted via the Android Central App
  • no, the other one
  • Yup. Keep for todos and calendar for appointments.
  • Same here. Keep for todos and random stuff/notes. And calendar for appointments/birthdays/reminders with the Calendar Widget on the Homescreen.
  • Same here!
  • I use these two..and it's easy to add my gf to my keep lists. It's how we keep a grocery and target list organized. She even rearranges the grocery list after its created so that it's in order of where the items are located in the store. Very convenient!
  • I used Evernote for many years on various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and PC). Just recently ditched Evernote for Simplenote. I just like it better even though it has less bells and whistles. It does what I need it to do. I use it for notes, lists, whatever that I want to keep for a long time or even forever. I use Google Keep as my short-term note keeper and also for making grocery lists. And finally, I use S Note on my Galaxy Note 5, mainly use it to jot down quick things or reminders by utilizing the screen-off write feature with the S Pen. Used to use Wunderlist strictly for grocery lists but feel that Keep does that just as well and I don't need an extra app floating around.
  • How did you migrate all your notes from Evernote? I have a couple hundred notes. Posted via my Nexus 5X & T-Mobile Unlimited
  • This is why I love smartphones for stuff like this. Games take the back burner Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's amazing how far the cellphone has come. I remember my first Samsung flipphone and its green backlit screen and pixelated font from 2001. Fast forward 15 years and now I've got a Samsung that does EVERYTHING from the Internet, capturing HD imagery to diving into VR. And it takes notes, too :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ticktick is excellent. Pay wall only for huge lists. Free version has no limits for the average user.
  • I used to use that, then I got rid of it, can't remember why though. Maybe I will check it out again Posted via the Android Central App
  • Business Calendar 2 and Google Keep works for me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Business Calendar
  • Business Calendar 2 is great Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have tried to get organzed with many different taskers and organizers. I tried Any.Do when it first came out but it was slow (maybe no it is better but it wasn't for me). I tried Wunderlist, but that is only powerful if you pay for it. I can say I haven't tried Evernote fully because I know it is a powerful application and I think if I sat down for a couple of hours I could really do something great with it. I have always used Google Calendar and I really enjoy with what it has evolved to. I also started to use Google Keep and it is the best one for me. Especially for the todo lists and the recurring reminds either time or location. I just hope they allow users (if they want to) to integrate Inbox with Google Keep in addition to Google Calendar. Use some sort of machine learning to understand where you want to save the reminder or todo list.
  • Reminders have been integrated...sort of. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just wish Goods Tasks would do everything that Google Keep does. I like the integration between Tasks and Gmail. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Google Keep is great, BUT NEEDS to make it easier to mark a task competed in the app and in the notification bar. That's the only things it's missing. Posted via my Nexus 5X & T-Mobile Unlimited
  • Longtime user of Remember The Milk, even though their stupid cow icon makes me want to stop using it.
  • Ditto, another long time user of Remember the Milk though the cow does not bother me. Just wish they'd make the full web version more like the Android app. Posted via Android Central App
  • No Wunderlist love? Love it. Using it for a long time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just came back to this. I used it previously and something didn't do it for me and I bailed on it. However that was a year ago, I downloaded it last night and it seems pretty good so far Posted via the Android Central App
  • I use Keep for short notes or lists I probably won't need again. I use Evernote for those longterm things and Todoist for tasks. Both of these integrate well with quite well which makes automating things a synch. For instance, I'm learning a new language so when a particular blog posts a new entry IFTTT reads the RSS feed and adds it to Evernote in a language notebook and then also sets a task in Todoist to go back and read it. You can specify a tag on a note in Evernote and have IFTTT catch it and add a task in Todoist (yes Evernote has reminders too, but Todoist is slightly more powerful). If I star an email, then IFTTT can act on that and set a task in Todoist. It's a great set of tools. Both Keep and Evernote have great search capabilities and will even find text in pictures and in the case of Evernote PDFs.
  • That is amazing.
  • I love the Samsung Calendar for almost all of this stuff. But I change phones so frequently I have changed it up. Grocery List - Bring To Do - Wunderlist - great Android Wear integration Calendar - Samsung or LG default - but Business Calendar 2 if on a Moto Budget - HomeBudget Notes - Evernote Posted via the Android Central App
  • I use a combination of ToodleDo (stupid name) and Evernote. ToodleDo has a good system for emailing tasks, so it's easy to turn an email into a To-Do.
  • I'm a bit surprised that OneNote didn't get a mention. I switched to it after using Evernote Premium for a year.
  • Same here. OneNote has come a long way since the first version of the app.
  • Been using OneNote at home and work since its release on the computer. Once it was made available for Android, been using it ever since on that paltform too. I just never could get into Evernote. Kept trying it and always went back to OneNote.
  • Been using OneNote at home and work since its release on the computer. Once it was made available for Android, been using it ever since on that platform too. I just never could get into Evernote. Kept trying it and always went back to OneNote.
  • Keepers go to Evernote, discardables and location reminders go to Google Keep. For non-regular mundane tasks, I use this great little app called "regularly", its basically a scheduled list with extreme flexibility.
