If you’ve tried the new Dolphin HD browser, you'd know that one of its best features was the ability to download YouTube videos directly to your SD card. Unfortunately, this rubbed YouTube the wrong way, and YouTube -- owned by Google, as you well know -- deemed it a violation of its of service. It’s a shame, we know, but there are still plenty of bells and whistles being offered to make this a formidable piece of software.  Thanks, joe23521!


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Dolphin Browser HD forced to take out YouTube downloading feature


I find this kind of lame since you can save YouTube videos on a PC anyway. So what is the difference if you save it to your phone?

I am looking forward to owning an EVO and playing with this browser.

Hmmmm. I wonder if the feature will remain active and usable for anyone who ignores the updated version.......

....I wish I could verify that but I uninstalled it two days ago when I was clearing up some things. And I was planning on re-downloading it again later. :(

Haven't updated yet and it's letting me download one right now. Not really a feature I used, but just FYI to anyone who DOES use it.

NOOOOOOoo that was one of the MAIN reasons I started using it 2 days ago. The idea of downloading Youtube vids on the go was cool to me.

But then again Google does have to protect its own interests and prove that its not using youtube to violate copyright laws and whatnot.


Yes I can confirm that - If you don't update, then you can still download videos. However, any future bug fixes will require an update of course. ;)

There's always the quick and simple way of replacing the 'y' in the YouTube url to a 3 and downloading that way. Seemed like a handy feature and I was looking forward to it for when I get my desire! :)

Yeah. Or the slower way. Go to the desktop page on the phone and get the video url. Use vixy www.vixy.com or the like to convert and download straight to the phone.

This sucks! Why?! I don't get it, Google owns YouTube and this is an app that runs on a Google phone! Wouldn't they want something cool like this on their phones? They have the ability to control what they want so using the "Terms of Service" excuse is lame.

I'm not updating the app because I can still download videos. As long as I can I will keep the old version. -1 for Google & YouTube for killing a great feature!