Swype for Android

You read that right, folks. For those of you waiting to officially get in on the Swype keyboard, you'll wait no longer. The beta program has opened up to anyone able to type in a little user information. That means you can be up and running the official version of Swype in just a couple of minutes -- including the new and improved "micro" version -- without worry of being hassled by the man. Hit up the source link to get your Swype on. [Swype] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Swype reopens beta program for all!


Maybe but I guess now I have to retract my opinion of SYWPE being a bunch of aholes. Now its only Brian. Bravo SWYPE, BRAVO!

I installed the Android update for my EVO a couple days ago that has Swype built in. I had the Swype beta before and I actually liked it a lot better. Can I install this beta on top of the native Swype now on my Evo?

I screwed up and didn't uninstall the swype beta before my phone downloaded the new update, now all swype does is force close, even when i uninstall it and reinstall it, it still fc's on me. Is there anything i can do to correct this and get it back up and running right again? HELP!

delete system/lib/libswypecore.so

to need to be rooted and you can use root explorer

then run swype installer again

i had the same problem and this fixed it

Thank you for your reply. I am not skilled at the process that you suggested. Where would I go to try this and would I brick my phone if I make a mistake? I am not technical when it comes to "rooting" phones, I just enjoy my EVO and can't believe I let the update go thru without remembering to uninstall swype first. I guess I'm stuck without being able to use swype. But thanks for you trying to help though, I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

I LOVE SwiftKey, I mean REALLY love SwiftKey. But Swype is ALWAYS brought up in conversation of replacement keyboards. Can Swype really be any better than SwiftKey and their phenomenal predictive text?

Swype is good but SwiftKey is better, although it gets almost no attention. I started out using Swype on my Galaxy S and liked it a lot (it is included for free). Then I tried SwiftKey and got hooked at once. It is just better at predicting what I want to write and correcting the odd spelling error.

On my Evo, the Swype (Beta) keyboard is extremely slow and laggy, often taking a second or more after keystrokes to catch up and place the keystrokes on the screen. It was as if it was getting hung up trying to find word matches to suggest. This resulted in me having to do more correcting and retyping than any savings the technology promised to deliver. Frustrating.

YMMV, but that was my experience.

I must say the title isn't accurate, the beta program didn't open to qvga users, as far as i know. Correct me if I'm wrong, please...

yes! after uninstalling a, um, version, of swype the new keybaord has a microphone with it! awesome. that was my one gripe about the previous version.
i love swype, after coming from SwiftKey. just couldn't get into the keyboard.

it's about time this beta re-opened!


ive wanted swype as long as ive had my evo and finally they update the evo and give us all skype then 2 days later the bloat ware update i accepted to get swype was pointless because i could join the beta.. too little too late what can we say this sucks lol

Installed on my 2.1 hero and it doesn't work... Tried installing 10 times and still nothing. I got an error about having the wrong installation for my phone or something. I clicked on the link for help and it was broken. Went to the forums and its a known issue.

on Dinc got same error...had to delete cache, application and installer and start over....restarted phone and reinstalled...works great!

I finally got Swype to work! I followed your advice, however, mine wouldn't let me clear the cache (it was grayed out) so I force stopped it instead, deleted the app, then the installer and as you said, restarted the phone and re-installed. I installed the smaller version (like most probably will) and as I saw on the Swype forums, someone suggested running the tutorial, so I did and it worked. Thanks for the tip!

on Dinc got same error...had to delete cache, application and installer and start over....restarted phone and reinstalled...works great!

Is this version any different than the one already on the droid x? Cuz that one rocks! I wouldn't mind the darker color scheme, though.

I had Swype on my Hero and it worked ok. Predictions were a little off.

I'm currently using SwiftKey on my Intercept and I love it. Was going to give Swype another shot and jsut found out it doesn't support the Intercept's screen size.....huh?

I can't seem to get the mini version, no choice presented by the installer. Do I need to completely uninstall swype and the installer first?

I may be an idiot, but I have a rooted evo, running warm 2.2... how do I try swype? I guess I have to wait for the update to come to warm?

Anyone else having issues with the sign-up page? Filled in all of the
info and carefully typed in the "code" phrase 5 different times with
no success. Curious if this is happening to anyone else.

I keep getting "There is a problem parsing the package" Error.

Can anyone help?

FYI - Never downloaded Swype. Running on Custom ROM Azrael X 2.1 DC