Steve Jobs at WWDC

The Apple-Google zingers at today's WWDC gathering (that's the one where the Apple faithful dress up in robes and dance and sing around trees, right?) were actually pretty tame compared to the war of words we've grown used to over the past few months, and we didn't spot any out-and-out untruths like in previous keynotes.

But there's one line that we don't want to let slide. And that's the quote from Google co-founder Larry Page regarding multitasking and battery life that Apple CEO Steve Jobs paraded in front of. It read: "... software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly."

That's coming from a TechRadar piece from a few weeks ago. What Jobs conveniently left out was the follow-up from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who said, "And people bring in applications that are not particularly smart about that, which is what Larry is trying to get at."

Read in context, it makes sense. Badly coded apps drain battery life. If you're going for the cheap shot, well, look up. [Image via GDGT]


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Steve Jobs' shot at Android's multitasking (and battery) almost true, but not quite


No, Phil, Steve and Larry didn't lie. Background apps do exhaust battery the way Apple does it because their OS still does, because it is nowhere near as good at power management as Android.

That's Steve's point though. With the Iphone you don't have to worry about badly coded apps draining your battery in the background.

admit it guys, it does make sence what apple is doing with the approval system. when ppl write junky aplication that crash everytime you open them what's the point of having them in the app market?? get those ppl to debug and resibmit the apps, not us! as a motorola droid user on the verizon network, I am seeing the force close button waaay too often. that wouldn't be a problem if android would have some sort of aproval system. all this is effecting the end user in the long run. and its more srs then you think of it.

Google I/O

Vic addressed this.
They made an app called "Crashy" which crashes... you can then send reports to the developer and stuff.

Check it out again.
This should help...

The new OS is a joke (iOS4). Their big feature items are multitasking and folders!!! Get excited people.

Wait...Android has had both and MORE for how long?

Actually the only thing of value that I saw was FaceTime (chat) and that is WIFI only. (Hello Skype!).

Well, ok, the battery life is nice too.

This has to be one of the biggest let-downs that Apple has delivered. The hardware and the software are both yawners.

Evo and Incredible are still in the lead even without Froyo.

Agreed. Apple choked big time on this one (but who expected anything more?). Give me Skype and 3g, and I'm good to go.

Granted I do like the looks of the new iPhone (more industrial), but its not near all its cracked up to be. They will still millions upon millions (unfortunately), but the iPhone days are over.

When you have to tout old 'features' and useless add-ons as the 'greatest mobile operating system in the world', well your time is up. With Android 2.2 and soon to be 3.0(?), iOS is out the door.

I've always said the end of the iPhone dominance will be obvious when they start offering it in colors other than black and white.

Thats Apple's last sales gimmick.

Im fairly comfortable saying that the end of the iPhone dominance came at the end of the keynote. They came to the table with nothing new. Sure, people are still going to buy the phone, but many more will start to realize that Android already has this...outside of AT&T...and with better phones (EVO 4G, DInc, Nexus).

Besides, with phones like the Scorpion and Shadow, the iPhone4 will be old news by the end of 2010.

I think the biggest let down of all was being still stuck on AT&T. I think the longer Apple allows Android to run unchecked on VZW and Sprint the harder it will be convert users to Iphone when it does come available for other carriers....

On the other hand, as long as AT&T continues to Cripple new Iphones with their data caps, the more wasted are any improvements Apple does make.

What would have to have been the single most important addition (FaceTime video chat) had to be restricted to WiFi, due probably to AT&T's new Bandwidth Tiers.

And For the Record, my N1 has never dropped a call on AT&T. Its not all AT&T's problem. A large percentage of it is Apple's lame chipset. Will they fix this on the new iPhone? I would expect AT&T to insist on it after the problems they went thru with the infineon chipset.

Probably no other network could absorb even half the current iPhone users if they were allowed to switch.

