It's been a busy, busy week of Android news, with tons of information coming from every angle from leaks, to official releases and tons of Sprint Evo 4G coverage. Some new devices appear to be on their way in, and a few big-hitters from Google appear to be on their way out. Sprint Nexus One dreams are crushed, statues and screenshots of Froyo appear, and plenty of new applications have been reviewed. It was fast an furious, but don't worry, all you have to do is check below for links to the coverage.



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Reader comments

The week in Android news


I've always thought that that Motorola Droid's screen was very mis-proportioned. I am glad VZ is dumping it for the Droid Inc.

The Droid hasn't been marked as "End of Shelf Life" yet. The Eris, on the other hand, has, and that's what's getting replaced by the Incredible.

Also, nice to see a weekly recap.

Agreed about the Droid and it's screen. Personally, I love it. Thank you for the comment on the recap, we are going to run these weekly for those that may miss something, or just want a one stop, quick read for any news that headlined that week :)

I'm hoping that next week's recap includes an article called "Froyo released for the Nexus One. And it is absolutely amazing."

That, or "Jerry from Android Central wins intergalactic space lottery prize, buys Google and a new lawnmower".