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A while ago we reported that Sony Ericsson would be offering a bootloader unlocking solution for their 2011 Xperia line, and today Xperia Blog has some information about how this will play out.  According to SE developer Karl-Johan Dahlström, Sony Ericsson plans to have a bootloader site "up and running in the upcoming weeks."

The website will allow you to enter the IMEI number from your Xperia device, and you'll be given a key to unlock that devices bootloader via Fastboot.  SE has promised more details, but as it stands this is great news.  I'm loving the way Sony Ericsson has tackled this issue, and given hardware access to the people who paid for their devices.  We know that SE realizes the mistakes of the past, and this is a great way to make the future more user friendly. [Xperia Blog] Thanks, Rick!


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Xperia bootloader unlocking will be available in 'upcoming weeks'


I'm just hoping their is new life to the X10 on AT&T, via 2.3.3. Not really expecting for an Official AT&T release, but I did have problems with 2.1 update that caused phone to go into boot loop, even after going back to 1.6. That phone was returned and now sis is too worried to try any non-official release. Ooh well it's not my phone, but I would love to play around with it a bit more.

This is really a great move on Sony Ericsson's part. Now if only Motorola and other manufactures would follow suit, the mobile world would be a utopia.

If this is how SE is going to perform bussines, then I'm looking foreward to their Verizon debut. Provided they distribute great hardwear and we can get some great Devs on board. Then I can tell HTC to shove it. lol

Think we need to petition motorola and HTC (before they go moto) into learning from sony. In which we will all boycott their devices if they continue tolock down phones.

See, Moto/VZW/HTC/AT&T? This is the way it should be done. You enter your device's ID online and, BAM, you can unlock the bootloader, and do what you want with the device you paid for.

I'm even ok if the carrier gets a log of the ID numbers and then uses them to deny bogus warranty claims brought by people who brick their phones while trying to mod it.

100% agree. Carriers SHOULD protect themselves and the people who choose not to mess around with this from the costs of fraud, just like manufacturers should allow us to use what we paid for.

And my next phone will be a Xperia, just on principle.

yup looks like my next phone will be sony. They're sexy and solid and modable. :) Screw you moto you used to be my bff but I'm taking my ball and going home. Haha