HTC One update

Back in March, a 205MB update for the original HTC One M7 went out to a few users in mainland Europe. It added support for more routers, which suggests there was a bug or two to fix, but it also replaced an existing Android 4.4.2 update that was pulled.

Today, some users worldwide are seeing the same update. It bumps your version from 4.19.401.9 to 4.19.401.11 and addresses whatever issues there may have been with the Wifi.

Slightly confusing, but we recommend you accept it and stay current unless you've already altered your firmware.

Thanks, Mike!

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doomstang says:

Glad to see the m7 getting fiance has my old one. We'll see if that trickles down to US carriers.

On a side note, please use m7 or m8 in your tweets when referring to an HTC One. I came here expecting to see an update for my m8 ;)

steezee says:

The AT&T HTC One is running 4.18 so I would assume that US SKUs will skip this update and move to 5.x running Sense 6.0 since HTC is targeting the end of May to get that update out in the US

P.S. Let's Go Blues

doomstang says:

Thanks....and yeah, GO BLUESSSSSS!

I have the M7 with Verizon and I want to get that update in order to fix my WiFi issues.

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bjn714 says:

Sadly on GPE we will probably have to wait until the next Android update for any hope of a wifi fix. I have to toggle wifi off and on like 20 times a day sometimes. It is quite frustrating. Let's hope 4.4.3 isn't just a Nexus 5 update.

AJ19920 says:

I had this OTA update over a week ago

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I am confused with the version out there. I'm in Ireland and my M7 gives me the version

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