The latest YouTube for Android is now rolling out to folks. This version, v2.3.4 now adds a +1 button to the mix and you can now add annotations as well. For videos you're not wanting to watch right away but rather when you get home on say your computer or Google TV -- there is now a watch later queue that has been added. Plus, if you upload videos from within the app you can now do so while editing the video info -- something that was bothersome in the past. You'll find update available now, in the Android Market and the link past the break for you all.

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mmark27 says:

So long as you don't have a SGSII Epic 4G Touch. Then you can't have this update. Incompatible.

stevetrooper says:

Same problem with my SGSII Epic 4G Touch, I get incompatible.

peteracdm says:

So can you tell why the Epic 4G Touch is incompatible for this update the phone has just come out.

peteracdm says:

So can you tell why the Epic 4G Touch is incompatible for this update the phone has just come out.

Arcangel1000 says:

I think it's because they have made YouTube one of those apps that you can not uninstall "installed on device (defoult)". I'm guessing that Samsung has to push the update? I don't really understand how this works. Another theory I have is that they're going to push a different update that better utilizes the dual-core power these phones have, but that's just wishfully thinking..

Anywho, the only way to update it on the Epic 4g Touch is to be rooted.

I know how you feel. This made me sad this morning, having the latest, fastes phone and not being able to update it because its "unsupported". Smh.

Edit- I found the apk in xda.

Just download, copy to memorycard and update the app. If you dislike the changes you can always go to settings, manage apps, find the YouTube app and uninstall update.

svinkle says:

My "Favorites" seem to be missing.

icebike says:

Not for Honeycomb.

M3wThr33 says:

Rushed a little bit to post this, eh?
I count at least 3 typos.

djomla43 says:

so?! got any better things in your life to do besides counting typos?! :)

orlanka says:

your being a little harsh don't you think; there just trying to help. to many people right wrong things in these article's. we should all be nicer to each other irregardless

djomla43 says:

my bad :)

wyldemf says:

@orlanka *They're*,... And "irregardless" isn't a word.

isaiah77721 says:

Regardless, irregardless is not a word.

camilozano98 says:

vinny jr says:

Since Saturday night my Thunderbolt is unable to run YouTube over the LTE Network. It works on WiFi and on 3G, but when I switch to the LTE Network which in Boston where I live I'm getting between 16 to 25 MB download and over 5 MB upload. Can not figure it out, I have S-Off, rooted and running a custom Rom. It has been like that for monthw without any issues at all. Very strange, I'm reading that the AT&T LTE Network is having problems with certain websites on their LTE Network. I have changed radios, tried a different Rom with no luck. It must be the LTE Network or YouTube issues. Any help would be welcomed.

moosc says:

What has happened to android central lately? Sounds like a bunch kindergartners have started posted.

mflava#AC says:

Is there a way to over-ride the YouTube app on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch with the new version?

Why won't Google Fix the back issue??!??!?!?!?

mansouan says:

Orlanka: your post was genius... Cracked me up.

Mikejwf: there were many errors in his two sentences; clearly he was being sarcastic.