Google Music App

The updated Google Music app -- part of what you'll need to take part in all this newfangled digital music goodness -- is now live in the Android Market. If you're into changelogs, it reads as follows:

1. Google Music is now out of beta and is open to all users without an invitation. Upload up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection to Google Music and listen instantly on all your devices.

2. Seamless integration with the Android Market music store. All your purchases automatically appear in the Google Music app.

What we don't yet have is that updated Android Market on our phones. But, in the meantime, you can purchase from the Android Market website.


Reader comments

Updated Google Music app now available


Sweet! When you go from portrait to landscape you can see the ice cream sandwich buttons at the bottom of the screen. Can't wait to get my galaxy Nexus.

Same here. I thought maybe it's because I've been using the leaked one from ICS, so I uninstalled that one and am trying a fresh install.
I suppose if all else fails, we could install it from a mirrored copy.

I really don't understand why the Google Music app is unavailable outside of the US. Even if we aren't using the cloud storage or the music store, the player is still infinitely better than the god awful Music app that comes standard with stock Android.

They fixed the landscape rotation resetting to the now playing screen any time you rotate the screen, but we still don't have scrolling song titles. Why should I have to pull down my notifications to see a long song name? The app at least should scroll, and the widget would be nice too.

I also get artifacting really bad when changing orientation and also briefly when opening the app. That happened in the 4.0.1 leak as well though.

Will this instantly fill up my phones available memory just by synching to my music that is uploaded? I had to stop using the beta because my Droid Inc would always give me a low memory alert after I log into my music.

Might also be worth mentions with these sort of things that they are only USA
"We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States"

So let me get this straight. These cloud services want you to pay for gigabits of data to upload you music to their servers, then increase the amount your spending every month for data so you are effectively paying to listen to your own music....and people think this is a good thing? PTBarnum is proven right once again

Absolutely wrong, though I see where you might be coming from (Amazon). Google Music is a FREE cloud storage server that lets you store up to 20,000 of your own tracks. Not X Amount of GB, but 20,000 individual songs. I don't think you can pay for more storage, but why would you!? Especially when you consider that any music you download from Google Music (paid or free) does NOT count towards that 20,000.

The only thing you pay for is the Data used on your network to stream the music; that's your carrier's fault. Hopefully I cleared this up for everyone.