A quick heads up for our friends in Canada -- Telus has just dropped word that its HTC One is now available for preorder, ahead of its scheduled April 19 availability. The Canadian Standard Contract -- ah, the ol' CSC -- brings the price down to a mere $149, but that's for a ridiculously long three-year contract. Purchased outright, the HTC One will run $659.

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Telus HTC One priced as low as $149, preorders available now


Ain't no way in hell I would sign a 3-year contract. A subsidized $700 phone would cost over 3x that much over the contract term. And I thought American carriers were greedy bastards...

Yup, we are screwed here in Canada with no sign of change. Our carriers make the American guys look like angels! When you make AT&T, Verizon and Sprint look good, You've messed up. Sadly people will still sign a three year deal to get this phone.

Yeah, the contracts are killer! Unfortunately the carriers that offer the contracts also offer the best networks. Bah!

What is the best US carrier that will work with Telus? If I buy AT&T HTC One, will 3G, HSPA+ and future Canadian LTE work?