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Demand for Xiaomi's Mi 3 continues unabated in India as the latest flash sales saw 15,000 units of the device getting sold in under two seconds. Prior to today's sale, Xiaomi has sold 20,000 units of the Mi 3 in India in two batches — the first batch of devices were sold out in 38 minutes and 50 seconds on July 22, while the second flash sale saw 10,000 units being sold out in five seconds last week.

Mi 3 India flash sale

Available for INR 13,999 ($230), the Mi 3 continues to be the best value for money handset users can currently buy in the country, as it offers specs similar to that of the Nexus 5 for less than half the price. It is no wonder, then, that over 100,000 buyers have registered their interest for today's sale.

Xiaomi has also launched accessories for the device, with screen protectors on offer at Flipkart for just INR 179 ($3). The Mi in-ear headphones are retailing in the country for INR 999 ($15). The Mi power banks are also set to go on sale in the country soon, with the 5200 mAh variant set to cost INR 799 ($13) and 10,400 mAh version retailing for INR 999 ($15).

Indian readers, were you able to successfully purchase the Mi 3? What accessories are you looking to buy for the device?

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Xiaomi sells 15,000 Mi 3 handsets in two seconds in India


Wow, how could they sell it with that price if they're allowing the play store on it

Does it run MIUI?

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I think One+(1+1) should think about their marketing.

MI Phones are where it's at now.

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Read the reviews of One Plus One, horrible camera, yellow band issue in display, low ringtone volume and weak vibration. The phone is not as good in real life as it looks in the Specs. It's not an easy job to make a good phone but keep the cost down. The Mi3 seems to perform equally with any of the high end models from LG, Samsung!

i was able to order 3 on its first sale. but there cancelled the other two orders. it had almost reached my nearest delivery hub. wait till it actually gets delivered to your footsteps ;)

I have got better ways to earn money. It was for my brother and a friend. Better luck. Pls put your brain to some work before commenting.

Well I have been trying to buy one since 2 weeks now. No luck whatsoever!! Any tips would be appreciated.
Guess will need to hack the javascript :D

Was it really 15000,or was it just "close enought" to 15000 like they've gotten in trouble over recently.

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Don't do useless contracts, buy the Nexus 5, Opo, Moto X or G, they are all cheaper in the USA than any other country. In fact most phones are cheaper here compared to prices in other parts of the world.

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$300 on ebay kills the deal when you know you can make a trip to India or someone from India to buy it for you! Question will it support the LTE bands?

Yep.. Was able to order..
But the whole scene is quite sad..
There are tons of people who are disappointing with this strategy..
You have more than 150k people registering and there are under 30k phones for sale (i doubt there are so many as well)

was quite pissed off with this the last couple of weeks, and have decided not to support Flipkart with any purchases, except of course where they arm twist us with things like this, where they are the ONLY dealership for a particular product.

anyhoo, i am not a 'First' subscriber (won't become one either), but this is how i managed to order:

a) opened flipkart on Firefox, Chrome & the app to the handset page, where the countdown shows
b) as soon as the countdown reached zero, i click 'buy' immediately on all 3 devices.. lol
c) Firefox said, you've been logged out (damn), the app said Sold Out, but Chrome said 'Congratulations bla bla bla'
d) there was some issue with the site, so was asked to pay later, as the phone was added to the cart.
e) paid after 30 minutes
f) delivery in 3 days

So for people trying to buy next week, try keeping multiple logins from different devices/browsers
and hope you get it...

I smell hype machine. This is almost as much BS as getting a One plus ➕

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What BS? they are selling 10k-15k handsets every week in a market where they launched just 3 weeks ago.

Xiaomi has recently entered Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia and apart from these countries, they also have tp cater to huge demand in their home market China where they sell more smartphones than Samsung.

No this is not a hype already 40,000 handsets has been sold and delivered to people in India and all reviews seem to be good not like One Plus One trying to beat down all the reviews that say Bad Camera, Yellow Band in display, low ringer volume and weak vibration. This phone seems to nearly perfect in all departments at a killer price. I am not a pro china I use a Nexus myself but I do try out the devices and definitely Apple and Samsung not doing much anything new vs LG, HTC and these Xiaomi coming hard with great devices. Let them go through a few iterations and they will have a perfect phone in all aspects including the price.

