ZTE Grand Memo II LTE

Huge display shows off the new-look MiFavor UI

Following precisely one year after the launch of the original Grand Memo, ZTE has made the Grand Memo II LTE official here at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. Although ZTE confirmed its existence and naming prior to the show, we now have all of the details on its new huge handset. The Grand Memo II LTE is sporting a 6-inch IPS HD (we're thinking 720 x 1280) display, 13MP and 5MP cameras, Snapdragon 400 processor (initially there was confusion it was an 800), 2GB of RAM and 3200mAh battery paired with proprietary power saving software.

Mobile World Congress

The hardware comes in at a staggeringly-thin 7.2mm chassis that's angular and mostly made up of screen on the front. The back shows off a subtle carbon fiber pattern in either black or white. The screen takes up a full 80 percent of the front face of the device. That screen has Gorilla Glass 3, naturally, and offers a 178-degree viewing angle and is hyper-sensitive so that it can be used with gloves if you need.

On the software front ZTE has redesigned the interface, which it calls MiFavor 2.3, to give the experience a new look and make it easier to navigate. The interface has deep integration with ZTE's pre-loaded apps, includes a new camera app that offers several shooting modes and has the latest "split screen" functionality that lets you run two apps at once.

The ZTE Grand Memo II LTE will launch in April in China, followed by simultaneous launches in Europe, North America (supposedly including postpaid carrier launches) and Asia Pacific thereafter. While there isn't any specific pricing available just yet, a Q&A session at ZTE's press conference revealed it will be priced unlocked around $300 in the U.S.

Be on the look out for our full hands-on with the device at MWC 2014.


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ZTE makes Grand Memo II LTE official: 6-inch IPS display, Android 4.4 KitKat


Wow $300 unlocked in the US, For anyone who wants a high quality 6 inch display smartphone for the price, this looks to be a winner.

My preference: ~5 inch for easy viewing, handling, and pocketing.

This should compete well against those extremely expensive Notes. Moreover, it has "normal" on screen navigation buttons.

Is there a developer community for these phones (I mean the ZTE brand in general, not just this device)? I'm thinking if I got one I'd like to install a custom rom to get stock android instead of whatever skin ZTE puts on top. A $300 pure Kit Kat experience on a 6" screen would be a nice alternative to a G Pro 2 at like $800 or so unlocked, even if the specs are lower.

Posted via Android Central App

Hmmm......$300 for unlocked? I wouldn't mind giving this a go at this price point.

Posted via my Anthem filled T-Mobile Note 3

It looks as if there are 3 little "SIM tray" like pinholes on the right hand side. What do they all do Andrew? Is it dual SIM?

I was keen for it & this is the first article i am seeing a glimpse of it | gr8 article thanks ...:-)
The smartphone gorged me at its first sight, gives a bezel touch on its looks & a 6-inch massive screen with Android KiKat version all this in just $300.......
| I found some more specs Here| http://bit.ly/1msA8qE|