Many Android users are intrigued by a darker looking theme with a dark status bar, dark launcher, dark wallpapers, dark application backgrounds, or whatever else they can change. Over at WJD Designs they have taken Tweetdeck for Android and given it a custom dark overhaul of its own. Just about every aspect of the application has gone to a darker look, which is a nice change to the standard version. Be sure to head over to their site to check out the install process and a download link! [via WJD Designs]

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steve19137 says:

first! sexy!

jtwebfusion says:

I would be happy for landscape mode. It doesn't work so well on my desktop dock.

crbogart says:

Yeah the Tweetdeck app itself it not landscape compatible. What we did here was change the skin and appearance of the app to give it a fresh look, and because of that we are limited to the stock experience.

cobra302 says:

this mod is PIMP!! i love the dark colors! hopefully they will mod any new versions that come out as well. this made me use tweetdeck only now.

very much agree...landscape needs to work like yesterday!

crbogart says:

On one hand I agree with you 100%, but then again I am using the Droid X and this thing is gigantic in landscape. I am much more comfortable using portrait for everything.

Yeah, even on my DInc, Im more comfortable using protrait.....unless Im pecking out a long message, then the landscape KB rules.

This dark theme for Tweetdeck is quite a nice little gift. Thanks guys.

Jonnyxb says:

Does it require root?

On a Droid X... thanks

Sonicaholic says:

No root needed its just a re-skinned edition of the tweetdeck beta.

jbsyst says:

the blacker the berry........

ladyc0524 says:

I love this dark theme on TweetDeck, which is why I switched back to it..

xketchupx says:

Wat launcher is this?

matto1990 says:

meh, I much prefer the original one. This one looks really un-professionally done

Sonicaholic says:

I simply love it much better than the original I can now add it to my homescreen. but the seperators between tweets do tend to glair especialy if your sat in a dark room infront of the telly.

xtort14 says:

I have been working on a tweetdeck mod to match the incredible revolution theme for the past couple of days. Nice work on this! Would love to ask a few questions about things I am having trouble finding. I posted a thread on XDA under incredible / apps and themes if anyone wants to take a look