Vizio Android tablet

Vizio, the company known for its TVs and Blu-Ray players, is set to unveil its first phone as well as a tablet, both to be based on Android.

The phone is said to be called the Via Phone and will sport a 4-inch touchscreen, 5MP rear camera and a front-facing camera. The tablet reportedly will be 8 inches, will also have a front-facing camera, and have three speakers for sound.

That's probably the tablet Vizio teased ever so briefly at the start of the Rose Bowl on Saturday -- check out the video after the break. [via Engadget] It's claimed that Vizio will discuss these products on Monday, ahead of CES, but will also have product announcements during the official show. It will be a crazy week with phones and tablets galore. Stay tuned! [via WSJ


Reader comments

Vizio to introduce Android phone, tablet ahead of CES


i'm curious about the tablet more-so than the phone. The moto xoom or whatever its called looks sick so far but im not a fan of 10 inch tablets.

ive heard that but my dad has a 32 inch lcd and my uncle has a 42 inch and 55 inch lcd and they have never had problems.

This could be promising. Maybe less expensive then other phones like their tv's are. But their products have been getting better so I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

I find it a sick humour in a website dedicated to Android and the video they post requires Adobe Flash. So only those viewing this with 2.2 or greater are they only ones who could watch the video..

Google and Android have always been a strong proponent for Flash. Just like they are for HTML 5, and rich javascript. Google makes money from advertisements, and the more formats they can deliver them in, the better for their bottom line.

It just took Android 2.2 to reach a point where Adobe and Google could make it work. Trust me, Google and Adobe would loooove to have Flash on every Android phone if it were possible.

They had a commercial run during half-time that showed a tablet and phone in it's product line up. I noticed it then and thought it was odd... Now i know why!

I like vizio and have two if their televisions. I've been happy with the quality. I will defiantly check this out. Hope they don't put on some stupid UI over android.