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Head into the Google Play Store and you'll see YouTube sitting at version 5.5.27. The last time we covered an update for YouTube on Android was in late November when the app improved search results and channel pages. The changelog listed is old, but there are reports that there is now support for casting live videos to Chromecast.

Play around with the settings and you'll notice that the Preloading menu has been removed. You'll also find a Captions menu that has been added to YouTube for Android.

Play around with the app and let us know if you find anything else in there.

Download it now and let us know what you think.

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YouTube for Android updated to support casting live videos to Chromecast


Yay. No more running upstairs to the computer just to send a live event to downstairs TV. That was such a pain.

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And then this is made even more awesome when Google gets the NFL license and I can pay them to watch every game of my favorite team live.

So. Excited.

What do they even do right now that's useful live? (Not sarcastic - I honestly want to see the value in this)

Hangouts on Air, my favorite of which is the weekly Virtual Star Party. Up until now, I've had to cast a tab from Chrome on my computer (until they just recently added support for live streaming from YouTube on the desktop, but that still required going to the computer). This will be so much better to simply cast a Hangout on Air from my phone.

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this would have been useful this past weekend with the Coachella music festival being broadcast live. oh well, nice update though.

First thing I said - you couldn't do this last week for Coachella?

Still a nice feature and better late than never.

Just a heads up for Sam Sabri:
My YouTube version is currently sitting at 5.6.31 as of an update I automatically received today. I'm using an HTC One M8 on AT&T. I don't know when this version will push out to everyone else, but unfortunately, it removes the preloading feature. If you go to the support page for Google's YouTube app, you'll see that they say that the preloading feature has been removed to make room for new features that will be coming. I'm hoping this means that we'll be getting something even better than preloading (ability to save videos for offline viewing?), but until then, I wish they had left the preloading feature.

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As noted, it's an old changelog on the updated YouTube app. I've noticed more and more that apps will show up as updated in the Play Store store with a new release date and sometimes even new permissions, yet the What's New bullets will be for the previous release and it sometimes takes two days for the change log to update in the Play Store on my phone. Why is this happening lately? You'd think all metadata about the app would be published at the same time...

I had to turn off preloading anyway, it was hogging up alot of space because of all my subs. I wish you could pick who's videos it could preload instead of just everyone but oh well.
My REAL issue with the YouTube app is the bug where the notification bar & nav bar were getting stuck on the screen whenever I would try to go fullscreen. Did they fix that???

Anybody here watch cricket and is subscribed to willow tv? Tried casting the IPL match that's live now and it didn't work for me? Can anyone else confirm?