Android Central Stocking StuffersNow some of you may think that we forgot about today's $10 Google Play Gift Card giveaway. And that's not entirely true. We remembered it. About 6 hours ago. And then we forgot about it. But then we remembered it again, and all is right in the world.

So, in the end, we're giving away another $10 Google Play Gift Card today as we march toward 31 of 'em -- yes, one for each day in December.

What can you do with a Google Play Gift Card, you ask? You can buy apps, for one. Music for another. Magazines, movies and TV shows for three for and five. Or just flash one around in public and let people know what's up. 'Cause you're a baller.

To enter, just leave a comment in this post. A comment that rhymes will stand out the most. If Line 2 sounds like Line 1, you'll know that you're done, and increase the chances that you will have won. Or something. Just leave a rhyming post. Good luck!

There are 874 comments

salpiche says:

it's worth every penny $10 a day
with Androidcentral's google play

I am going to win
Or my name's not Qui-Gon Jin.

semaiuto says:

A $10 Play gift card is my heart's desire
I will sing about it as if I'm in a church choir

betsuni says:

I tried to come up with a wity rhyme,
but I just don't have the time.

nathaniz says:

Today I got my Nexus 7
and so far it's like heaven.
Contemplating the update
or maybe I should just wait.
Either way a card from Google
will help me start off somewhat frugal.

roninpenguin says:

I am not a clown fan,
because I'm the Batman.


Win, win win,
Ring, Ring Ring
Jingle bellrings
I want to Win!

PD_2000 says:

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket.

blacksilva says:

I sold my HTC Sensation for a Note II
Now I'm using a Sony Erricson from 2002

Ah Poo

Mo Crispy says:

A card for me?
Tee hee hee!

mth785 says:

The money for apps I could use quite a bit, spend it I would lickity split.

GUHoya94 says:

I did roam,
But now I'm home.

technomom says:

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I want a Google Play Card

I'd really like one of those,
so I can buy some of my favorite shows.

mdavis0396 says:

OHHH!! a shiny 10 dollass!

nsnsmj says:

Thanks for the giveaway, Android Central
If I win this gift card, I won't go mental.

superlani says:

My name's not Tyrone Biggums, so I won't do anything for a cheeseburger today. However, I am a common nerd who would do anything for a gift card from Google Play.

Kennyb123 says:

A rhyme you require,
your website I admire.

A gift card you give,
causing a celebration festive!

epic1 says:

A giftcard for Google will keep me frugal!

edyts says:

I want to win 10 bucks is ten bucks, ill probably lose but thats just my luck.

I'm no bard.
I just really want a play card.

Mr. Creeper says:

Hook me up with a card; I need it fast.
I'm tired of my friends demanding I get Minecraft.

foolishfocus says:

I would use a gift card in a very special way
I think that I deserve it since it's my 29th birthday

kool kat2 says:

Hey, I just commented
And this is crazy
But i want the play store card
So pick me, maybe

Yes, i just died a little inside.......

I'm not sure on what I should do
To make line 1 look like two

Roy_21 says:

I didn't get anything for Christmas
I need this $10 Card because my parents don't even love me this much.

crowrb29 says:

I really wanted a nexus 4 then realized sprints becoming an apple store.

danno.scu says:

Apples are green, carrots are orange
Google Play is really... Crap. What rhymes with orange?
Oh man, I'm really bad at rhyming.
And also, i have really bad thyming.

Cosmosis1 says:

I hope, hope, hope,
My chances of winning are better
than the pope's.

gtbarry says:

Ten dollars at Google Play,
Would make my day.

jkovacs says:

Oh how happy I would be
To buy some apps for my S3.

jblank says:

I hope I can win a gift card,
but winning anything here seems so very hard.

dkim06 says:

I pray, Google Play.

