A quick heads up for our friends in Canada -- Telus has just dropped word that its HTC One is now available for preorder, ahead of its scheduled April 19 availability. The Canadian Standard Contract -- ah, the ol' CSC -- brings the price down to a mere $149, but that's for a ridiculously long three-year contract. Purchased outright, the HTC One will run $659.

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jaymars says:

God dammit, T-Mobile! Give us a damn date already!

turb0wned says:

Yeah its bullshit. F U T Mobile.

sublimaze says:

Ain't no way in hell I would sign a 3-year contract. A subsidized $700 phone would cost over 3x that much over the contract term. And I thought American carriers were greedy bastards...

graze81 says:

Yup, we are screwed here in Canada with no sign of change. Our carriers make the American guys look like angels! When you make AT&T, Verizon and Sprint look good, You've messed up. Sadly people will still sign a three year deal to get this phone.

CDLacey says:

Yeah, the contracts are killer! Unfortunately the carriers that offer the contracts also offer the best networks. Bah!

golden_35 says:

What is the best US carrier that will work with Telus? If I buy AT&T HTC One, will 3G, HSPA+ and future Canadian LTE work?