Mi TV 2

Following today's Mi Pad tablet announcement, Chinese firm Xiaomi also took the wraps off its second smart TV, dubbed the Mi TV 2. It's a 49-inch Android-powered set with a 4K display resolution and a CN¥3,999 price tag — that's a little over $640. However don't get too excited just yet, as it's reportedly unlikely to venture outside of China anytime soon.

The 3D-capable panel is contained in a a 6.2mm aluminum bezel, and is just 15.5mm thin — so thin, in fact, that the sound system has been split out into a separate sound bar and subwoofer. On the inside, it's powered by a MediaTek MStar 6A918 — a 1.45GHz quad-core chip with 2GB of RAM, backed up by a Mali-450 MP4 GPU. There's 8GB of storage built in, expandable via microSD by up to 64GB. On the software side, it's running a customized version of Android with Xiaomi's MIUI TV interface.

And Engadget reports that Bluetooth LE-based remote controls the TV, and there's the capability to make the remote beep if you lose it, eliminating a common frustration with older IR-based units.

All that sounds like a great deal for the asking price, but there are apparently no plans for a wider international Mi TV 2 rollout anytime soon. Chinese buyers, however, will be able to place pre-orders from May 27.

Source: Xiaomi, Engadget


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Xiaomi's Mi TV 2 is a 4K Android TV for $640


So what? Why should anyone here in the states care? I mean you can't get this stuff out here without having to pay out the nose when you try to get this stuff from 3rd parties that buy this shit up in china then sell it at an inflated price on Amazon etc. Like the MI 3 came out at 350 or something close, then got scooped up by all these vendors that in turn sold the damnned phone for 900 bucks completely negating the value of the product. I'll care about Xiaomi when they release stuff with global availability or at least launch in the US as well.

If you didn't care you wouldn't of said anything or responded so. You do.

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I care because apparently these things can be manufactured cheaply and sold cheaply. I care because it lets me know just how much Sony, LG, Samsung and others are gouging from us.

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If you needed Xiaomi to release cheap stuff to figure that out, I feel bad for you man. At the end of the day it's not going to change anything. So xiaomi releases ultra cheap stuff you can ony get in China...now what? You gonna demand Samsung, Sony etc lower their prices? Good luck with that.

So this Article is saying that yes it's cheap and great value but you can't get it unless you live in China hmm.

Bit of teasing eh Android Central.

Seriously though they should just go global and totally beat all the big guns, then again alot more to business than that.

Would be great but unfortunately we are not going to reap the benefits just yet.

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The tariffs between China and the U.S. on electronics will render their products either uncompetitively priced or unprofitable. Hence before a free-trade agreement like that between US and South Korea (ever wonder why Samsung is so popular?) can be signed between the two nations, I won't bet on the chance that Xiaomi is going to bring their products stateswide. :]

Nope. That is the right symbol, the China Yuan Renminbi. If speaking English in China, it is generally called the 'R' 'N' 'B'. It is pinned to the dollar in value, as a way for China to artificially prop up the dollar and limit their inflation. Unless things have changed since December, when I was over there.

I wish this TV and included sound bar were available at my local Best Buy for $640!

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The reason why Xiaomi does not release anything in the US is because of the lawsuit. Microsoft would want to get royalties, Folow by Apple that will suit for a lot of crap that was already invited prior to apple. One of the reason why some electronics are expensive are the lawsuits. In China Xiaomi is protected from that nonsence of Software pattents.

There are many reasons. The backlight might be using Phillips LEDs, but made without a license from Phillips for their technology. Repeat that on all aspects of this device. Many things made for in China only are blatantly ripping off other companies products. These are devices they can't sell outside of the country.

Tech has been marked up by up 300% since the inception of consumer technology...

People are just figuring that out?

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Yes, the big companies are sticking it to us here. However, don't forgot that if this TV was available at Best Buy they would have to ship it in, house it, pay their employees, insurance (not employee insurance), etc so, no, it wouldn't be $640 here even if they weren't sticking it to us. Now if a US company would do something like this then we would have something.

Xioami needs to do what oppo is doing. Ship international.

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