Xiaomi has announced MIUI 6, the latest version of their Android-based smartphone UI, which features a major design refresh, better security, and more. The overall look of the UI is flattened, and color plays a more prominent role. While the update is in beta at the moment, it is expected to make its way to Xiaomi's devices soon.

Xiaomi says that MIUI 6 as designed to be intuitive, and that you should be able to just pick up your device and use it without any instruction. Everything in the new design is meant to be clear. There is a heavier use of color in MIUI 6, with white prominent in many of Xiaomi's own apps.

The phone and contacts apps have seen some updates. You can now identify unknown numbers when they call you. You can also identify service numbers, like banks, and you can also be shown a visual menu of your carrier's service line, instead of having to wait for an audio prompt to advance in the menu.

There are other important updates as well. The home screen has been designed with operational gestures that can activated anywhere, and you can now organize icons in groups. The notification center is now more reliable. Tools like Calendar and Mail have been overhauled as well.

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Xiaomi introduces flatter, more colorful MIUI 6


I know it looks like an iPhone, but I really like it. I would love to see this phone in the U.S.

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It's not a phone, it's software for lots of phones. You can download MIUI off the web site, and then install it on your phone as long as it's supported. Even the Google Nexus range is completely supported. So, yes, you can get Miui if you're American... I got it and I'm British.

Not a big fan of that because it looks really much like an iPhone with all its habbits. No app drawer at all? I better don't try to imagine how messy my homescreens would look like. Nothing against iOS, but if I would like such a design I would just get an iPhone because then the 3rd party apps wouldl also look the same. With this Xioami you'll end up with a mixture of Holo, Material Design and an OS that looks like iOS ... such a mess.

you can use any of the popular launches around.. it's still Android at the core... or there's an app which gives you app drawer... so no problems

I would actually enjoy this. Typically when I root and ROM, MIUI is one of the first I try to find for my device and usually stays on the longest. I'd love to try it on my Note 3.

I don't care if it's like the iPhone. Design-wise it looks clean and polished and overall it looks great but still runs Android which I love

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Mock me if you like but I think that looks really good. So IMHO, Mi4 and MIUI 6 together are pretty slick. I'd like to try that myself.

No because China uses TDLTE, which is on a frequency not used anywhere else in the world. Although there has been rumors that XiaoMi might be expanding out of China (more specifically the US) but I won't expect them to release something until REALLY later on.

+1 a lot of form over function in these flat design app updates like twc for example

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5

It's just the pendulum swinging to the opposite extreme. I don't mind some flatness, but I agree this might be going too far. I think the combination of flatness and random pastel colors just clashes - if all you have are solid colors to set things apart, you end up loosing any cohesive color pallet.

That said, I still prefer this to the skeuomorphic extreme that iOS and MacOS have been until recently.

Apparently 1.4 billion people in China and 1.3 billion people in India don't give a rat's ass about what you are a fan of. And probably most people on this forum also don't.

Hubris is the epitome of arrogance.

oh and as to your edit including hubris, I think that you should stay away from big words. Expressing an opinion is not hubris. It is a preference.

It must be easy creating a new UI when you just look at IOS8 and... copy it. As much as i dislike Apple... Xiaomi is purely ripping them off. 'MiPad' and now this :S

But their devices have better specs, costs less, and most importantly, they run Android. Aren't they just fulfilling the dreams of those that wonder what would happen if Apple released a decent device that ran android?

Call me when they bring back the app drawer.

I personally dislike the idea of merging the app drawer and home screen into one. Makes it kinda messed up once you have a ton of apps.

Just get one of the other launchers from the Google app store. You end up with a launcher that is useable and an OS that is pretty, all at the same time! The joy of ANdroid...

I've always been a fan of the way Xiaomi does things and if it wasn't for the poor translations I'd have MIUI on my Nexus right now. I hope they put a little more effort in translating their stuff to English this time, because I really liked what I saw in the video.

Stay with android's default app drawer setup. I prefer that over how iOS does it. gets really messy with alot of apps

And of course it will be bundled with the latest spyware, reporting all your contacts, activity and anything you do to their server in China.

Hugo will provide totally free entertainment (some call it spin control) once someone found out how their spying methods work.

They don't send your list of installed app back, they don't transmit your list of contacts back without your permission, and they don't LIE about it.

Before F-Secure comes up with the evidence, there are already users posting evidence from their experiments, and all Xiaomi did was blow if off, and said they NEVER do that, never transmit anything without user permission. Which is a huge LIE! Then they backed down and admitted they did do that after F-Secure posted evidence of the transmission.

What do you expect from a company that built business on cheap phones built on promise of LIES and THEFT?

Wow. I don't think anything I say can convince you otherwise. XiaoMi is currently trying to create a cloud based user service. Knowing what apps are installed could allow you to easily back up and restore these apps. Google already currently does this for any apps you choose to install through their Play Store. They do not have Google services, and thus, XiaoMi created something very similar. Yes, Google has a list of your contacts as well. If you are on an iPhone, Apple has access to them instead. As I have explained, their free Cloud Messaging works in the same way iMessage works, and must pass their servers just like iMessage passes Apple's servers. There is nothing wrong with access to such data, it has become common place in todays tech industry. There is no evidence that XiaoMi currently miss uses any of this data.

Did any of them come out flat denying that they ever collected data with permission? (and then do a 180 once someone shoved evidence in their face?)
Did any of them have ethics so low that they actually pirated product like Pressy?
Did any of them actually tried to disperse and share everyone's WiFi password?

Their cloud messaging service does not need a list of your installed program and other information. If any of the service was Opted-in, then no one would say a word. If any of those service can be USER-DISABLED, then people might grumble a bit and get on with their life. However, before F-Secure blew it wide open, they flatly deny any of that, and the transmission of data was nearly impossible for user to disable.

That clearly showed their intention, they do not simply collect data to provide a service, they just want your data, no matter if you use their service or not. Providing a service and make some money on the side from the data in an ethical manner is one thing, simply copied data from user's device without any permission paints a very different picture.

Well, perhaps you should read more into what they are doing then. A company that is very willing to rip anyone off, would it be any stretch of imagination for them to start ripping you off and sell your info to the highest bidder or something else?

Like when the us told Huawei spys on their consumers? Yett there was no evidence. Ironically that the US is spying on every on our planet.

There is no difference "if" China does the same.

You said Apple never lied? I remember they said there was no backdoor in ios. Everyone should be safe to use the fingerprint scanner. Yett it went public that they did use those prints.

Gl on trying to bash a China based company that gets accused of spying when the US is spying you at this moment.

Posted with the speed of my G3

Have you ever read? Xiaomi was exposed by users, WITH EVIDENCE. Not flagged out by US government as suspicious, like they did with Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapon program.

Looks very Material Design as well...not sure why folks think it doesn't look great. Should be amusing to see how they like Android L when it's finally released :-)

Visual Menu of Carrier service line?! That's neat. I wish everyone would have that.

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