Xiaomi Mi 4

Xiaomi unveiled its flagship device for the year, the Mi 4, at an event in China today. The Mi 4 features a metal frame and better hardware in the form of a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC. The device is also the first Xiaomi handset to offer LTE connectivity, and will be on sale later this month to the equivalent of $320 for the 16 GB model, and $400 for the 64 GB version.

The camera at the front has been upgraded to 8 MP from the 5 MP on the Mi 3, as has the RAM, from 2 GB to 3 GB. The battery has also received a slight boost to 3080 mAh (from 3050 mAh). During the announcement, Xiaomi president Lei Jun said that the battery on the Mi 4 would last users a day and a half, and that it would take just an hour for the battery to reach 60 percent charge level.

Other specs remain the same, which include a 5-inch full-HD display, 13 MP camera at the back and storage variations of 16/64 GB.

While earlier leaks referenced an all-metal chassis, the Mi 4 in fact features a plastic back, with a metal frame around the sides of the device. Xiaomi has stated that it went with plastic to make the device more customizable by offering removable back covers, of which there will be a lot of options available, including wooden variants.

The Chinese vendor is well on its way to achieve the 40 million sales mark it set itself earlier this year, after surpassing 26.1 million sales in the first six months. Xiaomi will look to continue the momentum in China with the launch of the Mi 4, while expanding to other markets like India, where the Mi 3 is set to go on sale starting today.

What do you guys think of the Mi 4? Would you be interested in buying the device if it were available in your country?


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Xiaomi unveils the Mi 4: Snapdragon 801, 5-inch FHD display for $320


8MP front camera? I can only imagine the selfies...

Jokes aside, looks like this is another winner for Xiaomi.

Pity you can only get it through flash sales and to me, the UI is meh.

You buy it online from their website just like everything else..very simple..(no need for flash sales.. those are chinese only)
... ( 0ppo F5) ...

Sounds like a boss on paper, especially if 5" phones are your thing.
But that button layout... 2009 called, they want their menu button back.

Aaaaand I'll never use that remark again.

Xiaomi = new Samsung in terms of dominance

I hope they release the MI 4 here in the US.
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LOL... no. Just NO. Shailene Woodley will be the new Jennifer Lawrence before Xiaomi is the new Samsung. Have these clowns ever even released a phone yet running Android 4.4? Notice how they never include the software version in their specs.

Furtthermore, unless Xiaomi has a bigger legal budget then Samsung, they will NEVER release a phone in the USA running MIUI in its current form. MIUI is a straight up clone of iOS in so many ways, they could never even get the first shipment through customs!

Unlike others they have weekly software update... Miui latest version is based on kitkat.... And yes they update via Ota... Looking forward to buy mi3... Waiting for 64 gb version launch...

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I wouldnt count on it any time soon. The reason they have not is that apple and other OEM would put the company out due to copy right lawsuits. Not to mention then they would have to follow the GPL which they do not do.

Yeah, no. As others have pointed out, Apple would sue them into the ground if they ever market this thing somewhere with adequate copy protection laws. If Samsung "copied" the iPhone, then this thing might as well be an iPhone with Android guts.

Also, note that Xiaomi is the same company that blatantly ripped off Pressy. Copying others is what they do best.

Edit: typo

There aren't very many phones you can buy with the 64Gb memory configuration.
Especially for $400 or under.

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It's a psychological trick. Unless the user absolutely knows that he/she won't need more than 16, he/she is going to spend more to get the 64 version.

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Looks like a big iPhone, especially with that UI. And its not coincidence because I see few other android OEMS that do.

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Are they available to buy straight from their site for USA customers? No sd support? Everyone had this phone listed as snapdragon 805 spec. Battery still non removable?

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I ordered the OPO, but then again it is available in Canada. I also wanted a larger screen. I don't think Xiaomi has much presence in North America... For now.

For Asia however, OnePlus will not be able to keep up with the mass production of the Mi3/Mi4, especially with Xiaomi's prices. It's a shame, because OnePlus had a very good opportunity there.

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For this price I fail to see why other manufacturers continue to offer comparable bits of kit for double the price. Hopefully between this and future smartphones in the pipeline we will see a harder push towards top end specs at a more competitive price bracket

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WE NEED THIS! We really need more competition at the $300 mark. Waiting on the One+ has been painful enough but I am really looking forward to Samsung and Apple having to compete with readily available, solid devices at this price point.

Why would the Xiaomi M4 be sold on Oppomart? Are Xiaomi and Oppo related in anyway or is Oppomart separate from Oppo?

I'd easily spend spend $400 on this phone. Its a shame devices like this aren't available in the US. It would give good, and relatively cheap, options to people.

This looks great. Has anyone here purchased their Mipad yet? Any one wanna throw out a quick review? My 2012 N7 is in need of replacement and the Mipad looks like a winner to me. Thanks.

I would buy one if it would work on AT&T 's LTE here in the States and that I could sideload the Google Now Launcher [GEL] on it and at no more than $400.

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