Verizon Galaxy S III

There she be, folks! The Verizon Galaxy S III. We knew that Verizon, the last of the four major U.S. carriers to announce availability for the GSIII, had already shipped devices, and we knew that they'd be hitting doorsteps today. But there's nothing like actually seeing the thing unboxed and fired up, and that's just what's happening in our Galaxy S III forums.

If you're looking to go the traditional, terrestrial route, the Verizon Galaxy S III will be available in stores starting July 10.

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Verizon Galaxy S III preorders hitting eager hands today!


Lucky people!

I ordered mine on the first day of preorders and mine still says it will ship on the 9th. I contacted them and they basically told me though luck, sorry you don't get yours early.

Enjoy playing with your new toys!

I also ordered mine on the first day, within an hour of it going on sale, and I won't be getting it until the 9th either.

Thank God for Tmobile. Verizon is overrated and so is its battery draining LTE NETWORK. Leaving Verizon was the BEST THING EVER. Tmobile speeds are excellent and the best battery life for the Galaxy S3 will be on Tmobile.

Just because Verizon offers LTE, doesn't mean you are forced to use it. I'll be using 3G all the way on my Verizon GSIII.

i love people that are delusional. first of all battery life has NOTHING to do with network. You might wanna do your research as well. The extra drain that Verizon phones had originally was because the LTE chip was SEPARATE from the actual CPU. With this device it is all integrated into the same chipset, negating your arguement entirely. Not sure how you can ever say tmobile is better, i pay $72 for unlimited text and data and 450 mins (that I never use) this is the about the best possible situation you can have, without tmobile's terrible network.

Nerd Rage! btw... your network absooolutely has something to do with how long your battery can last. if you have a crappy network like Sprint and it takes and entire minute to load a website sometimes, you will know what i mean. weak signal = poor battery life. good newtork signal = better battery life. soooo your argument is quite weak bro. Nerd Rage more plz!

Thank you. I pay $112 on VZW for my Galaxy Nexus. Unlimited data and text with 450 mins. VZW is praised because it has a superior network.

We shall see how great Verizon Galaxy S3 really is. Can't help but laugh how Verizon has it's customers white washed just like apple has it's customers...

Here you are again using words in places you have no idea what they mean. Whitewashed is "A derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society" The term you were looking for is "brainwashed" you stupid moron.
And FYI, contrary to what happens in "your world", the Verizon GSIII has almost the same exact internals as any of the other 3 phones on the other 3 major carriers. The ONLY possible difference will be in the radios and of course the respective brandings on each of the carriers' phones. Same processor and clock speed. Same RAM. Same screen size. Same display. Same battery. Same, same same, same, same. So really the only way one phone on one carrier will be "better" than another comes down to network speed/latency.

While true (with the Exynos having 1 GB), as far as I know, ALL versions of the SGSIII sold in the US will be of the S4 variety, whether it be from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint. Unless you import, that is.

Hey dumbass, you weren't saying how "battery draining" Verizon's network was when you were with them not even a month ago. You weren't saying how "overpriced" Verizon's phones or data plans were a month ago when you were still with them. And you certainly weren't complaining about their "slow" data speeds, again, when you were with them. Stupid hypocrite.


Class 10 64GB MicroSD card....check
Spiffy case...................check
TuneLink Audio for Android....check
Translucent Green Androidified CruzerLite....check
Blackberry Charger............check
Window Mount..................check
Phone.........................HELL NO.....ARRGH.

Mine still shows 7/11, granted I pre-ordered late last month. I'll likely be picking it up from a store and cancelling my order.

Class 10 SD cards what a joke fall for the hype.

Say Spiderman yesterday very awesome but what was cool the verizon galaxy s3 commercial they did it was cool one

It's amazing how patience for something that was a month off was just fine but once it's down to the final days it can sometimes feel like you've been gut punched the first time you've read that some lucky people got theirs early. Haha, but seriously, congrats to those we're all envious of. :-)

Mine shipped and has an arrival date of Friday 7/6. Can't wait to get my new phone and it sucks that some people got overnight and others 2nd day. Ah well beets waiting till the 9th, early is early.

I just now got an email saying my order is on hold.

Your Order is on Hold
Dear Valued Customer,
Your order is scheduled to be processed. Average processing time is 3 days. You will receive a confirmation email when processing is complete and your device has shipped.
Thank You,
Verizon Wireless

Is this a step others have had? I didn't see anyone else mention it. I did have to call in last week to change the credit card as I found fraudulent charges on the card I had given them.

I've seen other people have their preorder put on hold. It was due to a problem with processing the credit card info. Just give Verizon a call and make sure they have the correct info or that there wasn't a problem (declined, expired, etc.)

I just got a follow up. I think it's because I used a different email address than the one on my account. I had signed up in the Verizon store (was hoping to use a Verizon rebate card, but they couldn't accept it) and forgot which email account I used with my Verizon account. Now I have a notice that my order has been completed and is being shipped. Whoo hoo, progress. :-)

I tried to change shipping addresses before and was told that my shipping/arrival date could be effected by doing that. Seems like changing the charge info could have the same effect and they probably should have mentioned it.

Mine was also put on hold, due to bank needing to verify charge. Called and got everything squared away yesterday morning, and now they have told me that when the phone ships is luck of the draw...hopefully I'm lucky and see it this week.

Wait till these start arriving in hundreds of people's hands and the WIFI problems start showing up.
There are already long threads in the Google groups forums about constant disconnecting every 3 minutes. It seems to only affect some routers, usually older ones.

Why would you want to wifi anyway? With the typical download rate around 15Mbit/s the 4g data is probably better than the local wifi wherever you are.

I got mine today and they told me I can't activate it jet. I will keep trying daily until it gets activated.

I cant activate either. Spent an hour on the phone with cs after arrival. Waiting for a return phone call from verizon customer service.

Some are being told they will have to wait until the 10th to activate...? That is crazy. Seems that the phones are not in the system yet. If you get lucky they can supposedly enter the phone manually into the system. But I am sure you would have to jump through hoops to get that done.

Received mine an hour ago. Impressed so far. As a bonus, I'm getting 4G at my home which I thought would be unlikely. Download speeds of 18-20 mbs are easily 10x what I get with DSL. Combined with unlimited data, I call that a big win. Sweet!

Verizon finally call me back, they fixed the activation issues with the Galaxy S3 and where able to activate the phone that by the way is awesome!
For all that are waiting to get it activated, just have to try again or call them back.

I live in So Cal, ordered mine on the first day available, my status also says "by the 9th" Wondering if it is a geographical release?. Anybody in California received theirs yet?
UPDATE: Just checked my bank account, have been charged for phone...
UPDATE 2: Just got tracking number, due to arrive 7/6/12

Holding my 32gb Pebble Blue in my hand currently wifes 32gb white is in use was slow to activate but is working just fine

I got mine today at 10 a.m. Let me say one thing. From upgrading from the Galaxy Nexus. DAMN! The white looks good and the screen is better. Still Pentile but looks better. I LOVE IT!