Android 4.2.2

Android 4.2.2 isn't quite official yet, but it's slow roll out has been bolstered by manual download links and folks are finding a few new things in the latest firmware. Most of it is behind the scenes and will be covered by words like "stability enhancements" and bug fixes, and those are what's really important. A specific that folks are reporting is a fix to the Bluetooth stack to fix audio stuttering, and that's something folks have been waiting for. Equally important is that plenty of people are saying their Nexus devices are no longer randomly rebooting, so if you have an issue there hopefully Android 4.2.2 fixes it. 

There are some other user-facing changes that probably won't apply to anyone without a Nexus device. Once a manufacturer gets their hands into the code, they tend to change these types of "features" to something that fits in with their version of Android a it better. Often times their version works better than stock Android, so we're not going to complain that they get changed. Here's what folks using stock are seeing:

  • When connecting via adb to a computer for the first time, you're prompted to allow the connection. This small security enhancement will help keep your bootloader locked device safe if you lose it. [Android Police]
  • App download notification have been changed. Now you'll see a progress bar that tells you the time remaining in addition to a percentage downloaded. [@ssaig]
  • Quick settings have been enhanced. Users can now long press on the Wifi and Bluetooth icons to toggle the setting. [@NittyMDev]
  • New sounds for wireless charging initiation and low battery alert. Users will now hear a notification sound when the device is placed on a wireless charger. In addition the low battery sound has been changed. [Android Police]
  • Removed option to show all calls in the phone app's call list. 
  • Vibration for notifications is longer in duration
  • New Gallery app animation allows faster loading. [@ssaig]

Really, nothing there anyone would miss if Samsung, HTC or any other manufacturer decided not to implement it. In short, 4.2.2 sounds like the bug fix update everyone has been waiting for. These kinds of updates are the ones we like seeing!


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What's new in Android 4.2.2


Google now is an app. It is not part of the OS, therefore any updates to that, will come anytime from the playstore

The Quick Settings enhancement is a smart one. Always thought it didn't make sense to take me to the Wifi and BT settings page when it's available to toggle from the Settings page. Looking forward to that one...

But currently you can toggle WiFi and BT with a short tap of the notification icon. At least on Samsung devices. It sounds like this "improvement" is removing functionality, not adding it.

I'm not impressed...there is still no GPS, NFC, mobile data and 2g/3g button...there is still room for these i don't know why didn't they add them. Or at least make it customizable...

Not that it is the way to go for everyone, but the custom roms put everything under the sun as options in the statusbar toggle screen. I like having flashlight as a square too.

They should have made the quick setting to toggle on single press and actual settings page when you long press it. Google flipped it around, seriously, CyanogenMod got it correct.

Yeah I gotta agree with this - it just makes more sense to be a quick tap on/off, and long press for the settings. That's how most other Android things have worked in the past I believe. I'll stick to the Elixir 2 app, I guess.

Exactly what I was thinking. Atleast they should give the option. I still use my own notification bar widget for these toggles now...

the airplane mode on the other hand can be toggled with a quick press, so now they have a UI design discrepancy, where some toggles require long-press, while others short-press.

CyanogenMod indeed got this correct.

I noticed most people who have responded to you agree with you. I guess I'm in the minority, but the way CM does it always annoyed me and I prefer the way stock does it. The idea of turning off the wifi just never occurs to me.
The places I am at the most, home, office, gym, starbucks. And they all have wifi, so why turn it off?

Email app widget now available on lock screen
Date Time on notification dont seem like a button any more - someone confirm
Fallback to default daydream if the current daydream is removed.
log says the messaging warning has been raised- someone should confirm

I would like to asked the same question that I have asked on a couple other android sites only to get flamed. Has the Nexus 10 reboot issue been fixed? I was forced to flash a custom rom to fix this problem, but I would like to be stock as most users. I was accused of being a troll for stating a fact. So does this have a fix for the random reboot issues on the Nexus 10 or not. A simple yes or no will do.

Copied from the post. Equally important is that plenty of people are saying their Nexus devices are no longer randomly rebooting,

Judging by what the article says, it has been fixed. But personally I'll wait to see what other N10 users say to be sure.

I was the unlucky owner of a CONSTANTLY rebooting N10, easily 5 - 10 times a day & I am happy to report that I have not had a single random reboot since flashing the update from my custom recovery (TWRP). Furthermore, I'm rooted stock. One thing; I did try to do an image based backup from TWRP before flashing the update, but it kept rebooting during the backup at /system every time no matter what settings I changed. This of course gave me pause, but I pulled up my knickers & went ahead, knowing I had a TiBu backup that was synced to Box from the night before & I could more than likely fix myself or get help from all the uber nerds smarter than me if the flash failed & I had to start over from fastboot.
I'm not going to believe all random reboots have been fixed by this update for another week, mostly because I probably won't be able to wrap my head around the idea, but also because I'm a skeptic at heart (that whole trust but verify thing), but up to this point (!) not a single reboot with the normal arse kicking, constant use & I love the N10 for it (& teh googs devs too). 4.2.2 FTMFW!

Except they're the opposite of what they should be. Tapping should toggle and long-press should go into settings.

Haven’t got the update on my N4 but I constantly use the settings widget to turn on and off wifi and Bluetooth. Now I have to long press to simply turn Bluetooth off?

Long-press for toggle seems wrong to me.

BTW, I really like the "Notification Toggle" app. Pick whatever toogles/apps you want for the notification, and off you go. Also, long press wifi or bt sends you to settings...

I see , I always thought it was an OS issue since I had it in a lot of devices with different android versions & music players !

