Youtube app

The last Youtube update seem to bork things up a little bit? No worries. A new update has been pushed to update the old update. So as long as you've updated your update with this latest update, you should be good. Follow?

Here's the official changelog: "Bug fixes for some devices."

Everybody better now?


Reader comments

Youtube app updated to fix the last update


I do not expect Alpha and Beta testing to catch every bug when releasing software, but it baffles my mind that it screwed as many devices as it did. I would have to guess this software group did not do their testing procedures as planed. Wounder want CMMi level they are certified at, if any??
Anyway, back to the update on my AT$T Infuse. yesterdays update screwed up my sound but I could still watch the video segment. Now this mornings update has done one better. Not only can't I hear the audio, I now can't download the video.
I hope I can just uninstall all the updates and go back to what I had working.

I like the fact that now I can start a video, pause it and go to another app then go back and continue where I left off. Before I would have to start the video over and drag it back to where I left off.