Vine creators to bring their social video app to Android "soon"

Vine is going to come to Google Play "soon", according the the folks who created the popular iOS app. Speaking to The Verge, there was no timeline or any further details given about the Android version, and we're not even going to guess.

If you're not familiar with Vine, think of it as YouTube for folks with very short attention spans. It captures six seconds of video, letting you stop and start as many times as you like, then assembling everything up ready to post to Twitter. There is no secret sauce or other magic at work -- just a six second video clip. Have a look at it here, where Phil breaks it down.

The app itself allows you to follow users and view their Vines, and there's an unofficial website to follow along for those who don't have the app at VinePeek. Warning -- this is exactly what you would expect to see when you give everyone an uncensored arena to post six second clips. If you find wieners and teenagers using foul language offensive, you have been warned.

When Vine does come to Android, we'll give it a good look. I'm calling in sick that day.

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Dperks17 says:

About time! I didn't think anyone used iOS anymore :P

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Youtube for hipsters in other words...

thepcmaster says:

Nice article!

I also wrote about this on my blog, if anyone is interested:

I will try it for sure. I have clicked on the links on twitter, and I got to be honest... I don't get it. Maybe trying it for myself will be enlightening.

dsignori says:

Vine seems utterly pointless to me. Some people like, I just don't get it ..

I can't wait for Vine to come out for Droid. I've got the razr and it's so frustrating seeing all my friends post on Twitter their Vine videos. I wish Vine would hurry up and get to android!!