Look for this to get yanked down anytime now, but what you see above looks to be an HTC phone of unknown make, likely either the Supersonic or Incredible, depending on which way the wind is blowing. There's no look at the UI, and the vid's a little dark, thus the "Test under dark light source" title. Feel free to speculate all you want in the comments. [Android Forums via Phandroid]


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Video shows HTC ... something's camera in action - Supersonic or Incredible?


Well if this other video is true then this is the Supersonic.

The Incredible doesn't have those buttons and the screen is a bit smaller (again according to the vid I'm linking to).


At first I thought this was the HTC Supersonic due to the red colored ear speaker on top. Then I took a closer look and realized that, barring and major aesthetic changes to the leaked renders, this has to be the HTC Incredible. There are no rings around the bottom buttons that I can see, as there are in the HTC Supersonic render:


Also, the volume rocker on this phone is on the left, as it is in the HTC Incredible render:


The HTC Supersonic render shows the volume rocker on the right side of the device.

I would actually like to believe this is an HTC Supersonic that has simply undergone some minor aesthetic changes compared to the leaked render. I quite like the look of this phone here, and the screen does look quite large. Although it could also simply be a new unannounced device...

Still could be the Supersonic.

I keep looking at both vids and somethings just don't add up. The render shows the Supersonic has a red speaker, the Incredible renders isn't really clear on the color of the speaker.

In the vid here, we see clearly the speaker is red. However the buttons and volume rocker doesn't add up.

The video I linked to of the incredible, the speaker isn't red but the buttons (not glowing) looks more like the buttons in this vid.


it looks like the supersonic because of the red ear piece but i dont see the rings on the bottom buttons maybe they left them out

it looks like the incredible based on the amount of space between the top of the screen and the earpiece and the amount of space on the bottom where he is holding the phone

Anybody notice that the pics of the "incredible" don't make sense?
First of all, the bottom pic of the red back shows a trapezoidal shape of the phone while the front view of the phone is perfectly rectangular......and i don't feel its just the angle the pic was taken at.
Second, in the bottom pic of the red back, the camera is offset, whereas in the top pick you can see the reflection of the camera as being midline.

No way that is pics of the same phone.


Remember guys, the Supersonic one is being judged only by its render whereas the incredible is being judged by the real pics, AND either phones could have through some changes easily in the last few weeks

If you read the forum thread where this was unearthed, they tracked down the person who posted this and she has other pics of the Incredible as well. They did some good side by side comparisons and it is most definitely the Incredible.

Going by the photos and what I've seen my guess is this is the Incredible. The gap between the top of the phone and the screen look very similar and the touch buttons on the bottom are the same. Also you can barely see a touch pad at the bottom in the video that matches the one in the Incredible photo. They also have the same shape and the volume rocker is on the left.
Picture Comparison

no that is the back of the incredible. check it out on youtube, it shows it in person and he flips it over to show the ugly orange back. hopefully it doesnt get released with that back cover.

I've started reading about the Incredible. I loathe how it reminds me of the cover art for the movie, The Incredibles but I will move past it.

Is it me or does the phone appear large? Maybe its the way he's holding it.

I totally agree about the orange back. When I saw those pics my first reaction, outloud, was "Are you kidding me!?!".

Since I destroyed my poor HTC Droid Eris by accident - it's cool to see these new phones come out!

For those of us who were unfortunate to watch the pulled video, would the fortunate ones please describe what you saw?

Was there anything special like...the physical looks? performance? graphics??? Other than trying to guess what it was you saw??