PKnowles95 says:

Let me win this gift card,
to buy music on my nexus 4,
that way I won't have to hear my brother snore,
And getting to sleep won't be so hard.

tookie88 says:

this is so good
i left my poo on the stool

#justsaying =D

patfactorx says:


gonzlobo says:

Last night I consumed 1/2 a lime.
This morning my brain felt like slime.

fupayme says:

For access I would desire...
So Google Play Gift Cards I hire.

kgh00007 says:

I'm chasing this paper,so for this paper I'm reaching:)

blackbyrd says:

Can't think of anything witty today, but I'd still like a card.

blackbyrd says:

Can't think of anything witty today, but I'd still like a card.

Only1Z says:

I visit Android Central every day. And I'd love some free Google Play!

rxep says:

Send me a card for Google Play
From Android Central I will not stray

SeaMonster says:

Happy New Year!

LadyDi says:

Phil is so very cool, calm and chill
Yet his whimsical attitude is so wickedly ill
Although Nickinson is definitely no Emily Dickinson
Don't mess with him or he'll flick'em son
He's so intelligent as he runs Android Central
It's such informational site and it's an Android essential!!

Ah well... she tried.

deeveeance says:

My chances of winning, are slim to none...

Oh well, posting is still pretty fun!

defaguim says:

I don't know what to write,
But I do know I'm winning this, right?

parms says:

A rhyme you say?
I think I just may.
For I didn't win a Nexus 7,
and these contests have become an obsession.
So here I am, in for a card,
hoping my post receives no disregard.
And if my double negative throws you off,
Then I, again, am at a loss.

NicfDLT says:

Oh, to win this Play Store credit!
Already I dream of what I'd buy.
Perhaps I'd purchase apps or games,
(Ones my girlfriend thinks are lame),
Or music or gadgets or really cool shows.
oh, android genie please make it so!!

TheClarkster says:

I'll take one!
Seems like fun!

meethere says:

would love to win this gift
because my wallet making shift and drifts.

miknxn says:

Here's another entry to win something today
Good luck to all as we hope and prey, for some play..

kimbare says:

A Google Play gift
will give me a lift
and fix things in a jiff

rpras says:

AC gift
Come to me, swift!

djsindt says:

Give me a win
And I surely will grin :-)

adamsaur says:

I hate to rhyme, the end

press send.

randchai says:

North, South, East, West ,
Android Central is the best !

zaphodbblx says:

as I won't see fat stacks of cash,
A Google play card would be pretty flash...

Android, android,
you are cupcake, you are donut.
You are éclair and a froyo,
promise I will never throw you!
Gingerbread, honeycomb and ice cream sandwich,
are hard to rhyme in English language…

For some apps you must pay,
Now I won't have to say another day

mlbgk says:

A rhyme? are you serious?
Well, my name is Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, and I wish you a Happy Festivus among us!

I want a game.
If I don't win then Phil is to blame.

kaotik_187 says:

GImme Please!

vader4633 says:

A ten in time saves nine

mrao123 says:

I want one!
Who doesn't want one

nighthawk700 says:

Bro-in-law wants a Nexus 4,
To me, he did implore.

Okay, above is my rhyme. And if I get a $10 Play card out of it, cool. ;-)

cindyhu says:

I LOVE Android Central, I love Google Play,
so PLEASE-O-PLEASE send Google Bucks my way!

cindyhu says:

I LOVE Android Central, I love Google Play,
so PLEASE-O-PLEASE send Google Bucks my way!

tgaskill says:

I wish I might, I wish I may, I want that card of Google Play.

jimmyco2008 says:

Booze is bad only if you've been had!

yocubed says:

here's a comment!!

zambalis says:

So what I guess is I am going mental
Mental for all these contest I dont win on android central

howard blue says:

Androidcentral is so cool,
Great articles and prizes too!

Irwright says:

Google play cards of dollars ten
Will allow me more tables on pinball Zen
Should I win the Nexus 4
My Droid Charge will be out the door

RallyMatt says:

I'm not a good poet
And I do know it
But if I won this card
It might not be hard
To get better.

sly says:

Snow is falling and the sky is gray
But winning would make my day!

