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What do we have here then. Looks like it isn't just our iOS loving friends that get to have all the retro gaming fun. Following on from the colossal success of the iCade iPad cabinet, ThinkGeek have pulled the wraps off the latest concoction -- the iCade 8-Bitty. Only this time, the Android crowd gets to play as well.  

The retro-styled controller can be paired via Bluetooth to any Android device. It should be compatible with an array of game titles and as it is a completely open platform, building in compatibility is a simple task for game developers. Costing a very reasonable $24.99, this one is sure to be a hit. The only downside -- for now we don't have any kind of release date. 

Source: ThinkGeek via iMore


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ThinkGeek unveils the iCade 8-Bitty, compatible with Android devices


ill stick with my Nintendo for games, staring at a small screen with a controller doesn't make sense for me....unless its plugged into a TV via HDMI then maybe...

I guess I am one of the few that will be buying this product. I travel a lot so I cannot wait to have a portable joystick to play all of my favorite 8 bit classics on my Android phone. (Ever tried to play Archon using your fingers to move the players around?)

Yeah, I think if I were to get something life this I'd want the phone to be able to slip into and be held by the controller. Of course this presents problems with coming up with a solution for all the different phone sizes, but I don't see myself playing a game with my phone sitting on a table unless I was on a plane.

Also, I wonder if a digital + pad is preferable to an analog control stick. Still I see that they are going for the retro-nostalgia with this.

I bought a PS3 controller, rooted my Galaxy Tab 10.1, and installed the sixaxis app from the market. i've played nova 2, MW3, and my gensoid emulator. all of them work amazing. the only game that doesn't work so well is the duke nukem 3d port that's in the market.

My thumbs hurt just lookin at it. This was the most unergonomic controller ever. Square corners,concave buttons,and the d-pad with the arrows worked like a cheese grater on my thumb. Yes I realize this is a controller for the nostalgic. Id like to see an android controller with a low profile thumb stick like on Nintendo 3ds.

This looks pretty sweet and simple. I have been asking for something like this in the forums for a while now, I just hope it also has shoulder buttons for my SNES Emu. Very Nice.

Though since it does not hold onto the phone I am glad I recently got a case with e stand for my GN