Super Monkey Ball 2

Building on its ever-growing back-catalog, SEGA has just released primate-based puzzler Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition for Android. Monkey Ball, which rolled its way onto iOS months ago, joins SEGA classics like ChuChu Rocket and Sonic CD on the Android Market Google Play from today.

So here's the deal with Super Monkey Ball -- you've got a monkey, which is sealed inside a ball. You've got to roll around eating bananas, because that's what monkeys do, and being encased within a hurtling transparent spheroid isn't going to change that. Like on iOS, controls are primarily tilt-based, as you guide your chimp of choice to the end of the stage with as many bananas as possible. Yeah, we're not exactly dispelling any monkey stereotypes here.

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition is out now for devices running Android 2.1 and above, promising 125 levels of ape-based antics. The current price is just $0.99, which SEGA says is a special introductory offer. We've got the usual Google Play links after the break.


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Super Monkey Ball 2 for Android delivers primates, transparent spheroids


The whole Android Market with the strike through was chuckle worthy the first 1000 times, but it now smacks of unprofessional whiny baby.

Series that started new era of mobile gaming :) You guys may not know (or remember) but first Monkey Ball was best game you could get when AppStore launched, good to see this series coming to Android too

I remember that, good times. Well, times are better now because there is a much wider variety of games, but still.