HTC One Extreme Power Saving Mode

The T-Mobile version of the HTC One M8 has received an update to enable Extreme Power Saving Mode. The feature, which was announced at launch, had to be approved by carriers before it could be pushed out to the devices, and that's just what happened today with T-Mobile's One M8.

The update clocks in at a hefty 229.8MB and also improves overall battery life and Wi-Fi performance.

For the unacquainted, Extreme Power Saving Mode kicks in at a default of 10% battery remaining. It throttles back the CPU, dials down screen brightness, turns off haptic feedback, switches off data when the screen is off, and only allows 'essential' apps (e.g. phone, messaging, mail, calendar, and calculator) to run. This is all with the goal of maximizing battery life for hours of addition, if limited, use.

Thanks to Don for the tip!


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T-Mobile HTC One M8 gets update for Extreme Power Saving Mode


Verizon needs to do extensive testing and assure that this update won't cripple the network. So it won't be ready till the end of this year if ever. You couldn't pay me to be on Verizon.

Came with this update out of box...
Can someone please give me a list of apps that are safe to disable in the m8....
Thank you

moved from nexus 5 to HTCm8

I believe you're talking about the normal power saving mode. This goes a step beyond I believe and is even more efficient and low power.

If I'm rooted can I simply download and install or will that go badly? Or will it work at all? Thanks for any input

So if I installed the update to obtain the "High Performance mode and the extreme power saving mode" and now I do the root process wont I lose the update ?

This update also added the High Performance mode in dev settings. I know they only added it because people were crying about them 'cheating' in benchmark scores. But how I look at it, the HtC One is like a modern laptop that runs in a lower frequency to save battery and goes into full frequency when under heavy load. I think it's a smart idea. Some people think it's cheating. Well now you can have it on high performance mode if you'd like. Although it does run the battery down faster. I'd like to see some comparisons as to how much the battery drains with it on the whole time.