This will not happen, the US and China have this spying controversy going on, same reason Huawei has a hard time selling server and networking equipment in the US.

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Xiaomi not selling in the US has nothing to do with government spying and everything to do with patent infringement and copyright violations.

Huawei has a hard time selling network equipment because it can facilitate easy spying by the Chinese government of network data across the US infrastructure if they use their products.

Xiaomi sells retail handsets. They are not the same. By the measure, you should be able to by and home network products made in China.

Thats not Bull, to make a statement like this while sitting in another country is BULL.

The stock was finished in two seconds as the online website Flipkart just used "add to cart" as orders as website crashed last week due to heavy demand.

I missed out but my friend got one :(

Basically you are saying that no one took the time to actually read the page. Hell, it often takes more than 2 seconds just to load a page.

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Yeah, that is basically what happened, everyone was logged-in and ready to buy before the time given- 2PM, everyone clicked the Add to cart button and the stock got finished as the stock was only 15k. Last 2 weeks flash sales they sold 10k+10k= 20k as posted in the above article, so total 35k sold till now but still there are loads of customers waiting for next week sale.

I could see that process being finished in 20 seconds not 2. Because the orders will decrement only after it's confirmed. And with so many people crashing the system it had to take longer than that.

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well, you could only see, imagine, forecast but i actually experienced it. It doesn't take 20 seconds for these things, i have seen things go out of stock on Amazon.com in 1-3 seconds for their Lightning deals eventhough Amazon had much more inventory/stock. Even that time people were crying bull :)

Flipkart considers its reduced from stock once added to cart. You are allowed to make the payment until midnight.
The cases where there are no payments the stock is sold in next sale :)

Well you should note and that more than 1 plus one note it's actually 4 things to note!

Bad Camera, Yellow Band in display, low ringer volume and weak vibration in One Plus One besides the horrible supply chain to be able to produce the phone in larger numbers!

I got mine on the first days sale. July 22nd. Got couple of cases and screen guards from eBay. I am back with android after 3 years, thanks to my mi3. Coming off from the iPhone 4s this one is huge! Great phone for the price. Google launcher works. Play store and amazon appstore work fine.

2 secs or 2 mins would have made a difference? Even if is 20 mins it just proves how much people are interested in the device.

It looks like Chinese smartphone manufacturers will ultimately put practically all other manufacturers out of business just as with many other commodity products.

It won't be too far in the future when the full retail price of most smartphones will be under $200.

Prices will come down that's always has been the way, how much do laptops costs now? How much did they cost 5 years back. Does anybody for casual work ever buy a desktop?

Nowww... allow me to throw some light .. since i actually won.. The 2 sec concept is like this..

there is a countdown counter that goes on in the website, when counter reaches zero, the counter goes off and is replaces by a "Add to Cart" button alone. which needs to be clicked. That's all.. no payment at that very moment.

And thats how the stock gets over. Actual purchase happens later, people who dont pay perhaps are barred from next time and the set is up for next bid perhaps, I don't know. :P

So yeah, that's how 2 sec thing works. Will share my vid once I upload it to youtube

EDIT: Youtube URL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQTAgP4s7Sg

2 seconds and adding to a cart is great but if the purchaser doesn't pay that's wrong. It should only decrement from the time the purchase is complete. But hey that's a great way to buff up the hype. I don't agree with measuring the sales performance that way.

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2 secs or 2 mins would have made a difference? Are you annoyed because you could not buy one. Even if is 20 mins it just proves how much people are interested in the device. Stop being so cynical!

I'm in the United States and I have a Moto X. I'm happy and have no need for that phone. But I just feel that the hype is disingenuous. If its a good phone they don't need to use misleading stats.

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Xiaomi is trending now in Asia..
Just read also on the wall street journal that In Indonesia they were sold out 5k handset in 7 minutes while the e-commerce website is down during the first 42 minutes LOL

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