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As our unboxing post might have alluded to, we've got the Qualcomm Toq strapped to our wrist. That means it's time to answer some questions.

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Here's a question: WHY, WHY, WHY, are all these smartwatches so outrageously overrrrrrrrr priced??? Most people aren't even willing to pay $150, and yet their asking for more than twice that!!!

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They will get early adopters at those prices. Look at Google's Glass. It is very, very limited, looks stupid and is $1500 but they are selling every one of them.

They clearly don't have any intentions of selling these in high volume at all.

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They want you to think its limited. I signed up for glass and got an invite 2 days later. The more rare it seems, the more they can charge for it. Just wait a few months until it goes public and drops to $500.00.

If it were $500, it'd be far more popular. The price lends to what it is: a piece of tech in development.

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Hey, you're getting less tech than most tablets and far less screen and materials. If it makes sense to one, it makes sense to all.
You don't like it, then make it yourself. Ain't no one stopping you.

I like to have watches. A Good watch like a Fossil costs me about 150 to 180 dollars. I paid 150 for my pebble and it does so much more than just sit there to stare at. I love the pebble. would gladly pay it again for all the functionality. I also just got the Toq watch. Yes it is 350 but it has even more functionality. Lots of people still buy watches for 200 to 300. You get what you pay for. Those watches don't do anything but basic time functions... So why not spent the little extra for some serious functionality. Trust me... anyone who uses one of these two watches will use it way more than they thought.

I don't think that they are over priced, a good watch is several hundred of dollars and all that it does is tell you the time and date.

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Your obviously a mindless consumer who pays $4-$5 for one cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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Why is he a mindless consumer? Price points are opinions, what you find expensive I may not think to much about it and vice versa

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It's because of people like You that prices are so outrageous. Cause they know someone will pay it instead of saying no, Nd leave it on a shelf.

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The world has enough cheap ass watches. If you don't like it don't buy it. People like him? Lol.... You have plenty of your wal-mart watches to choose from. So go buy that and stop whining because other people have more expensive taste and don't want your cheap crap on there wrist

It's all about having a choice and it's great to have choices. In conclusion, no one is forced to buy any consumer good. Buy or don't buy. Life goes on.

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Incorrect. My $800 citizen eco drive does a shit ton more than tell the time and date. And it looks amazing to boot... something I can't say for any of these "smart" watches. Wake me up when they get these things to look good too.

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OK....... Please tell me what it does exactly that it's $500 better than the gear.

And I hope one of those reasons is "it looks $500 better"

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The purpose of a watch (which I haven't worn in OVER a decade thanks to cellphones) is to tell time, I don't give a crap how it "looks"!

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I guarantee it does not do as much as my Toq... or my Pebble. and at like 5 times more for your Citizen. 2 times the cost of the Toq. Although I would agree it looks much nicer than the people lol. I am one of the few who actually think the Toq watch looks gorgeous. just me. I like the siple clean look of the Toq. Functionality wise it kicks ass

How do you think the screen compares to the galaxy gear? From the pictures it kind of reminds me of the first blackberries with colored screens...btw I ordered one of these and I own the Galaxy gear. I'll likely be returning one of the or who knows I might keep them both!

This actually looks ok-bit on the pricey side but its a new thing wearable tech and when all get in on the game im sure prices will fall.

I just want to also include and not tech related but R.I.P to Nelson Mandala such a wonderful man-now your truely free.

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With all this flexible technology going into smartphones... While not use it instead for these wearable devices??

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Which would you say is more comfortable/durable of a watch to wear on a daily basis?

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