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October sees Android developers decend on London for Droidcon 2011, with a new sponsor now in tow ... RIM

The Blackberry makers have signed up as a gold sponsor for the event which takes place on Oct. 6 and 7. Craziness. Or perhaps not, as soon RIM is expected to launch its Android app player for it's Playbook tablet. 

Announced via the conferences official blog, the organizers are expecting "interesting news and demos in London." 

See the announcement after the break.

Source: Droidcon

Blackberry comes as our new Golden sponsor!

If you know Blackberry mostly known for their Blackberry OS or more recently QNX running on the Playbook you might be a bit surprised! But RIM also announced in April that their new tablet the Playbook would be running Android apps! Since then little news apart from the video below and demos given here and there.

But with Blackberry now on board for Droidcon 2011, we will be expecting interesting news and demos in London!


Reader comments

UK Droidcon's latest sponsor is...RIM?


its simple for RIM (and its going to happen IMO), adopt android as your OS, use BB technology in your android devices and the world is THAT much easier for you guys.

Highly unlikely, RIM has built a business around security. Android is consistently been proven insecure, and the market place is a hot bed for malware. Adopting Android as their OS would be the single worst mistake they could ever make. Do you even know what the US government alone spent on BlackBerries last year?

Security researchers have found hundreds of times more malware on market place than both App World and the App Store combined. Hotbed is perfectly descriptive for the context.

I'd say the dictionary is on my side.

- A place offering ideal conditions for the growth of an idea, activity, etc., esp one considered bad.

The truth hurts I know

If Rim adopts Android as it's OS, it would probably save the company. It would not only benefit them, but all of the Android community. Can you imagine BB messenger on your Android devices?

It would be suicidal. The company would go under in a month with the loss of all their government contracts. And believe it or not a lot of companies still only allow BBOS because of security. Android is about 5 years from being at RIMs current security level.

Or Android can acquire RIM like Motorola Mobility, run it as a separate company, like they will do with Motorola Mobility and everyone will be happy.