So our pals at CrackBerry have been killing it with their BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 coverage. Killing it. But in keeping an eye on it -- remember that part of BB's MO now is to just use Android applications -- something looked strangely familiar. 

See, the third-party Android keyboard I use loves to mock me by suggesting "Collins" every time I type my name. Phil Collins. Har. Only, the PlayBook does that, too. Odd. Either somebody has a strange sense of humor (and/or is stalking me), or perhaps that keyboard has leapt from Android to BlackBerry.

That keyboard is SwiftKey.

A couple more pieces of evidence:

Read Write Web in its write-up of PB 2.0 mentions a "SwiftKey-like auto correctoin and predictive word completion." Not just suggestions and auto-correct, but "SwiftKey-like." Maybe they're just fans of the Android keyboard, though.

But then there's this: In the course of writing an e-mail, we typed the name "Ben." What was suggested? Franklin? Roethlisberger? Vareen? Nope. Medlock. Not-so-coincidently, Ben Medlock is Swiftkey's chief technical officer, whom we've met before on the Android side of things.

Dammit, RIM. Is there nothing from Android you won't take?

Source: CrackBerry


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SwiftKey apparently makes the leap from Android to BlackBerry PlayBook


Just tried that with Swiftkey on my ICS Razr, and I can get as far as typing "Ben Medloc" and it still doesn't suggest Ben Medlock, that's odd.

I wish SwiftKeyX would work on adding a word substitution aspect into their $5 app. The ICS keyboard is essentially SKX, isn't it? I would think they'd have to add something to make it still worth $5 when the stock keyboard will be identical. I want all of my "abt"s to turn into "about"s and all of my "bc"s to turn into "because"s. It's the only thing I miss about my blackberry and the only thing I'm jealous of iOS for having. Let's get it together, android devs.

Well BlackBerry couldn't have picked, or likely invented, a better keyboard. I think this is a case of admitting when you've been beat and writing a check.

Hey Phil, Just send yourself a text message with your first and last name a few times and Swiftkey will learn to correct itself real quick.