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Thanks to a YouTube app update that just rolled out today, anyone with a Froyo or Gingerbread device can now enjoy refreshed UI and preloading mechanism. Google has also made a few tweaks to the Watch screen, though there's nothing particularly dramatic. This update added the ability to move videos to your personal YouTube TV queue - a great touch for those of us that want to watch videos in their full glory on the big screen. Finally, a few more channels have been added to the Channel Store. The skippable YouTube ads we've been waiting for are also live in this update.  

Combined with an updated in March which enabled HD video playback on Gingerbread and Froyo devices, it's great to see Google's not leaving the older phones behind. Additional YouTube TV support is a nice touch, and something of a necessity for those of us with Google TV set-top boxes.

Are you guys finding anything particularly nice about this update? Maybe a small tweak that didn't make it to the changelog?

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sensory says:

I'd love it if Google were to give us the option to enable "Show uploads only" on the subscription feed. And also fix either the site or the subscription feed so that they both show the same videos. Videos sometimes show as a second time as just having been uploaded when they were actually uploaded days before.

TyBec says:

Go into your settings on the YouTube app... The option is there. It was the first thing I did when I updated.

sensory says:


Also would be nice to be able to play videos and have them stay (in multitasking) while other things are done with the phone (or tablet).

You can always use stick it from the play store been using it for over 6 months and works great it just pops up a resizable window that always stays on while you do other things its really good and only a couple bucks

JkdJedi says:

That's Insanely AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the TiP!! Works like a charm on my Gnex!!

derrick87 says:

It sucks on the s3

DirkBelig says:

Very informative post.

Incubus123 says:

I wish they would add the inbox feature and being able to reply to a comment..

bb793411 says:

love this update

quzhi says:

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CeluGeek says:

And it still has the old Froyo/Gingerbread UI on 10.1-inch ICS tablets!

Does the view in HD option really work? I thought I remember seeing lots of comments in the Play Store reviews that users did not see the HD option in the previous update. That is why I had held off on the last update.