The problem with iPhone and why it will have a section of the market but not dominate is the same reason why Macs have a section, but don't dominate: Android will work on HTC, Motorola, Dell, Samsung--any number of phones. Apple wants to keep its software on its own hardware. Fair enough, but Android is going to end up dominating, the same way Windows has. (Thankfully, Android is awesome enough for that.)

Agreed. Apple will always sell their own devices with lacking OS's and over priced hardware that continually under-performs when compared to others in the market.

You left something out. Android will work on HTC, Motorola, Dell, Samsung...and iPhone!!

Honestly, I like iPhone 4. No, not really. But I guarantee that sooner or later, someone's gonna figure out how to get Froyo on there.


iMovie is also a big feature on iOS4, but it's not like the devs can't put it in the Android Market. The iPhone4 is now back in the game, but the Evo 4G is still my favorite phone. I think the iPhone4 raises the bar a little, but I'm still with Android by a long shot

Honestly though, who would want to do video editing on a phone? You have a computer for that. Sure, its a 'cool' app to have and show off at gatherings, but I cant see it as an app that is actively used by anyone.

Not only that, but in typical Apple fashion, they don't include this as part of iOS4. They charge $4.99 to have this "premium" feature.

If iOS4 is such a premium OS, then why not include this for free?

It didn't raise the bar, it merely pulled up to it, and even in that attempt they have been sent back to the gym for strength exercises.....

My favorite from today's announcement was after their first demo using the network failed, Steve asked for suggestions from the crowd. Someone yells "Verizon!" LOL

Then they had to run around and have everyone shut down their wifi because apple users are so dumb they were all running their laptops as access points (or ad-hoc mode) rather than simply as wifi clients.

It crashed the demo twice until apple ran around insisting everyone shut off wifi.

It might have been an attempt to create a mesh network to get live audio out of the building, but most reporter types aren't that savvy.

Fring also works and it is free. I used Fring to connect my Incredible to a friend with an EVO. Of course I had to flip the phone around for them to see me, but it works. Plus I believe you can connect from phone to someone on a PC.

Much more versatile.

I like how no matter what network (Sprint, Verizon, TMobile..etc) all androiders put aside their differences and all agree that apple sux!

The only reason I'm not getting this is because it's NOT available on VERIZON!!!! Arghhhhhhhhh
The battery life on that thing is something I have been dreaming of every since I switched to the Droid Incredible. This HTC phone drains the battery faster than all my previous cell phones combined. :-(


Because my Nexus one gets better battery life than my Iphone.

Compare smartphones to smartphones, not cellphones.

Well how about this then. Go buy yourself an Iphone if they are so great, and turn in your Android device. Just sayin..........

So, I'm always a little amused at the tone of these threads. There's always this "(x) rocks and (y) blows" cries. Why does the iPhone have to suck in order for Android to shine? Personally, I love 'em both. Let's face it, it took Apple to shake up the smart phone market, not Google. That said, Google has gotten to take the best lessons from the iPhone and create a killer product. That doesn't make the iPhone or iOS suck. I will say this too: To date the iPhone is more of a consumer product than Android devices have been. That'll change of course, as each rev of Android gets more and more polished (anyone remember the first Android device?) Still, you have to hand it to Apple for creating huge buzz for themselves while making it possible for Android to shine like it does.

If you like iPhone, buy it. If you like Android handsets, buy those. There's room in the market for both (more actually).

Yeah Apple definitely shook the market up a good bit when they released the original iPhone. EVERYBODY wanted one, at the time. And Google, has learned mass amounts from the several wants users asked for and implemented it on their phone, and was smart enough to partner with phone companies and manufacturers to reach out on just about every market with their phone. Now including overseas. So how is Android not as "consumer" as the iPhone? They have more apps, yeah, email is pretty well comparable for the consumer level etc. So how is the iPhone more consumer level? If anything I would say it's less so now because of how locked down Apple makes their products!! I see you mainly base it on polish, sometimes total polish isn't good because it makes your phone look to toddler like, makes me think of one of those rounded toy push/pedal cars for kids.