SirBlack says:

Snow days are for playing.

rapp9 says:

I'm glad that you remembered about today's contest.
Android Central, you are the best!!

imadz853 says:

Please give the $10 Google playstore gift card to me, 'coz my dad won't give one to me...

Ty Thomas says:

Please give me one so that I can have some fun


Here lies my post,
Let's raise a toast.

beanman80 says:

Oh where, oh where can that google play gift card be?,
Oops i forgot, you have not yet sent it to me!

ddsdavid says:

What I need today is more killer apps for my DNA
A smile will stay, If I win a gift card for Google Play

jdod says:

Its a wonder why,
I'm certainly not shy.
But though I try and try,
A win doth not apply.

return_0 says:

When will the Nexus 4 get back in stock?
The clock is ticking, tick-tock, TICK-TOCK!
Shoot; I'm getting carried away.
Sorry that I got angry; I hope this won't sway...
your opinion of whether or not
this comment is worthy of being entered in the contest. Wow, my rhymes are terrible. Is this all I've got?

Tim Norris says:

A gift card to Google Play,
Man, that won't even last a day

[But at least my apps will]

jackbcohen2 says:

Adding this to my Nexus 7
Would put me in Android heaven!

iitzmaicol says:

A $10 Google play gift card is what I would like to win.
If this wish comes true I'll be so happy and i will grin.

Please let me win
Instead of giving it to someone else who will throw it in the bin

I'm in
To win

Tiltowait says:

I would like to win 10 smackers
and shove it in the face of apple slackers

kilo720 says:

I need a $10 Google gift card today
Because I'm broke Til next payday

android_app says:

just give it to me!

cmandd says:

Hastily entering in
cuz I'd really like to win.

15israellai says:

move on!

raydar670 says:

I wouldn't mind a little treat before the years meet.

bunkerz says:

I want me some gift card,
so I can go play in my yard,

I know this rhyme is terrible,
but can you just say its adorable?


Hipgnose says:

I want to be the prime
but I don't know how to rhyme
how about you let me win?
and be a good human being!

martidpAU says:


TrueJournals says:

A rhyming game to win a card?
Shouldn't be THAT difficult...

mawilson82 says:

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am! Lol

nhuth says:

Reading androidcentral
keeps me from going mental

Yes please!

i1der says:

one card is enough to make me write this, so lets give me one plz!

thanthalin says:

Lets not be coy
You make us do this just to annoy.

gagdude says:

I had pie
And I didn't die

Eric Hawkins says:

For me to invest effort in a rhyme
would take considerably more time
than is purchased with a mere dime

Mr.Raviteja says:

Android Android Where Are You?

.......I remember I remember.....

In my mobile charging now

Desnium says:

I'm afraid that you are late,
Cos today's 28th.
Oh wait we are in different time zone,
Does that mean my chance is gone?

Funkpod says:

I need a $10 google gift card
To support the devs that work real hard
Going to buy some great games
And increase Android's fame
Gonna put them Apple boys to shame! ;)

Ottopw says:

I gave up my iPad
and I got a Nexus 7
I'm all rooted
and I'm in Heaven.

Josh515 says:

Android Central is the best,
So please pick me as the winner of your contest!

psycho2097 says:

A card a day keeps the credit card away!!

72tr6kp says:

If you feel the world is dead and cold,
Say a kind word to a stranger,just be bold.
In the end the rewards better than Gold!

Apple bugs me like my ex-s, now that my main shortys are my three Nexus.

Dude1134 says:

My new Nexus 7 is pretty sweet
Now I need music to add a beat
Some new apps would also be cool
But I'm no fool
I know my chances of winning are slight
But hey, who knows, I might.

So you want me go rhyme for money
Would you rather have me be funny?
It'll get you through days, cold or sunny
There you go, hello pumpkin pumpkin hello honey bunny

bassmig says:

I'd love one of these!!

dgreening says:

To have some cash on Google Play
That would really make my day

aledelcastle says:

If I don't get this from Phil,
I think I'm just gonna be ill.

