HTC Thunderbolt VZNavigator

Here comes your daily HTC Thunderbolt teaser. (Don't look at us like that -- it's tomorrow in Europe already. Or something like that.) VZ Navigator -- Verizon's own maps powered by NAVTEQ -- will run you $2.99 a day, $4.99 a week or $9.99 a month. But it also has Bing built into it, if you're into that sort of thing.

Anyway, the app's here for the Thunderbolt, the phone's not (and this isn't the first time we've seen VZNav show up before its intended device), and we're all just going to have to hold out hope for yet another day. [Android Market] Thanks, David, for the tip!


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VZ Navigator for the HTC Thunderbolt now in the Android Market, sans phone


See, now THIS is something you can complain about...

People were going crazy over the FREE addition of the security service on Sprint....

Sprint gets TeleNav navigator for free...10 bucks a month? Ridiculous....AND Google maps DOES have a free navigator for everybody else...

Hopefully the Bolt doesn't follow the same timeline as the D2G. Looks like the D2G wasn't even acknowledged by Verizon for a full 20 days after its VZNav app hit the market O_o

Why Verizon charges for navigation I don't understand, and its the case on ALL their phones, including blackberries. Makes no sense business wise to me when there are so many free alternatives especially on Android.

I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would care, since google nav is free and its so far better than any dedicated gps or gps software I've tried

Verizon is counting on STUPID idiots that will not look at the market and see that Google Navigation is FREE!

Bahahaha, I can't believe Verizon has the balls to charge for this on top of everything else they charge their customers. running on an Android OS with the best navigation out there and its free.

Google Maps is okay for some things. However, the VZW application has features GM lacks and it tends to be more accurate. I have gotten lost with GM several times - especially when the data isn't updated properly. GM is FREE for a reason. Both applications have their strengths and weaknesses, and in some ways - you get what you pay for.

right...and correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't google's navigation still beta? it's free, it's great, and it's what i use. however, vzn nav is a finished and polished product. i've seen many people that use it claim that it has a lot of features that google nav just doesn't. you also have to keep in mind that plenty of people are getting droids who are coming from feature/media phones or other dumbphones, where vzn nav was their only option. some people just don't care for change and will pay the $10/month just to use what they are familiar with. vzn already wrote the app for other phones so it's not like they have to do much work to create one for every new phone and then fish for people to buy it. heck....i still can't figure out how to delete an old location from my google nav???

If you've gotten lost using Google Maps Turn-By-Turn it was probably out of cellular range or in slow EDGE land.

I have a very late model Garmin and the latest map loads. The garmin does a better job of calling lane changes, and it works with no cell signal at all.

But other than that Google Nav on my Nexus One is every bit as accurate and up to date as the Navtec maps on the Garmin.

The google nav routing engine is dramatically improved over the years. I can ask it to make a route from Seattle to Phoenix and it will do so in seconds. It would take the Garmin half an hour to compute that route because it has to do the whole damn thing with that tiny onboard computer. Same with the Verizon Nav and the AT&T Nav. And neither of them can carry a completer map set.

Wasn't a GPS issue. It literally gave me bad directions on several occasions. I almost lost an interview (which turned into my current job!) one time because Google Maps directed me into a field and several blocks away from the destination. It has issues that need to be addressed. For what it is though, it's great. The 'polish' is what makes all the difference sometimes though.

It gets harder and harder each year to catch people on April Fools Day. You have to get them early. More importantly, you have to have a somewhat believable joke. VZ Navigator for $9.99? No one is going to believe that especially on a phone that is not even shipping.

If you need someone to write some comedic bits for you, give me a call. Heck, I'll give you some for free. This VZ Navigator bit is just too lame to be published. I am embarrassed for you.

When I picked up my Xoom on saturday the lady that helped me brought it up but I bit my tongue and didn't comment. I will probably wait to see if motor does its bootloader on the Bionic like it has on the Xoom. If so all over it. If not I will wait for a dual core HTC. Between the Xoom, Google TV and my DX, I will be pretty much occupied.

ok. correct me if i'm wrong, but when one uses google navigation, your using your allotted data plan - correct? well with lte i can see a 2 gig and a 5 gig pricing tier. I have drove from n.y. to chicago before. imagine the fee incurred with g.maps?? Just a theory.

Though I think you can cache gmaps just in case you loose reception. anyone????????

LTE is rumored to be priced at $29/mo in the beginning. If you want to use Navigation by Google it will consume data. On a long trip I would recommend only using it when you are close to your destination or confused of your current location or need immediate directions.

in other words lte with gmaps will cost a lot of money for a long distance trip. perhaps verizon navigator is a good alternative. the app does state a pricing plan. 4.99 day. 9.99 a week. though gmaps is superior, i would not want to see a tremendous bill on my data plan if i want some deep dish pizza again.

WOW, this is GREAT! It's just the App I was looking for! I'll download it RIGHT NOW...... oh wait, I CAN'T, because I don't have a goddamn Thunderbolt!!!!!!

I like how everyone is speculating to know how much the Thunderbolt will cost because Beast Buy says so... also that LTE will fall victim to capped, tiered data plans because they heard a rumor. Truth be told nobody has a damn clue, yes VZNav is pricey and it does have some features that GNav does not.. but this pricing isn't anything new.. its been this way for quite some time, even before the LTE network was being built.

just saying. unlimited data no longer exist in europe. vodafone owns 45% of verizon. unlimited data has another year tops. guaranteed lte will have tiered pricing plans within one year.

it is not speculation. just matter of fact

At&t has a paid navigation too. The only thing i can think of is what DrDiff said. people will pay for it when they have no clue that both google and mapquest are free. Is there really that big of a difference with it being paid. All i ask of my gps is to get me to the correct place with telling me how to.

Bing.... really? Feels like Android has been jailed, bound and gagged by VZ. Have you seen the new add being run for the Incredible? Looks like excess old stock inventory. I may have to switch carriers. But where really?

Oh, that reminds me...

The Maps Live wall paper is great when you are traveling. You just need to have one home screen mostly clear.

Damn that is a shame. People can talk about sprint service all day but I keep my money in the bank instead giving it to my subscriber. Nav is free for sprint. If you don't live in the middle of nowhere, then sprint is where you need to be.