Gold HTC One

OK, boys and girls. You've marveled over the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One — now it's time for you to win one of your own.  Yes, we're teaming up with Goldgenie to bring this one-of-a-kind Android smartphone (valued at $2,403/£1895) to one lucky Android Central reader.  Here's what Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes had to say when his company announced the gold phone last week:

"We are delighted to welcome HTC's flagship phone the HTC One to the Goldgenie family. It is an extremely powerful phone with a beautiful interface & is a guaranteed jaw dropper when people see it embellished in Gold."

And now, we're delighted to announce we're working together to give one away. Read on for the full details, and click here to learn more about the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One and Goldgenie's HTC One customization service.

Update July 8: We've closed the comments and will pick a winner shortly. We've got your winner right here, let's all wish him the best!

Now, the fine print:

  • To enter to win this 32-gigabyte, 24-carat gold-plated HTC One, you need to do two things: The first is to follow @goldgenie on Twitter. Maybe tell 'em we say hi, too. 
  • Second: Leave a comment on this post. It's that easy.
  • This one's open to everyone. Have at it!
  • And finally, we'll close down comments at noon EDT on Monday, July 8, 2013, so everyone's got plenty of time to enter.
  • A winner will be picked at random.

Good luck, and thanks to Goldgenie for making one Android Central reader very, very happy.


Reader comments

Last chance: Win a 24-carat Gold HTC One from Goldgenie and Android Central!


Oh,I wish I would be the one to win this golden little beauty. My preciousssssssss

Oh,I wish I would be the one to win this golden little beauty. My preciousssssssss

Hiiii This phone looks amazing ....would love to win this one...hope i win this one...the Htc one...simply amazing !!

Please pick me! oh jesus im excited already.

Signing in to say hi and opt in to the competition.

Also wanna say a big thank you to android central for always having nice competitions and especially for making them open to the world!!!!

This looks fantastic, it really makes me want to own another HTC.
Thanks Android Central and GoldGenie for putting this up for grabs :)

Craziness good pasted phone. Id rock it, then put it in a protector n insure it.

Posted via Android Central App

Okay, this is awesome. I want something to replace my quickly dying Galaxy Nexus and this would be perfect!

This is my dream phone. I've wanted it since it was released.. Then i wanted it when it got vanilla android. And now i WANT it even more with this golden look. AWESOME ! here's hoping i win :D

Still think this would be the best way to experience the best phone on the market! Can't beat the all gold!

Posted via Android Central App

I've wanted the ONE, But having it in gold is a huge wow! I barely even see anyone with it now, but would for sure stand out with it in that awesomeness!!

I'm long overdue for an upgrade. This would be perfect! I'd love to take this off your hands!

HTC One is the most beautiful android phones available, a 24 carat gold HTC one phone is simply AWESOME!!!. Can't think of a better description.

I would love to give this phone to my husband as a gift! We have Verizon and if we upgrade, we loose our unlimited data =(. It looks awesome!

So I guess if you win this thing, you sell it and buy 4 regular HTC Ones? :D
Maybe that'll be me =]

This would be delightful to have! Is there a clear case available to protect it while still showing it off? I think the best way to honor the makers of such a beautiful device is to use it and show it off as much as possible. Having it sit and get dusty on a shelf or desk just seems like an insult.

Dwarves should have found, at the bottom of the deepest cave, near the core of the earth where magma melts with the rarest crystals, a material unique to a mixture of ectoplasmic carbon with antimatter by mining with their special-matter pickaxes. I think Goldgenie hire all Dwarves to work with them. This is the only reason I found for such elegance, beauty on this 24-carac gold-plated HTC One by Goldgenie!! I want it!

I love cell phones and always have. They're the centre of my universe. I love Android Central as well. I read your blog every day to get the latest and greatest in updates for Android. I would love the chance to win this once in a lifetime phone!!! I hope you consider me :)


This looks like the logical replacement for my Moto Razr flip phone!! I would love this as my new phone!

I love all androids, my current phone. Lg l9 has had a cracked screen for two weeks. This baby is screaming for a diaper change. I would love some gold boom sound for my birthday

beautiful phone. craftsmanship is beyond anything one could expect for a phone! I love it.

I guess I'm comment number 4910. Android Central fans are wanting the Bling! Heck, I'm one of them!

The HTC One looks *Incredible in GoldGenie gold! *Bravo for having such *Vision to create this *Jewel, which *Endeavour-s to cause a *Legend-ary *Buzz. How anyone could not *Desire such a *Marvel-lous *Icon, I dare not *Dream.

I would be the envy of all my mates with a stylish mobile phone like this. So cool I would be like a movie star.

I am a father of five with a beautiful wife who just broke her phone this would be a awesome surprise for her

I want want want this! Who wouldn't want there very own gold member

Posted via Android Central App

Darn, I must be getting old! Can't remember if I've done this already, oh well. When in doubt! I'd love to have this phone and a gold obe would take the cake. Wish me luck :-)

Okay... I have entered every tablet and phone contest on, as I never owned a tablet, and I need a new phone. It's ironic that the HTC Gold Edition is up for offer, and I feel my chances are are light as LEAD for this one, with 49-thousand-plus other hopefuls. Anyways, if you ain't got a ticket, you ain't got a chance. In it to win it!

I already have an HTC One black and it is amaxing but having this one will be a celebrity plus even better.

I would like to have this phone I had a Sensation 4g and I dropped in a bowl with oil and I have no money to buy another, I really wish it with all my strength.

This would be a golden ticket level step up from my current HTC One V. (I refer to my phone as the absolutely cheapest phone that sort of does what I want it to...)

With the price of gold down right now, time to start gold-plating all of my possessions!

One user asked if anyone really wins these things. If I win I will email you a picture and/or post it here with me and this phone!

That Trinidad James HTC would be a nice pull out from time to time

Posted via Android Central App

Would love to win and place a Lloyd clear case on to boot :-D

Posted via Android Central App

Omg they made a gold one lol where have I been?

Posted via Android Central App

It would be so awesome to win the most incredible phone! I really hope I get it even though I never win anything.

I think it might be a little difficult to be inconspicuous using this phone, but that's probably the point.

When I first Saw the HTC one I was sold, it lived up to the hype of everything I was told.. few months later like a record it's gone gold.. status and the truth is now I've gotta have it!!

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