To win the card (and Nexus 4)
I write a post you can't ignore
I toil and think and rhyme away
In hopes today will be the day
I dearly pray that my verse will
Catch the eye of the great Phil
A winner he can make me now
If but the Nickinson I can wow
My words will fail to sway his vote
If he were not to read my note
But please dear Phil of Pensacola
While I might love a Motorola
A Play Store card is what I need
And a Nexus 4 from you I plead

gbold3 says:

I'm not trying very hard
to win this card.

thebizz says:

I would take the 10 dollars, then go to the store and act like a baller

gwapnitsky says:

Here is a little gift
From me to you
To help you out with
All of those projects you do

superrama says:

People say you cant rhyme anything with fruit orange,
But they forget I'm bright, like the color orange.

j s2 says:

A ten dollar gift for me today
Is what IWish from Google play!

AlvinPing says:

Well, this rhyming thing is hard
So let's see what we have in store;
I'd love a Google Play Gift Card,
But I really want that Nexus 4.

D1Zoogie says:

Unlike Shakespeare, I'm not a bard.
I would however like to when a card.
I am not a poet
And now the whole world knows it.
So let me be surprised
By winning a prize
And never shall my rhymes
Be written to waste precious gaming time.

mckellick says:

Androidcentral doing it again
A play card that's worth 10
Books, apps, music and magazines
Hooks me up with what I need

valapsp says:

They call him Tunechi, he's good he's Gucci. :)

lkveggie says:

Switched from a BlackBerry today,
Maybe this contest will go my way!

lindend says:

unlikely to win,
since my chance are thin.

beetlefreak says:

I was lying in bed reading my tablet, when suddenly it slips -
Ah me! I bleed from the nose. Oh, how it spritz!

ajax77777 says:

In it
To win it.

Mike check, mike check…1, 2, 1, 2.
Give me the card already, now I’m through.

sd4david says:

I think that I shall never see
A $10 gift card as lovely as theee

S-Doo-1965 says:

Of come on, use your noodle,
You know you can always trust Google

RoQ says:

If i had a Nexus
I'll wrap it with rubber
Then stick it on the rectus
Of John Gruber

Grey_girl says:

Ah my Android phone,
Joy you do hone.
A gift card I would adore,
because with more apps, my phone will never bore.

Fisack23 says:

This is line one.
This is line two.
They don't rhyme.
Boo hoo. Boo hoo.

AppHunter says:

With this card I will buy games,
Free ones are just not the same

mramgraham says:

If I could just win
I could finally grin

cduran1983 says:

To rhyme or not to rhyme
that is the question, that should rhyme!

goggles6 says:

I really want a nexus 10
all stores were out, So I bought a hen

My hen told me he had a friend.
I asked his name and he said Glen.

I asked him all about chicken Heaven
He replied "Its chock full of NEXUS 7"

I said thats just not big enough!
he said "I think that's just a bluff"

So I went to staples and asked them twice
"Is such a tablet worth this price?"

The man at the register is called a clerk,
He said "you Apple Fanboy JERK!"

I told this man that he was in error
He claims that android is just more fairer.

I told him his grammar is off
He said HA with a scoff

This poem is getting long,
One might confuse it for a song.

I said screw apple now not then.
He said how about that nexus 10?

Seriously though I've tried so hard
Can't you give me that damn Card?!

anon5500231 says:

Here is my comment post, do I deserve to win the most?

tmanders10 says:

I'm just in time
to add a rhyme
to win a dime
on Google play
will make my day
...nothing more to say.

