Gold HTC One

OK, boys and girls. You've marveled over the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One — now it's time for you to win one of your own.  Yes, we're teaming up with Goldgenie to bring this one-of-a-kind Android smartphone (valued at $2,403/£1895) to one lucky Android Central reader.  Here's what Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes had to say when his company announced the gold phone last week:

"We are delighted to welcome HTC's flagship phone the HTC One to the Goldgenie family. It is an extremely powerful phone with a beautiful interface & is a guaranteed jaw dropper when people see it embellished in Gold."

And now, we're delighted to announce we're working together to give one away. Read on for the full details, and click here to learn more about the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One and Goldgenie's HTC One customization service.

Update July 8: We've closed the comments and will pick a winner shortly. We've got your winner right here, let's all wish him the best!

Now, the fine print:

  • To enter to win this 32-gigabyte, 24-carat gold-plated HTC One, you need to do two things: The first is to follow @goldgenie on Twitter. Maybe tell 'em we say hi, too. 
  • Second: Leave a comment on this post. It's that easy.
  • This one's open to everyone. Have at it!
  • And finally, we'll close down comments at noon EDT on Monday, July 8, 2013, so everyone's got plenty of time to enter.
  • A winner will be picked at random.

Good luck, and thanks to Goldgenie for making one Android Central reader very, very happy.


Reader comments

Last chance: Win a 24-carat Gold HTC One from Goldgenie and Android Central!


Me please me me I would absolutely go nuts if I won this so let say it one more time! Me me please!


I would rock this at the next Talk Mobile party in NYC and stand to my brother Big Phil again!

Post new comment should be on top so we don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to comment...sheesh!

I would love to win this awesome phone but like always who ever win these things?

Posted via Android Central App

This is a very nice phone if I win it i would give it to my Father

Posted via Android Central App

Hmmmm.... win it, sell it, buy a regular HTC One and have spending money for other things. I'm probably dooming my chances of winning by saying this, but if I won, that's probably what I'd do.

If I win I will donate my HTC One Google Play Edition to a homeless person along with $100 and record it all and post it to YouTube so everyone can see.

There have been a lot of AC contests I wanted to win, but if ever I were to get lucky and win this would be the one!

Im all in for this awesome contest offer! A gold HTC one would be the perfect way to expereince the best phone on the market for the first time!

Gold plating makes it look like a very girly phone, so you should give it to a girl. ;)

Posted from my HTC One via Android Central App

Is it weird to say that I'm in love with @goldgenie? Because I'm 100% in love with @goldgenie. Android Central is pretty easy on the eyes too.

Gold is great, gold is grand, put that ONE in my hand ;)

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That's some serious BLING on that phone. Good phone to do it too. Would definitely pimp that phone for a while!

I want to be that guy who walks around the world having a gold phone in the palm of my hands! Having people stare at me and look at me with amazement. Man, would i love a phone like this. Especially when it's the HTC One. This phone will be killer and i hope I win!

I figure I can't buy the HTC One here, so what could be better than a gold plated HTC One?

I just can't imagine they sell that many of these things. But I'll gladly take one.

Bloody hell, is there no end to the generosity of the Android Central guys?! You're like a Google-fied Santa stuffing our stockings with Android gifts.

All it needs is some red trim around the edges and camera, and it's an Iron Man phone.

This giveaway is very hard to head is already spinning......this is the all time best giveaway.Thanks many.

Well let us see if this one raffle thingy is the one for me.... I sure hope so!

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I would really love to show this off to my boss... he is a pretentious, blow-hard that thinks he is the end-all, be-all for all women! (too much?)


I would love an HTC one especially if it's gold plated I love HTC and this would definitely show off my love for the company. :D

This is a masterpiece, I can believe how beautiful it is, specially considering that its gold. Thanks android central and Goldgenie for giving hope to us, the mortals.

I LIKE GOLLLLDDDDDDD....."The Dutch People" I Love gold so much i lost part of my genitalia in an unfortunate smelting accident.

i love gold so much that i even lost my genitalia in an unfortunate smelting accident

A "carat" is a unit of weight for diamonds and other gemstones, whereas a "karat" is a unit of purity. 24-karat gold is pure gold). I'm just sayin'...

This HTC One is amazing! I would love to have one. Or even just see one in person.

OMG i never thought this could be possible! 24k gold! You guys are incredible, there's no android website like this.

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will you deliver it to India?

please place the comment box on the top.

and please pick me ;-)

Sign me up! I'll gladly show off this puppy to all of my friends! I'll even use the word bling, despite my distaste for the word!! Wait a minute, is gold even considered "bling"? Gold is worthy of a much better word! Henceforth, it shall be called ZING!

Wow, having this version of HTC One will turn heads! Might as well get pepper spray in the bag (just in case!) :P

Good luck all!

Sounds Au-spicious, send one to Au-stralia, it's less than one AU away, as I Au-tomatically desire one.

I don't an HTC One, a gold one, no less. And if the phone is of deserving this much praise, then this sounds like a great idea.

Yet another give away I will probably not win, but I'd be stupid to not try. Thanks guys!

What!? Totally sweet! Would I ally use it? Who knows... But of nothing else it would look sweet hanging on my wall ha ha! :-D

Posted via Android Central App

A brunette walks into a bar and says, "gimmie an M L"
The bartender says, "what's an M L?"
The brunette says, "A Miller Light"

Another brunette walks in and says, "Gimmie a B L"
The bartender says, "what's a B L?"
She says, "Bud Light"

A dumb blonde walks in and says, "Gimmie a 15"
The bartender says, "what's a fifteen?
The blonde says, "7&7, duh!"

-Jonathan Chernichenko

Far and above the coolest giveaway Android Central has ever done. Thanks so much!

*crosses fingers*

Once upon a time, there is a king named HTC. He was a King in Smartphone Kingdom and sit on his throne for several years long. But now everything changed, his rival Samsung takes his throne and he struggled to come back as a King.

HTC traveled long journey to find Mighty Midas Goldgenie which already well known with his magical hand that can turn anything to gold by just give a 'Magical Touch'.

"O.. Mighty Midas Goldgenie! Please help me to make me back to my throne. Touch this HTC One... my only PRECIOUS and my last hope! Make it more beautiful and priceless then ever!

Might Midas Goldgenie gave a smile and with his big voice he said:
" I will grant your wish HTC! Become stronger and go back to your kingdom to reclaim your throne from your rival!"

He touched the HTC One, and ZAAAAPP!! the HTC One become blink blink with gold.

"Now Go! Your journey to reclaim your throne just begin. Don't give up! you still have power to do what you want, and with this (Gold HTC One), you will win your war!"

HTC very happy and full of confidence back to his kingdom to reclaim his throne.


Wow what a great gift to my wife haha she loves shiney things and she needs a new phone!! I would love to see that face of hers muhahaha, maybe il even post a picture of her reaction if I win. :D

That looks so awesome, though I'd prefer a titanium or sterling silver one myself... Gold is still cool.

Trick don't kill my vibe! I want this! The HTC One is not even available in South Africa yet, so this Gold HTC One would be super hot here!

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