Eric Schmidt BlackBerry

Egads! Our pals at CrackBerry have uncovered this picture of Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt apparently wielding a BlackBerry at a conference in Indonesia. And this isn't the first time the Google exec's been spotted with something other than one of his company's own Android devices.

Why, Eric? Why? Let's throw out a few ideas.

  1. Even Eric Schmidt has to slum it every now and then.
  2. Someone told Eric to check out the exciting new browser and excellent gameplay on BlackBerry. That person is expected to be released from an Indonesian prison some time in 2015 for misleading Mr. Schmidt.
  3. He was trying to root the thing.
  4. "Awwwww. Look at that little screen. It's so cute."
  5. Eric's got a thing for trackpads.
  6. "See this thing? It'll be dead in two years."
  7. Blinking. Red. Light.
  8. "What's CrackBerry Kevin's PIN again?
  9. Checking it for patent violations.
  10. Just had to check Android Central, and it was the only phone around.
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Haha thats hilarious.

gatorboi352 says:

You forgot reason #11

"He still needs to get his emails in a timely and orderly fashion."

drethos says:

Idk I did a race with my torch, my infuse, and my Samsung g-tab. The infuse won, torch was a half second slower, and the g-tab lost by 10secs. They were all exactly 1 foot from my wifi router connected to the same router with the same email on the same gmail, with only the wifi on. So timely ehhhh me thinks not, orderly I actually prefure the froyo email after using BB less cluttered with stupid texts when I'm checking emails. Now if you said secure I'd say you had something there but nope.

mullrat#WN says:

Reason 12 "hey look my battery is lasting past 10am? "

newboyx says:


AJH says:

11. "See this thing? We're gonna buy them out, just waiting for Android to force their asking price down."

mjforte says:

I was gonna say exactly this!

AJH says:

Great minds think alike

needsmoar says:

He tripped and it accidently slipped in his hand

nalakrub says:

Maybe he just needed a phone that could last all day on a single charge?

etnpnys says:


I MEAN "Booooooooooooooooo!"

Phone calls,, why's the little light thingy flashing red again?...OK, where's my Seidio battery?

romma says:

11) Throwing a Blackberry at performers horrible a production is considered a bigger insult in Indonesian culture, than throwing an old shoe at a US President in Iraqi culture.. Eric was merely winding up!

bkj216 says:

11: He's old, and for some explainable reason old people still love Blackberries.

Also, there's no shame in using a BB if Google is set to buy RIM (and he already knows it).

etnpnys says:

11: It's an unnamed Android device that hasn't been finished yet - one that they are making in the common BB form factor to show that Android can do anything and crush you, even if that means putting Android onto something with a crappy form factor.

CeluGeek says:

Because front-facing QWERTY devices rock and Android's support for that format is still not good enough.

I'm leaning more towards your reason #9 though.

Jonneh says:

Finally somebody who shares my thoughts.

EggoEspada says:

Maybe he wanted something that does less? I know sometimes I feel like using a Blackberry for a day because of the keyboard and it's not so distracting as an iPhone or Android device.

godfada says:

I am being honest, this is the funniest thing i have read since year...i was laughing my ass for a good five minutes! LOL!

eltrutgnik says:

It might not be a blackberry, it might just be the HTC ChaCha!!!!!!!!!!!! Or that samsung phone.

Yep. Well said!

JoshUng says:

Hey, even I miss Brickbreaker every now and then.

romma says:

If you think about it, Eric is taking pictures of relatively Hot Looking Malaysian Belly dancers, or whatever they're called.. Mrs Schmidt would never even think for a minute Mr Schmidt would be using a blackberry device, so in essence, what better device is there for him to take these pics on?

Sifu says:

And how do we know that isn't a Droid Pro (which would totally work in Indonesia with its GSM chip)? This pic is neither close or clear enough to declare it a BB.

On2Vegas says:

May not even be his. He could be taking a picture for someone else because he has a better angle or unobstructed view. Maybe.

wonkman says:

Temporary Insanity

joshua.worth says:

Nice piece Phil

Ronindan says:

Maybe he just like to have smartphone with a keyboard. And he does not like the Droid Pro.

Beside if this was Andy Rubin using a blackberry, then it is more significant.

djstarion says:

11. He'd rather use a BlackBerry than MotoBlur.

bigsmooth66 says:

Easy explanation: still under contract. Duh.

tabeytabe says:

How do we know that's not a Droid Pro?

Sifu says:

That's what I said above. Hold up a Droid Pro and a BB Bold 20 yards away and take a blurry-cam shot and see how many people can tell the difference. Not many.

skmoore2043 says:

Track Pad makes it obvious...even if the picture is blurry. Not to mention the screen size. Droid Pro has a longer screen (and an on-screen camera button).

Sifu says:

I'll give you the taller screen, but I can't see how in hell you can tell there is a track pad on that pic. Maybe I need to make use of the eye care portion of my health insurance.

ricbon says:

crackberry is hellva drug *Rick James voice*

1LoudLS says:

I wish i had more hands...

