LG G3 gestures

Gesture controls are becoming increasingly common in Android phones — being able to control certain features by moving or flipping your phone dates back to the early days of HTC Sense. However it's easy to overlook the LG G3's gesture controls if you're not aware of them, and there are a few useful time-savers included.

The LG G3's gesture controls, found under Settings > Gestures, are all switched on by default. There are a few basic gestures to get to grips with:

  • Answer a call: Bring the phone up to your ear to answer an incoming call. When the proximity sensor detects that it's near your head, the call will begin.
  • Fade out the ringtone: If the phone is on a flat surface, picking it up while it's ringing will quieten your ringtone.
  • Flipping your phone: Depending on what's going on, you can flip the G3 to dismiss certain interruptions. When you get an incoming call, flipping the phone over will silence the ringtone. You can also use this to silence or snooze an alarm, depending on the option you've set under Alarm > Settings. And in the built-in video player (but not third-party video apps like YouTube), flipping the phone over will pause the video.

Also, don't forget about LG's KnockOn and Knock Code features. KnockOn, which is enabled by default, lets you double-tap the screen when it's turned off to wake your phone, or double-tap on your lock screen (or a blank area of the home screen) to turn it off again. Knock Code takes things a step further, letting you assign a pattern of taps to unlock your G3.

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Using the LG G3's gesture controls


I'm an s5 user and I wish Samsung did something like that

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

If I am not wrong these already there in your phone, except knock on

Motion Gestures: turn ALL of these off in Settings > Motions and gestures. There are 5: (1) Air Browse, (2) Direct call, (3) Smart alert, (4) Mute/pause, (5) Palm to swipe capture. Some people may like Direct Call and Mute/pause, but we prefer turning all of them off.

That's a really good tip. That used to annoy me while the phone is in a car mount so you can't get to the power on the back. Problem solved.

Posted via Android Central App

I can't get either " to the ear" gesture to work, phone just keeps ringing until I accept or decline the call. Flipping the phone over does silence the ring though?

Having the same problem with my G3. The only gesture that works is the alarm snooze with a flip.
Have all the settings checked.

I've tried answering a call by putting the phone to my ear with the quick circle case however it won't work. Works without the case.