Sonic CD on Android

SEGA has just released Sonic the Hedgehog CD on Android, as well as a few other platforms. The Android version is available for $1.99 on the US Market, or £1.29 in the UK. Sonic CD, which first appeared on the Mega CD (SEGA CD) back in 1993, is fondly remembered for its fast platform gameplay and over-the-top, J-Pop-inspired soundtrack.

A few words of warning, though -- some users are reporting slow playback on certain devices, including the Droid Bionic and the shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So you may want to hold off if you're planning on playing it on one of those devices.

The game worked flawlessly on the handful of Gingerbread devices we tried, however. SEGA has enabled widescreen support too, so you won't have to deal with any black bars. There's also the option to forego the English soundtrack in favor of the crazier Japanese original. Trust us, that's a good thing.

Why? The answer, along with the Market link and QR code, lies after the break...

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Reader comments

Time stones at the ready -- Sonic CD now available for Android


OMG. This is incredible. AND AT $1.99?! I love this game so much. Best news all day.

EDIT: Yes, I also am having issues downloading the extra files. It just hangs there at 1 of 8, 0%

This is awesome, my brother did a little work on this game back in the day and it was the only reason why I bought it and it turned out to be pretty good sonic game. Anyway I am buying this game for sure.

Anyone know if this can be moved to SD? Might be able to download if I empty everything but there's no way will I can leave nearly 300 megs in my EVO ram...

I bought but the data would not download 261 mb which is stored on you sd card not phone memory.apk is small 1.20 mb.So i downloaded the data from a wearz site what else could i do.

This is why reducing the refund window in the Android Market to 15 minutes is a stupid idea. By the time you finish downloading the extra components and get to try out the game in its full experience, the 15 minutes are long gone and you can't get a refund anymore.

Don't buy this, at least not anytime soon - most users are unable to download the game content (check the comments in the Android Market, if you don't believe me)!

THe launcher downloads from the Android Market just fine, but the main game content doesn't download at all... If you are lucky enough to get it to actually start downloading, it will get all the way to 100% after HOURS of downloading over high-speed broadband, only fail due to an "error"!

Sega claim to have addressed the issue by adding more capacity for downloading, but a quick peek at the Android Market comments shows that I am not the only one still unable to download the main game content...

Sega have at the time of writing, failed to respond to support requests by e-mail and Twitter.

I'm sure the game will be fantastic once Sega do actually address these issues, but until they do, you're wasting your money with the purchase of this game...

I downloaded the game yesterday, though it did take a few tries. It should be fine by now for everyone else soon enough.

After three days, over two gigabytes, countless hours and no support from Sega whatsoever, I managed to get the game to download... This initial experience of downloading and installing this game is extremely off-putting for users, particularly if a user does not have access to large amounts of or unlimited data as I do.

Whatever the issue with downloading the game is, Sega needs to address it with the utmost urgency, in addition to actually offering support for this game via the e-mail link on the Android Market entry.

As for the game itself however, when (if?) you do actually get it to download, it is a FANTASTIC port of the original Sega CD/Mega CD game, with brilliant graphics, high-quality music, plenty of extras and even native support the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone")... An extremely faithful port that runs perfectly on the Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone") and is worth every cent, if you can afford the data and hours spent trying to download it.