I had in on Eclair (2.0 & 2.1) , Fro-Yo (2.2.1 & 2.2.2) , GingerBread (2.3.4 & 2.3.5) , HoneyComb (3.0 , 3.1 & 3.2) , Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3 & 4.0.4) & JeallyBean (4.1).

on Motorola (MileStone , Atrix & XOOM) , Sony (Xperia Arc S & Xperia SL) & Samsung (SGS II & Note II).

on MotoBlur's music player , Sony's , Samsung's & Google music !

Even on PlayerPro & Power AMP

Not an issue I've ever encountered. You haven't been moving the same slow old bunky micro SD card between every single device have you??

I used internal storage at first in both my Atrix & my Xoom, than I got a couple of new SD cards for em (32GB & 16GB).
I used 8GB cards with the Milestone & the xperia arc S.
I used internal storage with 2 SGS II (black one & white one) , a Note II & a Xperia SL .
I gave my brother the 16GB card & its working fine with his Blackberries .

It doesn't really matter to me anymore, since the only Android device I have left is the Xoom & I don't use it for music anymore .

P.s. It only happens with audio files (Not all the times , but enough to bebecome annoying) , Videos work fine .

Any word on bluetooth streaming to audio device with wifi on (nexus 7) It's bugging me that I cannot stream music and use a bluetooth headset/stereo

That's odd. For quite some time I've been using my bluetooth stereo headset to listen to streaming Slacker Radio with no problems except the stuttering issue this update is said to fix.

I haven't received the over the air update yet but I'm looking forward to hampered free music

Currently, a tap on the WiFi and BT notification icons toggles state, and a long press goes to the settings for that capability. How is using long press to toggle an improvement? Please don't tell me they've taken the direct access to the settings away.

Are you sure you're talking about quick settings in stock?? Maybe you're on CM? I just double-checked to make sure and tapping bluetooth or wifi in quick settings doesn't toggle, it takes you to that settings page. I always use the widget for those, but the new behaviour sounds like an improvement. Maybe the reverse behaviour as someone else mentioned would be better, but beggars can't be choosers ;)

The whole toggle thing should be reversed. One tap should enable/disable the service and a long-press should take you to advanced options. That's bunk. Who comes up with these decisions?

The Bluetooth and WiFi toggle on the quick settings is exactly what I wanted. I don't know how they over looked it originally.

This BETTER fix the reboot issue!! If my Sprint GNEX reboots me on one more client call, I'm going to *famous baseball pitcher* this phone into the nearest concrete wall!!


(Tried to listen to ON DEVICE music at the gym yesterday and it rebooted 4 times in 90+ mins! I was ready to drop a 25lb plate on it.)

I haven't tinkered around enough to figure out if this is true or I'm just grasping, but it *really* seems like the N4's GPS kills its battery a lot faster than the other three Android phones I've had (N1, Atrix 4G, Verizon GNex). Tripit was responsible for 50% of my battery drain two days ago, for god's sake.

No, but turning off "Google Now" and disabling background data for "Maps" took me from poor battery life, to very good battery life. Can't tell the difference between 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. Depends on how you use it. YMMV

I do not like the stock "toggles". Holding down the buttons? Come on. I dont have time for that.
Stupid. Get a third party app for that... Lame

I've seen another one.
In an App, when you press the App icon to go back, the Icon and the Title now act as a button.
In 4.2.1, only the icon was the button.

Anybody know whether this fixes the wonky screen brightness on the Nexus 7? It was never an issue with the original 4.1, but 4.2 started to make my screen go light and dark at the drop of a hat, and 4.2.1 only mitigated this somewhat.

Also, my WiFi reception range went way down after 4.2, or at least I was able to stream Netflix with only 1 or 2 bars in 4.1, whereas now it completely disconnects WiFi when it reaches 1 bar and forces me to toggle WiFi off/on to get it back. This was not fixed in 4.2.1, so I'm hoping for a fix in 4.2.2.

I hope they change the way editing contacts work. Instead of pressing the thumbnail to edit the contact, a more logical way would be to long press the name and number field. Every time I edit my contacts I put it on Airplane mode so that I don't accidentally call somebody.

Removed option to show all calls in the phone app's call list

WAIT... WHAT? That is retarted, so you can only see Missed, Incoming or Outdoing, but not all combined?

Hitting app download percentage through the notification bar doesn't take you to the play store anymore.

LTE has been disabled.

If you didn't get the update : apps

Find Google services framework (under all)

Clear the cache

Clear the data

Go back to update

Click check for update


I don't know if this is consistent with what others are seeing, but I just recieved a text and noticed the notification LED on my galaxy nexus was GREEN! Is this new to the 4.2.2 update? The only other thing that's changed recently is I installed Phil's coveted dashclock widget. So, is this part of the update? Is there a place I can choose the colors?

Is this update only available for Nexus devices. I have an LG Optimus G and check for updates everyday and there never seems to be one. I am running 4.1.2 jelly bean

Is this update only available for Nexus devices. I have an LG Optimus G and check for updates everyday and there never seems to be one. I am running 4.1.2 jelly bean

just got this update, cant see anything new... so far ;)

I see nexus users have been having trouble with random reboots, i have the ASUS HD7 Tablet, which is very similar (great tablet for the money) and i only ever had that problem after i installed adobe AIR...

I uninstalled it and the tablet was rock steady again...

Just thought id throw this out there..


I updated my samsung grand from 4.1 to 4.2.2 . But I didn't satisifying beause there is no settings for conferences calls and bluetooth call. Can anyone please tell methe way of getting this setting. Please friends. Sent to please