T-Mobile quietly launches the Underground for tech enthusiasts to procure limited production phones and devices

It seems like T-Mobile is quietly launching a new service called the Underground that's geared at tech enthusiasts. As the name implies, the Underground isn't for the general public and is targeted at "true enthusiasts" with "limited-stock devices and accessories," the carrier said in a Google+ post.

Right now, visiting the T-Mobile Underground portal brings up the gold edition of Samsung's popular Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone. In addition to the gold-hued device, Samsung's Gear wearables and Jawbone's UP24 fitness band were also featured, but no other phones or accessories are currently up for sale through the Underground.

When you click to shop in the Underground portal, you'll be taken back to T-Mobile's regular website to complete your transaction. At least it looks like at this time, what is available in the Underground is available through T-Mobile's normal online store.

T-Mobile advises that users "buckle up & check your factory-standard devices at the door" when visiting the portal.

With details still being scarce on the Undergound, it's unclear what T-Mobile's goals are with regards to this shopping experience. Whether it's a portal for exclusive colors of existing smartphones that T-Mobile already carries and markets, like the gold Galaxy S5, or if it's more of a marketplace where T-Mobile may import popular devices not currently up for sale in the U.S. is something that we'll all have to wait and see. It might be cool if the Underground idea expands so that users can pick up the OnePlus One smartphone or maybe an Oppo phone, devices that normally aren't sold directly in the U.S. by T-Mobile or its rivals.

Source: T-Mobile, T-Mobile Underground, via SlashGear


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T-Mobile attempts to broker your next phone purchase through the Underground


T-Mobile would do better by speeding up the EFT reimbursement process and not take 3 months to complete. Then they can think about other stuff that might draw people to them.

Transferred four lines, three from Verizon and one from Virgin. Took about eight weeks, exactly as they said it would.

Yeah, what a bunch of entitled people thinking they deserve anything from a corporation, they should be happy period.

I don't understand why corporations need to provide services or products, people should just divy up their incomes and give it all to them and be happy. 'Merica

Sounds pretty interesting... The availability of otherwise "scarce" cellular devices is a cool concept. However, if I truly wanted phones like the OneplusOne, Oppo Find 7, Sony Xperia Z compact or the likes. I would definitely be on AT&T and just buy them direct.

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Agreed. I would've gotten something like a Z1 Compact via this route if it were available. I'm really curious to see where this goes.

GPE devices, unlocked devices along with T-Mobile interest free financing and ability to insure would be awesome!!

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You read my freaking mind!! If this happens this solidifies my switching from Verizon as a great move!! And I'll snatch up a GPE M8 in July.

I think it's easy enough now to take the regular M8 and flash the RUU file to turn it into a GPE M8

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Wells Fargo and Citi have some credit cards with auto pay that pay up to $500 (first 3 lines covered) and $250 (first 4 lines covered) respectively for a phone fix/replacement. Easiest way to insure for free.

Does the website do a fake retinal scan to make sure your not the cops? This is really childish.

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Oh I must have missed the part where it stated that were stolen or illegal devices

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If SONY phones and GPE devices are there then T-Mobile just won over tech enthusiasts.

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Many people can say that about any network though, In my office Verizon is a complete waste of time, T-Mobile I get 2 bars...Att is spotty
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@jackwagon Don't even get me started on iMore. You mention one bad thing about the iPhone, and you may as well light the torches and grab the pitchforks yourself, lol.

Tis true about imore! I should have added the "/S" at the end of that post to make it more spot on. No worries Merc!

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@NoNexus I'm sorry, brother. I swear I'm not trying to start the carrier war bs. I've been going through some stuff. I'll get over it, lol.

Hope all is well Merc, if you wanna talk or something, PM me how you would like to (skype, whatsapp, etc) and I will be more than happy to....never hurts to have an impartial ear.

Be thinking about ya, hope it gets better...

Yeah, I have both Verizon and AT&T, because I always run into areas where one or the other can't cut it.

Buy it through interest free Sony financing if it's that big a deal.

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Well they do have another Uncarrier announcement on June 18. Could this be it and it got out early?

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Bookmarked, thanks. Not interested in a S5, but maybe that will be the first place to get a G3 or OnePlus One

Great idea and lets hope to see other carriers use this idea as well. Lets end the bloatware that we do NOT need. :)

Too bad all these neat and different ideas will stop when Sprint takes control. Then back to Verizon it will probably be for me. :(

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YES you are so right...T mobile will just cease to exist. The planet will stop rotating. Life as we know it will cease. We should start hoarding everything we can. Bullets, water, food, women...things you can never have enough of.


Enjoy paying higher prices. Sprint Mobile will be pretty awesome...

Why buy anything from them now. Soon they will be Sprint and many of us will be having to find another carrier. Sprint lies about your bill. Lies about discounts to suck you in and then cuts them off. And drops 3 out of every 5 calls. Verizon and ATT cost to much so my family is really going to be without phone service at all. Thank God I don't have a contract so I can bail when Sprint starts screwing it up like they did nextel!

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How many of you left Sprint? ETF was paid by T-Mobile and now you are going to be back where you started!

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This is another gimmick. I am guessing it is gonna be an outlet for their refurbished phones

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