Android Central Stocking StuffersSo we're kind of starting to wind down this contest a little bit. We say "kind of" because we're actually a week or so behind, and we're going to make up for that before the end of the year.

Anyway, here we are again, with another $10 Google Play Gift Card to give away. It's one of 31 that we're awarding, and remember that all 31 winners -- one for each day in December -- will be entered to win a new Nexus 4, which is sitting here on our desk, unopened, waiting for a good home.

What hoop shall we have you jump through today? Hows about this: Name, in reverse chronological order, the last three smartphones you owned. If you've owned less than that, it's cool. Hell, we envy you a little bit. Just tell us what you've had. We'll pick a winner at random and bestow upon you $10 worth of free apps, music, movies, magazines or TV shows.

Good luck!


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Win a $10 Google Play Gift Card because it's Dec. 28!


Evolte, Palm Pre, Treo 700p. Missing webOS multitasking and synergy. Android is slowly catching up. I go back to Handspring Visors.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II - CURRENT
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II - DECEASED
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) - RETIRED
(preordered!) Google (HTC) G1 with T-Mobile - RETIRED

Droid Razr

Does the old Windows Pocket PC count?

I had the Samsung (can't remember the model number) and the HP iPAQ.

Umm, haven't really owned many smartphones since I can't afford any high end devices... LG Optimus V, Motorola Cliq, and the famous G1.

Nexus 4, HTC Desire and HTC Desire. Yes, that's two Desires. The first one got stolen...

Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, HTC EVO 3D! I jumped from HTC when they dissapointed me with the Evo 3D! Ever since the Galaxy S2, I've been in love with Samsung!

Galaxy Nexus (Verizon variant), HTC Incredible, HTC Eris

I feel like I should go back further so the sadly departed Palm line isn't forgotten.

HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO Shift 4G, Franken Palm Pre Plus on Sprint, Original Palm Pre on Sprint.

I can tell you my entire phone history!

HTC One V (Virgin Mobile USA) 2012
Samsung Intercept (Virgin Mobile USA) 2010
Samsung Behold (T-Mobile) 2008
Sony Ericsson M600 (T-Mobile) 2007
Sony Ericsson K750i (T-Mobile) 2005
Sony Ericsson K700i (T-Mobile) 2004

Such good times. I really did like that M600 before it broke on me. Was my first smart phone. The HTC I have now is pretty nice! I am looking forward to the next 8 years.

HTC EVO LTE (best camera on a smart phone),
HTC EVO 3D and

Sense is the best user interface including better than plain vanilla gnex

Obviously IMO. There I said it.

Samsung Galaxy S3
HTC Evo 4G
Blackberry Curve/HTC TouchPro/HTC Touch Pro2 (they were all owned at the same time and switched back and forth due to hardware issues.)

Honestly after I switched to Android I haven't had a problem since!

Hi Phil, my name is Dan.

The last 3 smartphones I've owned are:
Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Motorola Droid X & Blackberry Storm 2

Good luck to everyone & Happy New Year!

Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Nexus, and Motorola Droid Razr, which was my first android after an iPhone 4, never going back

Samsun Galaxy Note II - Redpocket/AT&T
HTC Droid Incredible - Verizon
LG Dare (feature phone) - Verizon

LG Dare, OG DINC, DINC 2, Droid DNA. The LG Dare was leap from flip phones where the biggest feature was if it had bluetooth or a camera. Oh, the times they are a changing.

i am truly embarrassed :( you have to call me out like that!
I'm rocking a first gen, first release Nexus 7 as my Android device.
as far as phones go.... :(
iphone 3g old, slow, crappy, jailbroken piece of crap iphone.
before that i had a blackberry curve, the one with the track ball :)

HTC Evo 4G

My first and only smartphone so far. I'm thinking about leaving Sprint and getting a Nexus 4 on prepaid.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
HTC Sensation
HTC Desire HD
(Motorola Milestone) <--- My first android phone

Hope I win something before end of year.
Galaxy note 2,htc evo 3d (and nexus s 4g when my 3d failed), htc evo 4g

Have to wind-up the TARDIS first.

(listen to that whiney-timey noise)

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
Sprint Motorola Admiral.
RIM Blackberry Curve 8530.

"First things first. But not necessarily in that order."
-- The Doctor.

LG P500h
And that´s it! my next smartphone its going to be the N4 one way or another!