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All Access subscribers will get the best experience, but it's a neat trick even for your own collection

Google is constantly working on the back-end service side of Google Now, as evidenced by the new key phrases you can say to the app to do things, even without an app update. We saw "take a picture" and "take a video" earlier this week, and now you can simply say "play some music" and watch Google Now start up Google Play Music for you and launch straight into music.

Google Play Music will be launching to play an "I'm feeling lucky" radio station, which is based on your listening habits and gives an "infinite" playlist of music. Google Play Music All Access makes this even better if you don't have a big music library of your own — and at $9.99 per month we're sure many of you are subscribers now. More than a few people are sure to take advantage of this feature when they just want to hear some music and let Google choose the tracks.

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Tell Google Now 'play some music' to launch an 'I'm feeling lucky' radio station


Love this! Now if we can only customize what app to launch and folder as well :)

Posted via Android Central App

I like how it will open my personal on device music as well. So long as I name the specific song.


Tried this in Canada, since we don't have all access radio it launches an "I'm feeling lucky" mix instead. Still cool feature for us too.

Sure wish I still had the 7.99/mo pricing from launch. Did the trial to lock the price, but canceled when I discovered genre stations weren't possible. Lo and behold almost a week after I cancel they announced "Hey, peeps, we're giving you genre stations! Hurray!"

Still got my vast library, and those $2 are a big difference in value for me to resubscribe. Ah well. Ok, Google Now. Play some music!

Same happened to me, cancelled after 4 months, then went to restart my membership and was offered it for £7.99 again, couldn't be happier!

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Interesting...well, I loaded up All Access and it's showing "Subscribe for just $9.99 per month." Did it say that for you guys as well and just charged $7.99 or did it say $7.99 on the subscribe screen?

O bet that's coming. Google keeps making improvements.

Posted via Android Central App from my Ebony backed Moto X

Awesome feature. Now if only Voice Search could figure out if it wants to hear "play" or "listen to" [artist name]. It always seems to want whichever command I don't say first.

This is great! I locked in the $7.99 launch price. Google just keeps making it better! Now that's a value.

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If I say "Play some music" it loads up google music app. If I say "Google play some music" it loads Samsungs music app on my S3.

Don't have that as the default then

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Anything to use more data. Makes you think why they've phased out SD card support in Kit Kat although Sandisk now has a 128GB monster for $120.

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"I for one welcome our new Overlords."
You can ask it to play by artist as well. For example, 'Play Portishead' worked for me. And Google then proceeded, by magic, to start playing my Portishead collection on shuffle.

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Just tried it on my Moto X. So glad I'm locked into the $7.99/month All Access. This service just keeps getting better!

Cool feature! wish i could have gotte in on te $7.99/mo deal. I've been subscribing for about a week now and I'm enjoying both the feature and All Access.