Xiaomi RedMi 1S

Xiaomi continues to witness overwhelming demand for its handsets in the Indian market. After selling 95,000 units of the Mi 3, most of them in flash sales lasting 2 to 5 seconds, the Chinese vendor announced today that it sold 40,000 units of the Redmi 1S in 4.2 seconds today.

Today is the first time Xiaomi has offered the Redmi 1S to Indian consumers. The registration for the sale, which began last week, saw over 250,000 entries. The sheer amount of consumer interest is understandable considering Xiaomi is selling the redmi 1S for just Rs. 5,999 ($98). For that price, you get a device with a 4.7-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, 8 MP camera at the back, 1.6 MP front shooter and a 2000 mAh battery.

Xiaomi's next sale is scheduled for September 9, with registrations set to begin from later today. Unlike the first sale, Xiaomi has not declared how many units will be available for its second flash sale. While the flash sale model has served Xiaomi well in the past, the manufacturer along with Flipkart have come under criticism from Indian consumers for their inability to meet demand with sufficient supply.

Indian readers, were you able to buy a Redmi 1S during today's sale?

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Xiaomi sells 40,000 units of Redmi 1S in just 4.2 seconds in India


In India, it was sold through Flipkart & the sale is over. They aren't selling any more mi3 in order to increase the sale of redmi. but those who got lucky to get more than one mi3 during sale are selling through quickr n olx sites in India. you can try that option or wait for the next open.

But globally you can try at some chinese xiomi store-website.

It's a billion population country with the majority not even having access to smartphones yet. Of course these things phones are selling.

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It's "flash" sales. Numbers don't go proportionally higher.
They are not going to sell 24,685,714,285 units per month if you go by this calculation. It will be just 40,000 units during the week.

Nice marketing but its all rubbish! Its all lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree, being both an iDevice and an Android device owner.. The Mi4 & MiPad especially..
Was a big fan of Apple, but in the past couple years, Apple has been going down steadily. The only thing locking consumers to the iOS device are the apps they have purchased and possibly because how close iDevices are connected because of the OSX-iOS integration.
However, after reading about Xiaomi and One PlusOne specs, I feel that Apple is selling consumers a Lamborgini with a Fiat engine... the cost is high just because of the outer build... and like it or not, any smartphone dropped a couple times, is tend to give you issues later, so the materials used to build smartphones don't really matter all that much!
I only wish Google would better manage the Play Store... so much malware content! That is one thing I like about iOS, but in other areas, Apple is a control freak... no video streaming (except on iDevices like the Apple TV which is useless in India due to mediocre broadband speeds), limited UI customization etc.
Oh well, I hope Xiaomi can manage to meet the demand with the supply. It is only fun for a couple months... prolonged use of this tactic is only going to harm Xiaomi

If Xiaomi ends up in the US, then I'll be sure to pick one up at a price like this. If nothing more than to tinker with it and see how it behaves throughout development.

Its an all English phone from what I know. Majority of phones in India have English(India) as their default language.

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Its being sold in the black market for a higher price. In fact, majority of the buyers actually bought it following the success of mi3. They are in fact hording the product to sell it at a higher price on olx (Indian craigslist)

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This is bound to happen, in the end, genuine consumers who are on a budget suffer. Flipkart or Xiaomi are not at a loss in any way, they are meeting their sales targets. This is like buying tickets in black at horrendous rates outside a cinema hall for a house full movie... lol
But continued use of this tactic by Xiaomi and Flipkart is definitely going to deter me away from buying anything via Flipkart. And Xiaomi phones have started to give problems to so many buyers on Flipkart. Read the user feedbacks on the Xiaomi Mi3 page of Flipkart.

I've been rocking for one month a Xiaomi Redmi Note I bought for around 125 EUR when I was in Singapore for holidays. It is a pretty solid device and the price is just ridiculous cheap for what you get.

I wish they'd release the Redmi in the USA already. They seem like good spec'd handsets for the $$$. I'd be willing to pick one up just to give it a shot.