Acer Iconia Tab A700

Some of you might be wondering what ever happened to our review of Acer’s new Iconia Tab A700, and rightfully so.  We promise we didn’t forget, and we’re definitely not keeping you all on pins and needs for the fun of it. Everyone here at Android Central strives to provide the most fair, balanced, and thorough product reviews possible, and sometimes a speed bump or two along the way is just inevitable.

The A700 review unit we’ve been testing seems to be giving us a bit of a hard time; inconsistent performance, slow-downs, and freeze-ups have rendered our tablet all but unusable (though despite it all, that HD screen still looks great). Before we unfairly write off the A700, we’ve requested a replacement unit to make sure the problems we’ve seen aren’t consistent across the board. Bum units happen sometimes, especially in the technology world, and that’s something to always keep in mind as both a consumer and a reviewer. So sit tight, stay patient and know that we’re hard at work making sure you have all the facts before you plop down $450 on Acer’s latest tablet.


Reader comments

Where the heck is our review of the Acer Iconia Tab A700?


You want to see a really bad review, check out attack of the show gadget pron. Ugh it was bad, all they said was "it's not the ipad".

FTR, Mine has been nearly flawless. A few minor software quibbles, but far fewer than expected with the first software release.

There was initially an ever so slight stutter when scrolling from one home screen to the next but I discovered that this was due to some settings that were sub-optimal:

I shut off the Ring in settings. (This is NOT the lock screen ring).
I set Font size Normal under Settings / Display
I turned off Large text under Settings / Accessibility.

Once I did all of those steps all stuttering disappeared, and its buttery smooth, not only on the home screen, but scrolling web pages.

Problems remaining:
1) I still see what seem like "missed first taps" occasionally.
2) Automatic Brightness control is always too dark. Use manual settings.
3) Camera Color balance is way off with Auto White Balance setting turned on. You always need to select the proper white balance.
4) Wifi sometimes turns off when tablet sleeps even when set to always remain on.

Some say it gets warm. I don't find that it does so excessivly.

The latest build of Google Earth has a bug which will lock up the app on the A700, (but not the A500) when you zoom in close, but the prior version of GE works fine.

There are still some games that could be better optimized for Tegra 3. Not Acer's fault.

The little known secret about Tegra 3 is it spends MOST OF THE TIME running in the 5th core. It instantly ramps up to a full 5 cores when needed. But its needed far less often than you realize. Most of the time you are actually USING the tablet its still running in the 5Th core. You can watch an entire full HD movie while its running only the 5th low-power (500Mhz) Core.

As such the battery life on the A700 is really great. Unless I get into some high powered games for several hours I can easily get TWO DAYS use, and often 3 days on a single charge.

All the problems that the A500 had seem fixed in the A700. Microphone and front facing camera are vastly improved, Google Talk / Skype work well. Small speakers actually sound reasonably good. Rear camera is about the same as on the A500, not that great in low light. GPS, compass, accelerometer all work perfectly.

They did drop the Full sized USB port (but added a little Full-to-micro cable to supply same functionality), and they dropped the flash from the camera. (It was there at the trade show, but gone in production).

Oh, and Dolby Mobile has Beats beat by a mile as far as sound quality with head phones.

That's funny, I did about the same changes as you did (font, ring off) and I'm loving mine. Screen is absolutely gorgeous, very close to as good as the new iPad. (I have both, not a fanboy.) Some say it's chunky, but it's not a Toshiba Thrive or anything. ;-) I find the rubber backing very comfortable to hold.

My first one came with a black piece of plastic or something under the screen (not a bad pixel, much bigger.) I also have read on XDA about some getting so hot they reboot. It's too bad they have quality assurance issues, because it really is a nice tablet at a great price...

I'd still recommend buying it, just get it from somewhere with a good exchange policy.

I got mine direct from Acer, and like you, I'm very pleased.

I've reported all my little quibbling issues (all software) to Acer and they were going to forward them to the software team.

Its almost a pure ICS Tablet, no skin, and once you shut off that ring, disable some bloatware (very little of it) its as close as you can get to pure Android ICS.

I love it. Couldn't wait till it was released. Sold my iPad 2 an bought the Tab A700. It was worth the wait. I like it much better than the ipad 2. The screen is awsome. No problems, it runs fast and smooth. Comes with Real Racing 2 installed. Nice Game. Installed Rip Tide for the Tegra 3, it runs smooth, you need to see it to appreciate how good it looks. After using the iPad 2 for 6 months I really like the Android better.
Only issue is this, when streaming music over bluetooth to my Sound Matters foxL V2 it will drop out if the tablet sleeps. I would imagine a software update would fix this, as you have to disable the sleep mode to keep the bluetooth music streaming. As far a others whining about heat, it does warm up when running a game such as Rip Tide or Real Racing, but it is not that bad considering quality of waht the Tegra 3 is pushing out to the screen.