Many Android users are intrigued by a darker looking theme with a dark status bar, dark launcher, dark wallpapers, dark application backgrounds, or whatever else they can change. Over at WJD Designs they have taken Tweetdeck for Android and given it a custom dark overhaul of its own. Just about every aspect of the application has gone to a darker look, which is a nice change to the standard version. Be sure to head over to their site to check out the install process and a download link! [via WJD Designs]


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Tweetdeck for Android gets a custom dark overhaul


Yeah the Tweetdeck app itself it not landscape compatible. What we did here was change the skin and appearance of the app to give it a fresh look, and because of that we are limited to the stock experience.

this mod is PIMP!! i love the dark colors! hopefully they will mod any new versions that come out as well. this made me use tweetdeck only now.

On one hand I agree with you 100%, but then again I am using the Droid X and this thing is gigantic in landscape. I am much more comfortable using portrait for everything.

Yeah, even on my DInc, Im more comfortable using protrait.....unless Im pecking out a long message, then the landscape KB rules.

This dark theme for Tweetdeck is quite a nice little gift. Thanks guys.

I simply love it much better than the original I can now add it to my homescreen. but the seperators between tweets do tend to glair especialy if your sat in a dark room infront of the telly.

I have been working on a tweetdeck mod to match the incredible revolution theme for the past couple of days. Nice work on this! Would love to ask a few questions about things I am having trouble finding. I posted a thread on XDA under incredible / apps and themes if anyone wants to take a look