If you've never heard of the World of Goo, we have a feeling that will be changing soon. The folks behind the World of Goo, 2D Boy -- have announced they will be bringing their physics-based puzzle game to the Android platform.

Similar to Angry Birds gameplay, the obeject is to move goo around from pipe-to-pipe in an effort to get it where it needs to go. You'll be facing plenty of structures in your way though such as hills, spikes, and cliffs and you have to maintain as much goo as possible.

No pricing or launch date was announced for the game but 2D Boy states they are currently working on some of the machinery for GooDroid, as it will be called when released so with that in mind -- we're guessing launch cannot be that far off.

Source: 2D Boy


Reader comments

World of Goo coming to Android as GooDroid!


This is good news, I love that game. However, how in the world can you conclude that the gameplay is similar to Angry Birds? It really is nothing like that game at all. It's much closer to games like XContruction or Fantastic Contraption.

World of Goo is just fantastic. Would love to see this on my Xoom- with new levels.

But, Chris, in what alternate universe do you live? World of Goo is absolutely *NOTHING* like Angry Birds.

Still, a better example would be one of those bridge construction games.

Great news none the less. Definitely one of the best puzzle games out there - great art style, great levels, great music, and fun overall.

Awesome news! I used to play this game for hours on the Wii... excited to see it on a new platform and hopefully some new levels!

Apparently some guy name Chris Parsons never played a game call World of Goo and/or Angry Birds. That or he used a bad analogy, like that Hank William vs Obama vs Hitler vs NFL.

GooDroid? What about GooGoogle? Or GoogleGoo? GooglyGoo?

Missed the boat on that one.

Regardless, big fan of the game, look forward to having it with me at all times!