MalachyNG says:

If I wish really really hard, maybe I'll win that N4 and Google play card

Pierce09 says:

Android Central is the place to be,
They give so much away for free!

soulow says:

I would love a gift card for Google play, so I can put more paid apps on my dna. If I don't win this contest then it is ok because there is still one more day. So please Phil use your rhyme making credential to pick the best posts on Android Central.

melrose24 says:

Why was Itunes sad? Cause he wanted to come out an "Play".

onetonofclay says:

My username is onetonofclay.
I want to win and buy stuff on Google Play.

mpvgsu says:

I need Google play gift card. Because my gnexus need it. I have to feed em with new latest apps otherwise it'll get into peace. Hope you understand the situation of live or die of my gnex.


What would I do with a card?
Certainly not play in the yard!

MJM128 says:

An android play giftcard would be a blast,
I hope I entered before the contest passed.

badsign769 says:

I missed the chance to post in the limerick contest, but since today's contest requests a rhyming post...

There once was a war of technology
that rivaled debates of theology
but lawsuits aside
it can't be denied
Android's better
you'll get no apology

jmell44 says:

If I win the card from Google my friends will still think I'm frugal.

xjohndoe001x says:

If you are the smartest of all your friend, then you are dumb.

Dear Amazon, you make me pay
now for the music cloud,
but Google knows how to play
nicely with its crowd!

P.S. I just bought my son a Google Nexus and am broke. He could really use the gift card! :-)

Near the end of the year,
when you're wished good cheer,
to be perfectly clear,
a gift card please, AC dear?

skatopias says:

So i got to keep it going, keep it going full SPEED!
A 10 dollar play card would make my nexus real MEAN!

Can I get one of those gift cards please.

I wish for ten dollars to spend
on apps for my new Nexus friend :)

OneAn9ryN00b says:

Winner Winner, Chicken Diner.

abtxpress says:

I once was addicted to blackberry.
I was always on my crackberry.
Then came an updates, that were still outdated.
So I picked up an Android.
An to my surprise, no more hemorrhoids.
Lol. Lame

mobilewill says:

I wish to win these bucks,
So I can purchase apps that do not suck.

rawdeadfish says:

to win a ten dollar card should not be so hard,
like for the n7 or 4, my jaw hit the floor,
all i wanted was to win nexus galore!

sb805eve says:

A card for Google Play would make my day since i would not have to pay so please send it my way! :)

gshyde says:

Up on the housetop reindeer pause
Out jumps good old Android Clause

YhanYumiRegz says:

No Earth Doom..because I'll get that Play card soon..

iamnid says:

Ten bucks on Google Play?
"I'll take it!" I say.

ddaydev says:

with my wallet so empty
winning anything would be plenty
when i saw this my heart fell
Should i sit here and ring my bell
because a gift card would be so swell
it would keep me from going through hell

Jonneh says:

I'm trying to stand out,
so I'm dressed as a trout.
I hope I win,
so I can return to dressing like a hen.
Don't worry, she's into it.
But even if she weren't, I wouldn't give a sh1t.

it wouldnt be so bad to win this,
especially since i lost out on all chances of winning a nexus
i swear precious
living in south africa has jinxed us
to ensure a chance does not pass us, i have to be loud and cause an online ruckus
because the nexus precious is what we treasures
even gandalf knows this

neoian1277 says:

if i win that Google i wont be frugal,

all those apps will be mine in a snap,

all installed on my s3 to keep me enthralled.

jimb0bmij says:

I know that I have won. As line 2 sounds like Line 1.

lilrob429 says:

I have been on a financial slope
But Android central has given me hope
Maybe now I can buy cut the rope

digitalzen says:

I wanted to enter a rhyme for the card
But then I decided that it was too hard

dmarshnc says:

Even though I'm not a poet,
At least I know it.

I'd love to win the card!

dmarshnc says:

Even though I'm not a poet,
At least I know it.