So in the end which is a better phone, both, depending on what niche you want to fit into. When it comes down to it, in my opinion, you either want to be a trendy yuppie, or a trendy geek. You decide, gotta love free market!

My point about iPhone being a more "consumer" device is that (having used both and being a software developer), the iPhone appears more of a device that "joe consumer" can use, understand and appreciate right out of the box. To me, Android has seemed to be more oriented toward, well...someone like me (or anyone on this site, likley). It has a more "geek" flavor and its approach to managing itself is more geek-like. Take the app killer for example. To me, that smacks of something that someone who's more "techie" could understand and love. It's certainly not something I'd expect in a consumer phone.

Apple's locking it down has (in my opinion) not been an issue for the average user. I also think it's some of what has made it more polished for the average user. Yes, it's less power for the user. Yes, it constrains what they can do. But in return they get a device that behaves pretty consistently all the time. Whether the device looks like a toy or not, people like it. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that being free to put anything on your phone, any time, all the time will necessarily appeal to everyone. Plus to be fair saying its "toddler like" is your view on it...

I do love the free market! That's why there's room for both. My point is that one doesn't have to die for the other to live. They're both great products.

Absolutely agree with you on this - the competition and presence of the iPhone is what keeps innovation churning at a whirlwind rate. We need Apply to stay in the fight, and they will. Personally, I'd like to see Microsoft up the ante a bit.

As for RIM, it'd be nice to see them get a little more involved, although RIM's enterprise backing is probably strong enough to carry them through another half decade without any eye-opening new launches, although OS 6 is apparently hot stuff. Large corporations - especially global ones - don't envy the task of having to migrate to a new platform across their network, or having to rebuild an infrastructure.

It'd be nice to see Android put the pressure on RIM to keep pace and keep the choices open for enterprise use. I'll personally admit that as a consumer, though, I'm more interested with Android staying consumer-friendly rather than corporate-connected. It seems like companies can never meld the two solutions together without one of them suffering.

Well the iPhone 4 is official and it is as lackluster as one would have thought. The only thing I found cool was the high res screen but then again on 3.5" what the hell is the point? The OS is as craptacular as ever. WiFi only video chat, LOL!. The multi-tasking jab was just that a jab with no weight behind it at all. Then there is the battery life. Who wants to bet "advertised" vs. "real use" isn't going to come close. So in the end Apple has released the 3.5" equivalent to the EVO 4G for the most part. Ooh and the one unknown factor... the clock speed on the A4 SoC in the iPhone 4.

Easy because Apple says they are all about the "experience". To keep with that theme they are pushing for really good battery life, to combat the recent complants about Android phones. With that you sacrifice performance and they aren't pushing 1Ghz. So why would you say, "We have all this wonderful stuff including better battery life and we are pushing 750mhz! eck....

Rumor has it that the A4 in the iPhone 4 is a clocked down 800Mhz piece. Will have to wait for the official tear down but that's whats been going around.

The new iPhone 4 is wack they playing catch up to the EVO n seriously a3.5 screen size for real team Android n team EVO ALL DAY

Your article will fall on def iFool ears and on we Android users who tend to understand the technology behind our phones and don't need to hear it. The fact of the matter is that Jobs has to have an excuse as to why they are just now adding multi-tasking. So he conjures up this idea that everyone else has been doing it wrong and they took the time to get it right. The truth is that they basically had to add it or else continue to get blasted over it. Plain and simple theirs is still limited in the name of "protecting" the user and Android's is full featured in the name of providing full featured apps. If I'd rather have room for error and filter out the people that can't write good apps while getting great apps than get limited apps due to some bad Apples out there.

As for this launch. Like anything Apple launches with an i in front of it people will run to buy it. Now they have to live with this phone for an entire year while the onslaught of Android devices continues. They really haven't outdone the Evo outside of camera and resolution (which still remains to be seen what this is worth on a 3.5in screen...ironically isn't this the same thing as packing MP's into a camera which Jobs talked down?) and you have the Galaxy S coming. And while I couldn't tell any worthwhile difference in the pics of this new iPhone the screen on the Galaxy S made me a believer just from the pics. The rest of the Android devices this year will make a quick joke out of this phone ranging from screen size to video conference features to display quality to processing power and snappiness to software features with 2.2 and beyond and the list goes on and on. I think today the iPhone becomes just another phone.

