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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has arrived, in the form of a preview version of the OS on the Galaxy Nexuses given away to Google I/O attendees. As we've already mentioned in our coverage of Jelly Bean, there's lots of new improvements to the OS. These are mainly based around making Android more slick and responsive to touch input, and eliminating lag wherever it occurs. There are also new software treats in the form of expanded notification functionality. Google Search has been overhauled, and Google Now presents relevant information based on your location, calendar and other stored data. Android Beam has been expanded too, with photo and video transfer capabilities

Check out some of the changes in Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus in our video after the break.

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deltatux says:

By speeding up the CPU, does it mean it may impact battery performance? I hope Google balanced the two well for JellyBean...

gizak says:

hmm, didn't even think about that...hopefully not much. I do think butter was much needed to help give android that fluid feeling that ios tends to have. I'm tired of hearing apple fanbois talk about how android stutters and has a laggy feeling.

bplewis24 says:

The CPU is not sped up actually. It's an optimization. If the CPU were modified, it wouldn't work the same on all devices as they have different chipsets.

Stang68 says:

I can't get over how fast everything looks.

Pierce09 says:

I sure hope Verizon approves the OTA quicker than they did for the 4.0.4 update! ... oh who am I kidding. Time to flash the first usable ROM of Jellybean!!!

jjrudey says:

Running it on my VZW Nexus. Besides a data issue, all is well. It's pretty amazing.

tyguy829 says:

Running on vzw nexus as well...what data issue are you talking about?

bagarwa says:

Errr, dare I ask, where did you get a Jelly Bean rom for GN?

EVO28312 says:

Wow that thing is blazing fast!!

ccm435 says:

I could care less about VZW approving it. As long as we have some good ROMS built off of this then we will be ok.

Wow.. It's almost fast as a 4.04 Droidth3ory rom!..... Almost

DLD511 says:

There is one thing I don't like, the new search bar.

I hate how it looks. =\

Wish Google left it alone.

xeroslash says:

Horrible. Just horrible. I would imagine most ROMs will be keeping the ICS style bar (at least I hope so).

Very impressive no doubt. Can't wait for the NEXT NEXUS in November. Meanwhile my Galaxy S3 will be fine.

modzone says:

The OS looks impressive on speed! Love the notifications add-on. I wonder if other companies like HTC have a time-frame in mind to release the JB on their devices...

csierra72 says:

It's likely to be a while. Still waiting for ICS.

impulse101 says:

Why are u waiting for ics? It takes 3 minutes to root and flash it

jojones44 says:

can I root and flash it for my skyrocket?

raazman says:

impulse101 says:

Flashed this OTA this morning on my verizon nexus. it is ABSOLUTELY amazing and blazing fast
Get it now, its 100% working

I feel sorry for people who bought an HTC one or something else that has garbage like sense on it and they have to wait 9 months to get this with crappy sense on top of it too lol

davedsone says:

Sense 4 on my HTC One S is very good. If you don't like it, fine. But stop feeling "sorry" (really attempting to gloat) for us. I feel sense and it's widgets make the phone nicer to use. It's plenty fast enough too, with that S4. I have used HTC phones since the Mogul and have always preferred their launcher tweaks to the stock versions.

cmckeller217 says:

I'm going to have to wait this out a little bit and see the bugs. I'd love to flash it now but I hate erasing everything and downloading all of my apps again, and signing into them again just to turn around and do it all over again in 3 hours after finding out the rom is too buggy to put up with. I hope it goes well. I'd love to flash it in a week.

impulse101 says:

Its not buggy at all did you read the thread on the link I posted? Also you don't have to re download apps, you use titanium backup and do a batch restore of all your apps and data. You can also make a nandroid backup of your current rom and be able to restore back exactly to what your phone was like before you flashed jellybean

Noel66 says:

Just use Titanium Backup, or MyBackup to save all of your apps.

Cardin_06 says:

Don't feel sorry...I'm doing just fine with sense as it is very good...feel sorry forthose with touch wiz or other launchers that can never come close to sense

If you're Unlocked... but not currently rooted will Rooting Wipe the device? #noobquestion

eljedo says:

rooting doesn't wipe your device unless you unlock the bootloader as well. since you are unlocked already, go ahead and root, nothing to worry about

moosc says:

Alex you should have shown the new widget features. That is really impressive also

keanhong says:

Is pinch-to-zoom added in Gmail?

Unibrow says:

I still can't believe Gmail doesn't have pinch to zoom..

xemtra says:

that speed is amazing

Playboy E says:

This is why I waited to my my sprint Gnax :) it was worth the wait now I will have jellybean next month and all the other phones have to wait monthslol

eljedo says:

I'm with you on that. I saved my upgrade for a GSM Nexus when I was going to get the HTC Sensation. While I have the odd gripe about my GNex, I love that I am going to have JB flashed within a day of being released. Makes it so worthwhile
Nexus FTW!!!1!

schriss says:

Did you lucky suckers get all those free devices during Google I/O too??

whitecomet says:

I gotta say I have been very impressed with the progression google has made in the the last year year and a half on the os the leap to gingerbread was a nice bump up mush better then ics was huge and I can say it can stand toe to toe for the most part with ios in speed while offering more function now jelly bean seems to blow ios in every aspect. Jelly bean is fast and if very flexible it is a great os that will only get better. At first google going with the approach of a os that can do so much initially hurt it in terms of speed and interface but now it has gotten very refined. It took more time to get to the polish like ios but the end result now gives android a big advantage that will result in google gaining more market share.

twalkbox says:

Hiring Matias was one of the best decisions Google has made.

Android just keeps getting better and more beautiful. MD's signature cards are everywhere. It started with the recent apps list for ICS and with JB it has continued on into the camera app, Google Now and even notifications. I can't wait to see what Google unveils next with their multi-vendor Nexus handsets.

Impulses says:

I agree 110%. If they really manage to make Nexus devices more accessible and varied, whoa, watch out. I just wish they'd move to a summer release schedule for Nexus phones, it seems like they 're always missing out on the latest and greatest SoC because of the end of year release schedule... Although I guess moving forward most roadmaps will slow down a bit, still, next year we'll probably be looking at quad core A15 / S4.