We've been using Vlingo during its brief beta process, and now you can too, as it's finally in the Android Market. In a nutshell, Vlingo takes the place of Google's built-in voice-to-text service, but it goes even farther (and dare we say, at times works better). In addition to allowing you to dictate just about anything to your heart's content, it also will read incoming text messages and e-mails, which is great for when you're driving. (Though let's hope we get some better voices for that in the near future.)

Vlingo's available now in the Android Market [link] for $9.99. Check out video of it in action after the break.

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strhessed says:

$10.00 is a bit ridiculous considering that 2.1 already enables you to speak text messages and so forth. Not to mention when I had my Blackberry IT WAS FREE !!!!

mellisnj says:

+1 Vlingo for Blackberry was free and wasn't too bad of an app.

ZDriver says:

Coming from the Pre $9.99 isnt bad for a GOOD quality app, especially if it gets used alot. Id rather pay 10 bucks for this than a flight simulator i play 3 or 4 times.

Prkl8r says:

I think the $10 is because of it's increased functionality. One button for everything. If it works could be the perfect solution for driving and answering text msgs.

swimrage says:

but considering that both MotoSpeak and DriveSafely both run off subscription models ($4/month-$20/year) a one time fee under cuts the competition by a lot.
Im reaching for my credit card as we speak.

Smokeaire says:

I bought Drivesafely for my Blackberry, installed it to my N1 with the same product code and it works. It was a one time purchase price, not a monthly subscription.

joedubbss says:


moosc says:

The 9.99$ is a limited time real price is 19.99$...

GooTz66 says:

I used Vlingo on my BB and loved it. Had since day 1 in beta and even paid the whopping $20 bucks for the latest. I wonder if they would allow me to transfer my account over to my Inc.

Email to CS on the way! Fingers crossed! ;)


Looks like it has to purchased for Android. That really sucks for the many of BB defectors that are here now that used Vlingo.

Menno says:

This app is a LOT more advanced than the built in function. I had it when I had a blackberry, and I was really excited when I got into the beta for android.

For example, you can say:
Send email to John smith, subject next week, message: do you have anything you want to add to our presentation?

The app will open your email (you can set a default email address), find and add John Smith to the "To:" put "Next week" in the subject and then put "do you have anything you want to add to our presentation" to the message itself.

Then all you need to do is press send.

I was using the beta as well. I'll most likely buy it soon.

Paladin says:

I wonder if it will still be on sale come > June 4th when the Evo comes out. Cannot buy it until we get the device :)

Looks interesting though. I paid $15 (or was it $25) for a voice application for my Treo 755P. $10 is not bad at all.

Menno says:

$10 is the sale price. It's typically $20

RBasil says:

Will this work with Google Voice or does it default to the phones SMS?

snottgoblin says:

I don't see this on the market on my N1 with 2.2. Couldn't find the "Evening Standard" app either. Is this an issue with 2.2?

BoNg420 says:

LOL my beta still works just fine so why would I be ripped off at $9.99, or even worse $20, come on vlingo, you were free on my crapberry storm, why do I need to pay for use on droid? I'd pay $3.98 tops for this app.

Menno says:

It wasn't free on your storm actually. You had a free trial, and some free features, but to use the system to compose emails and the like you needed to pay the full price. and it was $30+ on blackberry for the full version.

If you never used the features of the full version, the built in features of android will work fine for you.

drbyers#AC says:

I used to use this all the time on my BlackBerry.

I'd pay $20 for this app. It's worth it if you drive alot.

btw, HTC EVO!!1

DVNO says:

Yeah I can confirm this is not working on N1 with froyo. You cannot find it in the market.

frunkiss says:

When in manage applications, go to 'market'. Choose "uninstall updates".
Some of you may want to uninstall your market update if you don't see Vlingo.

vicw926a4 says:

I just installed the free iPhone version, just to check it out while waiting for my contract to be over with ATT so I can buy the EVO. Pretty impressive - it worked 100% for me on a short sampling of map and dial commands. I'll definitely be getting it on the EVO.

sjcea says:

The app sucks , worthless in the car unless youare leaning towards your dash so it can hear you , uninstalled and refunded this app , waste of money , the voice recognition software my incredible came with is better

treich007 says:

Does anyone know if this works for calendar?