Dinc Gingerbread

Seems a lot of people still haven't gotten the Gingerbread OTA update for the Droid Incredible but no need to worry. We've got the full details on just how you can go about getting updated manually. Just follow the instructions below and you'll be up and running:

  1. Grab the OTA file here.
  2. Rename it to update.zip. (If you're on Windows, be careful to not make it update.zip.zip.)
  3. Copy it to the root (base directory) of your SD card.  Don't put it in any folders, and don't put it on the internal memory.
  4. Shut your phone off
  5. While holding the volume down button, turn the phone back on.
  6. In the white Bootloader screen, select recovery from the list.
  7. In the recovery screen (the triangle with exclamation mark), press volume up and power.  You'll go to the recovery menu.
  8. In the recovery menu, select "apply sdcard:update.zip"
  9. The phone will find the file, and when finished prompt you to reboot.  Reboot via the menu, then patiently wait for the phone to reboot. That's it, you're done!

If you happen to run into any problems, we got you covered there as well. You can head on into the Droid Incredible forums where many folks have already gone through the process and shared their thoughts on the update.


Reader comments

Have a Droid Incredible that never got its Gingerbread update? We can help


I was under the impression Verizon stopped this update due to issues with the market and restarts. Has it been fixed? I tried to do this to my wife's DInc last week, and it wouldn't take the update.

+1 again

This post was a stupid move by AC. The update was more headache than its worth. Just wait for the next OTA.

No, I don't have a Droid Incredible that never got it's update. I have an EVO 4G that did get it's Gingerbread update and it's sucked EVER SINCE with the memory leak problem as well as random white screen reboots. LOL!!

Yes. You need to use the rooted OTA file that's available. Search the forums. If you apply an official OTA, 1 of 3 things will happen. 1, the update will apply and root will be lost. 2. Update may not go through because you have rooted, or 3. The update will go through, but because you are rooted, it will not update correctly, and you will have many issues/problems with the phone. If you want the update, then unroot and update (not that this will guarantee you anything better) or as I advise, apply the rooted OTA file.

I say install it, and when it bricks your dInc (like it did my co-worker's) just call up VZW support and after a few basic troubleshooting steps, they'll send you a shiny new dInc 2... :)

I have been on the phone with VZW tech support several times this week and they will not do anything for me because my phone is out of warranty (more than 1 year old).

So, if your dInc is over a year old don't expect anything from Verizon.

Well, they'll send you a shiny refurbished Dinc 2 anyway. I got mine on Tuesday and have been having issues with it. Hoping that now after 3 factor resets it's finally going to work.

I wish that were the case. I have talked to four different people and they have all told me the same thing - "your only option is to buy a new phone."

If Android Central did their homework, they would find that this update apparently was pulled due to MAJOR issues. That's why allot of people have stopped getting the update. I got the update and it took 3 weeks to get the phone working properly. It still thinks it's a Sprint EVO when I use the market (all Verizon app's have disappeared. Only Sprint app's appear.) and the Low Space error has returned with a VENGEANCE! Oh... And it tells me that it has a 4.3 inch WVGA resolution display screen.... So, I would NOT download this update... I would wait to see what happens, as ALL us Incredible owners wait! Oooooh, and you will lose root if you use this update.

Thanks! That's all I needed to hear. I'm staying away from this one. If CM7 could get the 720p recording working and the stock camera app, I would convert.

Verizon stinks like rotten eggs.. The original Evo 4g rocks but the best android device on the market is the EVO 3D plain and simple..

Huh? Do you have a Droid Incredible? I didn't realize we were debating what device or carrier was best. I thought this was about the DInc Gingerbread update?

Annnnnd as usual, you have no place being here since you don't own anything pertaining to Verizon. Protip: If you don't have anything nice/productive to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Go troll on some Sprint forums Dick. You're the one who "stinks like rotten eggs".

I have a DInc that never got the update. I use this phone more than any computer for web browsing, streaming music, watching videos, playing games, and even my alarm clock in the morning. I don't want to mess it up. Are you sure this update is safe and won't brick/buggify my phone? Comments above seem to indicate there's a good reason the updates were stopped (hopefully temporarily). My wife got Gingerbread on her Droid 2, and it is much smoother. I really want Gingerbread.

