Verizon Galaxy Nexus

If you're among the many who have flashed a Jelly Bean ROM onto your Verizon Galaxy Nexus you no doubt realized there appears to an issue with the WiFi suffering from weak connections. No matter though, XDA member mwalt2 has taken things into his own hands and checked out the situation. Conclusion being, there is a singular file difference causing all the hassle and now that it's been figured out, it can indeed be corrected with a simple flashing of said file in CWM. Head on over to the source link to grab the file, read the instructions -- just remember, back up your device first.

Source: XDA

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chubb says:

He did a great job fixing WiFi. My connection is just as good now as it was on ICS.

Acroanidd says:

Yep, I can report as well that it is definitely working. JellyBean is amazing.. i thought I was happy with ICS, not so much anymore.

jojones44 says:

i need JellyBean. lol

Droid Brick says:

Wow, how convenient. Thanks for the post. I was just about to search xda for a solution.

almahix says:


canucknnv says:

I didn't wipe and it works great. I had a backup from yesterday and I just flashed it without wiping.

Bigsike says:

Did you reset your google wallet first?

joshua.worth says:

Good find Bla1ze

njiki11 says:

can this work on Sprint?

Jellybean so smoooooth

jebanda says:

Worked great for me

gary keels says:

My WiFi signal jumped after I installed.

Airboss24K says:

where is the source link you speak of?