I'd love to win the card!

mled203 says:

Give me a card for my android,
to help me fill the application void.

extremenet says:

I may not be a great bard,
but can I get a Google Play card?


please pick me

GreyGhostRos says:

All night with a thought my mind toyed, to win a gift card or more from Loyd.

saiko_search says:

I wanna buy so many apps
that's why I need a $10 card
don't tell me that my rhyme sucks
because I don't even give a f**k

actechhd says:

I really want to win this card from Google
That is my true goal

mark_13 says:


enzie5454 says:

I would love to win a gift card from Google
I don't spend my own because I'm too frugal.

isma_mail says:

I would like to win a card
to take a google play regard ;)

Amirnawaz786 says:

You guys claim that we're ballers. Well prove yourselves right by giving me that 10 dollars. Happy holidays!

WenfangHb says:

It's not interesting,isn't it?

mikedez says:

Coming up with a clever rhyme is hard.
So please just give me the gift card. :p

love01ella says:

Yes I would enjoy the card if I was the winner so I'm gonna sit an wait while I eat my dinner; )

tasosps says:

This gift card I was waiting for,
The next thing to do is get a Nexus 4!

eramos31 says:

Its 2 hours past eleven,
And all I'm thinking about is $10 for my nexus 7 :-)

ScottJ says:

There once was a fellow named Jerry
Whose chin was oh so hairy
He loved open source
And Android of course
But his scowl was a wee bit scary

schraal says:

Give me 10 and I'm the man

Ali729 says:

I am gonna win this card,
with the help of my true heart........

NealJ777 says:

Considering Android Central's post was delayed.
I hope that this entry will be okayed.

bobbykun says:

count me in

Elusphere says:

I want this card so bad
Otherwise I will go mad
Winner Winner
Chicken Dinner

mhinc says:

I dropped my Blackberry to go with a Galaxy,
A $10.00 Play Card would be pretty Fancy!

jimbo says:

What's up butter cup?

I'll make this snappy but catchy give me a gift card and I will be happy.

Of this contest, I could not have forgot, for this is truly the first I have heard
A rhyming post, you have requested, so to the comments, I post these words.

If I win cards, I promise I won't break them into shards, because only re-tards would do that to some cards.

To place that $10 gift card into my hand
Would just be oh so grand!

ricrdv says:

posting a comment
stopping a moment

Adib Kozlow says:

I wanna play, so either give me the card or you will pay...dearly!

dtdlurch says:

If I don't win, that would truly suck.
But not a surprise, as that is just my luck.

Chiefvelo#IM says:

Joy to the (And)roid,
Android is here

ceart99 says:

A gift card for the Play store would surely be grand!
Assuming I don't forget it, buried on my night stand.

infect#AC says:

Once there was a fruit that was bitten,
Evil face of it perfectly hidden,
Then there came the green robot,
Fruit was left alone to rot.

Trying to win, if still available.

phillykish says:

It's the holiday time and I just wanna chill. And when I decide to grow up, i wanna be just like Phil!

tilana2 says:

Androidcentral gives out great gifts like money for google play
Winning this prize would be the highlight of my day

davela72 says:

Santa brought me some candy, think I'll share with my buddy Andy.

aladdin14 says:


bloodbond3 says:

OUYA Console looks so great,
Do ya' want one? It's not too late! :P

kofte says:

Google, Apple, Orange,
who needs a gift card, when you got no storage!?!?

got an itunes card for the Holiday,
On my Android Phone Movies won't display,
I'd Love a card from Google Play
To play Movies on that phone today!
And then when asked, I would Say:
With Android, forever I will Stay.

owlique says:

I need this card
For spend 10 bucks.

Navy_Kors says:

Winning contests are very hard.
It might change my mind if I win this Google Play gift card.
So here I rhyme in this post!
Please pick me! I want it most!

vwclass11 says:

A Nexus 4 arrived at my door
So I want no more...

jetguy35 says:

Gift cards for Google Play, you say?
Doodle and clay, I scream Hooray!!

chatscc says:

I work very hard to get a gift card.

morganjayp says:

I may be a 'tard
Still, gimme a card!

morganjayp says:

I may be a 'tard
Still, gimme a card!

igeekman says:

Phil and Jerry went up a hill to fetch a new android phone. Phil fell down and broke his Nexus 4, Jerry came tumbling after with a Google Play gift card.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again

codejinchu says:

I like Android
like my friend like steroids!!!