  • Trello is just what I was looking for to organize my assignments Posted via the Android Central App
  • Google Keep is great, BUT NEEDS to make it easier to mark a task competed in the app and in the notification bar. That's the only things it's missing. Posted via my Nexus 5X & T-Mobile Unlimited
  • Bob Garon, for some reason I cannot reply to your question about migrating notes from Evernote to Simplenote by using the reply button so here'so my reply. It was a very tedious task. Lots of copy and paste was performed.
  • Haha! Thank you :-) Posted via my Nexus 5X & T-Mobile Unlimited
  • No one has mentioned Todoist? Love that app and use it hourly Posted via the Android Central App
  • Todoist + Google Calendar for me
  • Google calendar and Keep/Wunderlist Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wunderlist is a great task tracking app that works across platforms. It is robust and reminder times synchronize well. If anyone use Exchange Tasks to manage work, I recommend Nine mail to manage tasks on mobile.
  • Wow. No one mentioned Informant by WebIS yet. Used to be called Pocket Informant when I first got it. Been using it since I got my first smartphone. It integrates with Google Calendar, Contacts, & Tasks. Anything I can think of to do on the desktop can be done on Informant. Also integrates with Toodledo & Evernote, and backup to Dropbox is handy when moving (or cloning) to another phone. Also available on iOS, so my wife, who lives on the dark side, has all the same capabilities. Sharing calendars keeps us up to date on each other's schedules and tasks. Supports events during trips in other timezones so that 8am alarm doesn't go off at 4am or 2pm local time, and you don't miss the boarding time alarm in London when home is NYC. Even can mark annual events to show how many years since the first entry -- hint hint: How many years have you been married? How old is little cousin tommy? Hmmm, not so little anymore! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've used Informant for years and I still haven't discovered all it can do. In addition, there's no monthly subscription cost, that gets me with other apps...
  • "Evernote is probably the most powerful app and service on the list." When you leave out OneNote, yes it would be! I find it rather interesting that you included Evernote on your "short list: but not OneNote. Why? OneNote is my go to. IMHO far better than Evernote! Quick capture with widgets. Nice floating capture that can be activated by Notification screen if you don't want widgets on screen. Use my home or work computer, tablet (Win or Android) or smartphone to view and modify OneNote files. But, to each their own, I guess.
  • On my chromebox, I use to use my Gmail inbox as my primary task manager with Google Inbox as a way to set reminders and snooze events. Google voice search makes setting events and reminders easy. Google Calendar keeps everything nice and neat and allows me to monitor my office and families schedules. I have currently added Sortd (beta) to the mix and find the categorization of lists exactly what the average person needs to be productive. Google should by this company! Unfortunately, I have not been invited to try their mobile app and mobile is the most important factor. On my mobile devices, I use a combination of Gmail (for deleting and viewing tasks/emails), Google Inbox (for archiving and snoozing), Google Voice Search for creating tasks, reminders and emails), Agenda Widget Plus (quick at a glance of my schedule) and Jorte (month view for searching future dates for events and scheduling). I wish I could use the Google Calendar app but the inability to increase font size within the app makes it impossible for my old eyes. My wife's grocery lists are dealt with by taking a picture of the list and importing it into the Markers app so I can scratch of the items as I go. Eventually everything will be voice controlled (love the amazon echo and Google Voice) but until then numerous apps are what makes an efficient environment for me.
  • I like and use Google Keep because of its simplicity and automatic sync with my desktop. I use it mostly for short term stuff like shopping lists and errands. I wish it had collapsable outlines, but I suppose that would start to defeat the simplicity aspect. I like MyLifeOrganized for its ability to keep track of complex lists and lists within lists. I use it for everything from To Do Lists, books I want to read, important dates, packing lists, chronologies, and a lot more. My two gripes about MLO are (1) sometimes it seems to lose the ability to WiFi sync (I'd rather not cloud sync) unless I unpair and re-pair devices, and (2) it has so many features I don't use that are sort of clutter on the main screen. Neither is a deal breaker. This is the best list organizer I've used since Bonsai for my Palm device. One thing I like about both is the ability to just show text. When I'm dealing with outlines, I'd like to see as much on the screen as I can (without crowding). I don't want pictures or big icons or lots of white space; gimme the information, just the information.
  • todoist
  • While it's definitely overkill, OneNote...
  • Lol wow. You make a list of best to do lists and you leave out Todoist. For anyone who actually uses a task manager to get **** done, Todoist destroys all of these apps on features. Paid version of course, but totally worth it.
  • I am constantly using Google Keep for notes, Google Now for reminders, and Google Calendar for making plans. I know these are all just built in to the Android experience, but the simplicity, convenience, and reliability of these Google services is, in my opinion, unmatched by any third party option I've tried. Before Google Keep I used Evernote, and if I were still in college I'd continue to use it because it's far more robust. However, my needs are limited to simple note taking such as thinks I don't want to forget, simple work related notes, and shopping lists. For this Keep is absolutely perfect. The fact that all the Google services talk to each other and keep synchronized seamlessly with any device or PC I use is icing on the cake. Posted via the Android Central app on my Nexus 5X with Project Fi