I updated my Dinc manually a couple of weeks ago. So far I haven't seen any problems. My DInc boots up in less than 10 seconds and the overall experience is a lot better. The only issue which is really a non-issue is that under the hardware information it says that my phone has a 4.3 inch WVGA resolution. Besides that nothing is wrong, I should have manually updated the moment AC posted it. I would suggest backing up all your apps using something like AppBrain. Also make sure that you move all your Apps from the SD Card to the Phone before you start the update. I did not loose anything after I updated to GB. Try to follow the instructions and you should be good. Hope that helps.

None of the "white screen of death" deals or phantom "out of memory" errors? I can live with the Market thinking I have an Evo or whatever. LOL

I used to have "out of memory" showup all the time before but it hasn't since I upgraded. I should say that I did a hard reset before uprgading to GB. But no "white screen" or "out of memory" errors yet.

Don't bother with the update. Your phone would work okay for about a week, but then everything just goes to crap.

I manually loaded the .2 update and it wiped my phone. Will this update do the same or just upgrade?

Did this just over a week ago. Had to reinstall all apps that were on my SD card and still can't get voice to text working the way it did previously.

Before updating (if you choose too!) MOVE ALL APP's FROM THE SD CARD TO THE PHONE, FIRST! The only other issue I have is I no longer having access to the VERIZON tab in the APP MARKET... It was replaced with SPRINT.

Don't do it. This update is one of the reasons I just left verizon after about 16 years. They were willing to give me any non 4g phone but I would have to lock in for another 2years with old technology.

I followed the instructions and it says "E: Cant open /cache/recovery/command, also it says "E: failed to read footer from /sdcard/update.zip... any ideas? Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I manually updated my Incredible about 3 weeks ago. Personally, I haven't had any issues with it. My sister, however, waited for the update to be pushed to her phone, and it bricked hers. Verizon did end up sending her an Incredible 2, and her phone was well past the warranty. So I say go for it. Worst case scenario, you get a new phone.

worst case scenario is you bricking your phone and Verizon doesn't give you another one.

Verizon was able to verify that they indeed sent her phone the update. And had some responsibility for bricking her phone. But anyone who manually installs by an unapproved method won't be as fortunate. I'm sure you wouldn't get a new phone, especially if it's out of warranty. you'd be SOL.

Well, I did it on my phone and my wife's phone. So far no problems... should have read the comments first though... all our apps on the SD cards are non-functional. Will have to reinstall them.

I downloaded and installed the manual version 3 weeks ago and all is well. I didn't move any apps off my SD card at all and they still work fine. The upgrade couldn't possibly be smoother. I'm so happy I did it. I got tired of waiting for the OTA. My phone is faster and smoother than ever. I love the Gingerbread upgrade. My only regret is that I waited at all for the OTA. Next time, I'll do the manual install day three of not receiving the OTA.

I don't know if it made a difference, but I elected to completely wipe my device before installing the update. My phone did freeze once when taking a picture, but otherwise I haven't noticed any bugs or defects. I have noticed a few little quirks here and there, some applications not behaving quite the way they used to, and my battery level taking a nose-dive in the middle of the day (seems to only happen when I'm at work). All-in-all I'm not impressed. If these quirks turn into annoyances I might even reflash Froyo.

I had 2 Incredibles that got the Gingerbread update and had nothing but problems after. Factory resets and formatting all the storage only helped some issues.

Verizon sent me 2 new HTC Incredible 2's even though I was out of warranty - as they have done for lots of people (check out the DINC forums). I would suggest if you got Gingerbread on your DINC and are having many problems, call Verizon and complain to get your Incredible 2 (if you want one).

I downloaded and installed this OTA update two weeks ago. So far everything works as it did before the update. Memory problems are not a factor. All of my apps work, the phone boots and shuts down much faster than before. It shows 4:3 screen resolution in about phone hardware, however, everything works properly. What do I care if it reads as being 4:3 if recording videos or taking photos are still the same. My phone still shows as Dinc in android market. Last but not least my battery life has also increased considerably.

Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones!!!!!!

I am trying to download the update but i did not found any proper link. Please some body help to download 2.3.4 (gingerbread).