Two more apps join the Chromecast family today: NPR One and Watch ABC can now have their content beamed to your TV thanks to Google's handy little HDMI dongle.

NPR One offers thoughtful talk radio on a wide range of subjects, tailored to your preferences. Chromecast support with NPR One includes story-relevant imagery on the big screen while listening. Watch ABC lets you enjoy big-name shows live or on-demand. ABC's catalog includes Jimmy Kimmel Live, Agents of Shield, Modern Family, and lots more. The catch is that you need to have an active cable subscription in order to get in on the mobile service.

Download links to the updated apps are below. How many of you guys are ABC subscribers? Any avid NPR listeners?

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Watch ABC and NPR One get Chromecast support


That's cool. I'm not a huge NPR listener but I do have a few ABC shows I love like Modern Family and Agents of Shield. This will be a nice alternative to pirating the episodes so I can watch them later lol. And I have a cable subscription so we're all good.

When will the networks realize the sort of revenue stream they can make by circumventing the cable companies and giving us this access directly?

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I agree, but they're terrified that, if they did that, people would bail on cable and stop paying all those hefty retrans fees. Of course, people are still dropping cable, so their stance is pretty short-sighted.

They better find a way to offer content without the need for a cable subscription sooner or later. With Chromecast compatible pirate apps like TV Portal out there serving the need it has become all to easy to cut the cord.

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Watch ABC not compatible with Nexus 5 and LG G2...bastards.

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I REALLY could've used the NPR chromecast support last night! There are no apps that support live radio and chromecast at the same time.

Did you try and see if it is coveted by warranty? Mine has never done that been on for hours at a time.

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WOW the Watch ABC app seems pretty limited. It only supports a few select cities and even in those cities you have to have a specific type of service.

hahha Didn't know the ABC streaming app was called "Watch ABC"...

Read the title of this post and came here expecting to view a video of ABC and NPR in the act of getting chromecast support. I was very intrigued.

" the catch is that you need to have an active cable subscription in order to get in on the mobile service."
This seems so silly.
If one had an active cable subscription, why would one have a chromecast to watch cable shows? ?

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I have a Comcast package that is high speed internet, basic cable, and HBO Go, for the same price as just the internet service. The catch is that it doesn't include an HD box, or of course DVR. So I only watch through my Chromecast.

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