...The milks gone bad Charlie Murphy, Yuk!

svtcobra1995 says:

Hey, at least he has something that has a little pinch of technology in it, the CEO, and Vice President both for the big corporation I work for are still using flip phones! Makes me laugh everytime!

batrad says:

1.Blackberry works
2. Virus - what Virus
3. Physical Keyboard rocks

LOL- I carry both a Blackberry and a Motorola Atix and 9/10 times reach for the Blackberry for real work, the Android only to play AngryBirds or view a webpage occasionaly

duane534 says:

Speaking as someone who has owned Android and BlackBerry (and more), I'd say it is probably because he uses his mobile phone as a communication device, no more and no less. In that arena, BlackBerry (esp. a Bold) is superior. Does that make it superior for everyone? Of course not. But, Android has always been about freedom. For all we know, he could have Google Sync and Gmail on it and tether an Android tablet to it when he wants to have some fun. Google and RIM make great partners. It is only Apple which chooses to restrict freedom.

BTW, Eric has always carried BlackBerry and has been established to be a Bold user for years. To that end, raise your hand if YOU would use a DROID Pro...

Jonno says:

+1 for Droid Pro theory since it's a world phone. Although if it is a BlackBerry I suspect it's due to last minute phone rental options. That's happened to me when traveling. If you don't plan ahead you just get whatever's available in that country. Maybe this case it was a BlackBerry.

Zonk says:

I think Google can afford to shell out for worldwide roaming for their ex-CEO.

The real reason: MotoBlur and TouchWiz are just that bad!

outrun says:

Anyone notice the name of the play starts with RIM. Just odd.

romma says:

Pacific Rim

fwdixon says:

no, RIM as in Research in Motion. Think about what the photo supposedly shows (the google chair using a RIM product) and you'll hopefully get the joke.

Mikey47 says:

No, but EVERYONE else noticed this was photoshopped into the picture... :P

Think about it...

rlbrooks says:

Eric probably thought Blackberry has had a rough year, so he took it out on the town to cheer it up. What a guy. We should all have a friend like him.

verks says:

Google IT is having conversion problems.

hendy#AC says:

1. His email load is likely insane. He'd need to type quickly and often. Touch screens are just not quick.
2. SMS is insecure and BBM is 100% secure and encrypted. Sensative Google information is sent via pin or bbm.
3. Servers are located in Canada. Patroit act allows gnv't to take his data at any time in the States--not in Canada. US has zero veto power over this.
4. Mark Zuckerburg also uses a BlackBerry Bold--for these very reasons.

Corporate espionage is rampant. Google, Apple, Facebook execs--you can guaruntee they all use a Blackberry.

Hence why Schmidt has a Blackberry. The jokes were reaaaaaly funny though.

Jude526 says:

I have had numerous BB before jumping over to Android. I prefer my HTC Incredible over any BB I have used. And I am an older person.
Not all mature people prefer BB. I may be older, but I am not over the hill.

Roose00 says:

pic was obviously taken with a BB. blurry as hell. lol

_X_ says:

11. He was sent back in time where he is forced to watch ancient Bali dancing and forced to use ancient technology.

DMAC55 says:

My favorite so far...very funny.

crasgar says:

Are we sure that's not a Droid Pro?

FreudSlipped says:

When the head of Palm said he never used an iphone, everyone went nuts. All over the media they asked: How could he possibly have NEVER touched an iphone?

Shouldn't the head of Google be trying out the oppositions products?

caseyatbt says:

11. His phone is in the shop and this a loaner.

DWR_31 says:

Did anyone notice that its running Gingerbread???

Saiga says:

Eric has always used a BB. Look around and you will see most successful people / celebrities use a BB. There is a reason why, those people have better things to do with their time than play Angry Birds. Or root their phone. They have actual work to do and people to talk to. For that you really can't get any better than a BB.

I guarantee you all the high ranking Google employees own and use a BB. I'm sure they also use a Android phone. But for actual work they use a BB.

On the flipside though, If you have a BB and no friends to talk to your going to be pretty bored. A BB is meant for nothing but communication. If your buying a phone to entertain yourself while your taking a dump a BB is the worst choice possible.

JNM says:

Blackberry for communication. Android is good but not AS good. There are still security advantages to using BES. International roaming advantages, especially for data, and possible secure calling options that exist for BB.

cctpitts01 says:

I really hope someone bitch slaped him and held him at gun point and told him to use a BlackBerry instead of a Android Device or else. Cause I really can't understand how he got caught twice. Lol

LilBompie17 says:

No No No ur all missing it what happened. His Nexus S was dead and his niece dropped his secondary Nexus One and cracked the screen even his thirdodary lol iPhone 4 was forgotten at his 5-star hotel and his XOOM would've made him, look ridiculous so he had NO CHOICE but to use his last resort Blackberry. lol

hmmm says:

I think it's a black facebook phone or maybe a google+ prototype.

dbermanmd says:

He is waiting for the Droid Bionic?

Mr. Berry says:

It was Halloween in Indonesia

treyrey86 says:

Actually he doesnt have an Android Worldphone with him so he borrowed a blackberry

"And THIS is how you hold one of these babies!"

Floss82 says:

That man owns Google, android and other businesses so he could use whatever he feels like so freak it :) lol

Wesley1 says:

Could be this upcoming Blackberry clone Android phone by ZTE:

andoman says:

You missed "damn 10 year cell contracts"

piizzadude says:

Either he was keeping up on exactly what NOT to do with android or someone told him to check out how the other 3% lives

Eric Schmidt: the greatest troll ever!