The iPhone became just another phone at Google I/O this year. Today, Apple just reaffirmed that it's just another phone with another brand name in the sea of smartphones.

Jobs using catchwords to cover his latest product is the same as putting a different sauce over chicken and telling us it's amazing.

Don't you guys know? According to Steve jobs it hasn't been done until Apple does it. Like when the 3gs came out and it could shoot video and cut and paste. Its all a load of bull. It is kind of funny that the clock speed is left out. I have been looking for tech specs on this thing and its funny. I can't find them well except for the screen. I have a feeling this thing is going to be completely under specs compared to newer android devices. but even if its specs are higher the 1.5gh scorpion is coming and Android is growing in leaps and bounds today froyo tomorrow gingerbread and at least when Android incorporates a feature that's been around for a while they don't act like they are the first ones to do it.

The thing about Apple and Steve Jobs and his iPhone is that he doesn't realize that it's my perogative if I wanna burn the battery (I can switch it out on my EVO...can you do that on the iphone?? I think not!!) I've had 3 generations of iphone and att sucked for those 3 years..I'm done with iphone and att!! And as far as the number of hours he shelled out about battery life is bullshit! That's all it is.."NUMBERS" not real-life use!! Lab tests don't count!!

Hey Steve. I might oppose your way of doing things, but I am also humanitarian. Man, please eat something...

Hum, some bacon, some beef, some cheese, some fruits and vegs. 200+ billions can buy good food. Those Jeans were about to fall off man. I am really worried about you. Eat something man. Eat.

And the winner is.... ANDROID!!!!! again.
I agree. Lab tests are nice but real world matters. I'm now a fan of getting extended batteries for smartphones. Iphone... you have to get a new device if the battery.dies or try taking it apart and doing it yourself but the average consumer will more than likely not take the chance of breaking their phone. Android devices will always win the battery war.

I love my HTC EVO 4G. However the IPS sounds neat but, then again I got a practical kickstand...

Android has been ahead since the G1 days, and it's gotten WAYYYYYYYYY better since then! Apple is JUST starting things like multitasking, and STILL aren't doing it to the fullest! lol!! and no adobe Flash, which i have read has many iPhone users pissed! (and also that it's not going to verizon)

This is off topic but I thought it was funny. CNN tweeted earlier today that when steve jobs was asking the audience for suggestions, an audience member yelled out verizon. Made the crowd laugh.

OK, enough talk about battery life, FACT IS: smartphones suck juice if used! I found this out with my first Blackberry and each phone after. When I hear people state "a day of use" I think "do they use their phone?". I carry 3 batteries and 1 extended life battery, all day long I use my phone (now the HTC Hero) be it podcast listening, Pandora browsing WHATEVER, why? Because that is why I bought the phone, I accepted that I work on the road with nowhere to plug in, so extra batteries and battery charges at home, I'm good. So enough of the little digs about who has "better battery life", what can the damn phone do that will enlighten my experience?
I looked at the EVO and drooled, then found I'd have to pay for 4G even though they have no idea when my area will get it, I know what many fail to talk about out loud "wimax will not be the standard" so I decided to pass on the "God phone". I have 1 more year on my contract so by then EVO will be the old phone, maybe Sprint will come around and maybe wimax will work for them, I can sit on the sideline and watch. I bought into the PRE kool-aid so I know what it means to run for the hype.

Apple's been in the computer game since what? The late 70's early 80's? They do have a following, so bringing out a phone was only gravy to the followers because now they don't have to bother with windows based phones, and the like. If individual phone manufacturers would concentrate on competing within their own companies, then they wouldn't have to worry about the iphone; it's not that great of a phone. It's greatest feature is that it has an ipod on it. The iphone can't even out multitask my 8330.