Asking me to rhyme, is like telling me to do time. But I've yet to be convicted of any crime, at least the card is worth a 100 dimes

ScottColbert says:

Would go well with the 32gig Nexus 7 I got for Christmas.

cris28 says:

A Google Play gift card for me to play
Indeed would make it a great day!!

Count me in please..!!!

impulse101 says:

I go on Android Central like 17 times a day;
At least you all can do is a give me a $10 gift card for Google Play;
And you know I should be the one;
because I am not affiliated with this site or Phil Nickinson;

daso says:

Please please

Raztyre says:

Google Play card at bat
I'll throw a rhyme in the hat
$10 buck ain't nuttin to snif at

shcole says:

I want to win,
Is that a sin?

Purgatory says:

I hate this crap
but lets get some free apps.

pistos says:

I'm wanting that card.
I'm wishing really hard.

wilder_jw says:

I need that gift card.
This ain't so hard.
I'm like the Bard!
You know what's a weird vegetable? Chard.


mao mao says:

There are so many apps I want on Google Play
Maybe I'll finally win something today!

tigerhoodz06 says:

Winning will make me feel so high,
because of all the apps I will buy

web0rama says:

$10 to spend on Google Play?
Leave it to AC to make my day!

sosoqtpinoy says:

10 dollar gift card little man

Put that "ish" in my hand...

If that money doesnt show

Then you owe me oh eee oh... Lol

AniDroid says:

Roses are red, android is green
That being said, I'm not charlie sheen!

AniDroid says:

Roses are red, android is green
That being said, the card should be clean! :P

alazose says:

An Ode To The Nexus 7

I rejoiced when I bought my Nexus
The tablet that has more than Texus
I love it far more than my Lexus
Apple fanboys then started to hexus
But Android just won't let them vexus.

razorsbk says:

Merry Christmas to you /
Happy Shopping for me.


augmon02 says:

I need $10 to make me holla,
Anything less is alot smalla

smotrs says:

I wouldn't say no to a gift card. At least this contest isn't that hard.

bartclan says:

Here's my really lame effort to win
and that my entry doesn't end up in the bin

whip it good says:

Save the hate if I'm too late.

themana says:

I would love a card, so many apps so little time.

psycho2097 says:

A card a day keeps the credit card away!!

bsaje says:

A. B. C...
Feel free to pick me.

zcostilla says:

A.C. is source number one
To make being a technology geek very fun

bsball721 says:

I wish I may, I wish I might get Google play card tonight

imseneca says:

I'm taking a chance though winning is hard. So please be a pal and gimme that card!

There is much I can do with Google Play.
I hope I win a Google gift card today.

simviking says:

Gift wrapping askew.
Bored child begins to chafe.
Boys need new apps now.

It's Dec 30th, I still have time
to win that gift card with just a rhyme.
Should I buy an app ? Or maybe a game.
I hope this rhyme aint too lame.
It would be cool to say that I won,
But anyway, this still was fun.

Smart fella, fella smart

somedud says:

It was in my possession HTC myTouch from TMo, then Motorola Millstone and still Samsung Nexus S which is time to replace to something more powerful such as Nexus 4. Problem is - this device consistently sold out.

Google play is the place to be,downloading apps like you've never seen..

reevester says:

An app a day,
keeps the fapping away. :}

When you choosing the winner thank hard be smart and give me that $10.00 google card.

Linet Dsouza says:

That seems to be an amazing offer thanks google for the same. You can also find the Justdial android app on google play store where you will get all the details on your fingertips.

Josef Sam says:

Thaks very much

This ten dollars would
Really help my statis with ten dollars

Help me with this 10 dollars
And this 10 dollars will help to you

i99ks says:

$10 google play gift card giveaway, Enter here :

I really need $10 google play gift card

I really need $10 google play gift card