As we all watch the Android OS become more and more popular, and the Marketplace continue to grow, it is always nice to hear about success stories from the developers who dedicate their time and efforts towards making a great application for all of us. If you have spent any time cruising through the Marketplace you may or may not have noticed “Car Locator” in there. First thought that came to my mind when I saw it was “who really loses their car?” But when I thought about all the times I’ve been to the city and parked in a parking garage, and forgot which one, I quickly realized this application was brilliant.

This application is available free and paid versions for Android users. While you would think many would go with just the free, over 6,500 people have downloaded and opted to use the paid version of this application, scoring the developer around $13,500. While yes, this won’t happen to every single developer; it is always nice to hear these success stories. We can hope stories like this will draw other developers to port their current applications to Android, as well as continue to create new useful applications for us to use. [Eddie Kim via IntoMobile]


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Who says you can't make money on Android development?


You have got to be kidding. $13,500 is success? This proves that you can't make money at Android development. Anyone tried to live on $13,500 before taxes, insurance etc.

I know someone near me who made $1.3 MILLION in iPhone sales. That is money.

Likely that $13,500 isn't enough to recoup development expenses. If thats all you can get, a developer is better off getting a job doing anything else.

Your logic is flawed. It's like saying nobody can be successful as a musician because you may only make 10 grand selling a single. If you are a good programmer and you can develop something like this in your spare time, that's good money. If you have ever worked as a freelancer this is what it's like. You work on your own schedule and do specific jobs. Say this person develops 5 applications in a year. One sells $9k worth, one sells only $2k worth, one badass application sells $15k worth, one sells $6k worth, and one doesn't sell for crap so he only makes like $500 off it.

That independent developer who may or may not have other part time or freelance employment just made $32,500 in a year by developing Android apps.

Not saying this is a fortune or anything. Hell, the average developer may only make a fraction of that. Still, if a "find my car" app can net $13,500 I can easily see an independent dev doing a few apps a year as part of his supplemental income.

BTW, I do freelance. For a whopping $13,500, I'm better off doing freelance for someone rather than attempt my own app. Too much effort given the odds of "success" especially if "success" is this small. Figure for every app that hits the big time ($13,500 HA!), there are many others that don't.

I doubt the developer spent a year on this application. If you expect to write one $2 app and then take the rest of the year off, then I guess you are correct in saying you can't make money on Android apps.

I would like to know the name of the single iPhone application that made your friend $1.3 million.


If you read the entire article its say $13,500 a MONTH. $162,000 a yr is not bad at all!! Thats decent money for a part time gig..

It's still nothing that will make any major publisher jump out of their chair. Good money for garage developers, but the big boys will need a much bigger ROI to consider more Android development.

$13,500 is nothing to brag about calling it a success. That is a joke compared to numbers thrown around for iPhone or any other platform someone would invest in.

Hey how about you try out for this new job. I know you're a professional who could get a job for $60-120k/yr, spend a bunch of time learning a new skill, interview a bunch and if you're really lucky, you might be able to get $13,500, of which we'll take out taxes, you have to pay your own insurance. Not sure if we skim 30% off of that or not.

The story doesn't say if this is per month or not. At least on the iPhone, sales are usually highest at launch then drop off as the app disappears into the haystack of 150,000 apps. 20,000 apps for Android is a pretty big haystack in itself.

Keep in mind folks, for some people coding is something they love. For some 13,000 is nothing, and others its good money. I know I sure wouldnt complain if I made an extra $13,000 on the side of my full time job. Yes, maybe not what some iPhone developers are making, but then again the Android doesnt quite have that same following as the iPhone yet...

You also have to take into account the fact that the iPhone market share is much larger than that of the Anroid platform--not to mention it is not just limited to the iPhone. It includes the iTouch and now the iPad. So yes, it is possible to make much larger amounts of money developing iPhone apps, but the success of this developer for Android is probably comparable considering the differences in market shares.

Who says? Google says...

If you are from second class country you can't legally even buy not only sell paid apps.

100% agreed with dm33. Don't forget that the described story is kind of a best case.
I am developing for both platforms, iPhone and Android. It is unbelievably hard to get as much money out of the Android Market as with a simple 9 to 5 daytime job. On the other hand it is quite possible with the Appstore.

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