It Can WaitThe fight against texting and driving has done something nearly unheard of in this mobile industry -- the four major U.S. carriers are joining forces to take part in the "It Can Wait" campaign. The new initiative begins May 20 with a co-branded advertising campaign in which you'll hear the real stories of folks whose lives have been affected by texting and driving. It'll kick off with the story of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo, AT&T says, who in 2010, at just 5 years old, was paralyzed from the waist down after being struck by a car driven by a young woman who was texting while driving.

In March, a study commissioned by AT&T found that 49 percent of commuters reported having texted while driving, compared to 43 percent of teenagers in a companion study.

You'll also see the "It Can Wait" campaign in various retailers nationwide.

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Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile join AT&T's 'It Can Wait' campaign


Fantastic, we need more alliances like this that is good for the betterment of People in general and not just rivalry that we all see constantly. Yes I know it's business, but can't we have a slightly more Polite and nice business? I think so.

Why didn't we ever see a campaign like this from the fast food, soda, coffee, music, billboard and kids in the back seat industries?

Call me cynical.. but they make more money from phone calls than texts, so of course they want you to replace that (illegal and dangerous) text while driving with a (legal but equally dangerous according to the latest research) call. I wonder if they'd be so keen on a campaign against calling while driving? If they were, it would probably restore my faith in corporations and humanity!

Seriously. When was the last time a salesperson worked half as hard to sell you on a high-minute plans as they do to get you to sign up for unlimited texting?

Also, it's a moot point, because no one makes any money at all off of a dead former customer.

Actually, a lot of carriers are offering unlimited texting now. It used to be that voice and texting were the hot commodities, while data was the extra they'd throw in. These days, the reverse is true, as smartphones have pretty much become the norm.

I don't think that a call over a handsfree device would even be close to being as dangerous as texting while driving.
It takes a STONE COLD IDIOT to text while driving!

Don't be too quick to have your faith in humanity restored my friend. Sprint wants us to not drive and text so they would like us to download their Drive First app and pay $2/month for the service which effective turns off our phones while a vehicle is in motion in order for us to remain safe.

They really must care about our safety, and I would gladly pay them to care about me.

What kills me is Sprint charges $2 monthly for their Drive First app that shuts the phone down at moving speed.

If they want safety they need to offer that app at a buy it now price and not a monthly charge. I'd use it if I could buy it but I'm not paying $2 month for it! I'll keep texting at that price :)

I simply leave my phone in my pocket while driving. Unless I am using the GPS/directions.

Just because your phone rings or you recive a text, does not mean anser/respond immediatelty!!

What kills me is the attempted justification of NEEDING an app to help prevent you from texting and driving. Do you people have no will power at all? Why is this even a debate anymore?! Texting while driving means you're traveling at any given rate of speed, in a metal box with wheels and gas and glass and so on, all while your eyes are looking at your phone. Does that seem smart to anyone? All it takes is taking your eye off the road for a second. Some of you people baffle me.

I'm so moved by these loving carriers, they care about us!
Unless of course it costs them a penny, then they don't really give a rat, lol. Although I agree with the message, which is the law here in california anyway, thanks for caring sweet cute carriers.

P.s. I wonder if this alliance would have happened back when they charged $0.10 per text!

So, let me get this straight.

$2 a month, $24 a year or what basically amounts to $.06 per day is too much to pay for the being safer while on the road. Too expensive for your safety, the safety of your vehicle occupants, or the pedestrian you're about to mow down in a crosswalk and disable for the rest of his/her life, or the unaware oncoming driver that you're about to hit head-on and kill.

Do I understand the logic correctly?

I don't get some of the comments on this site.

I think the point is that if the carriers wanted to protect users this would be free, but to be honest with you I still think its can do this for free by *NOT TEXTING WHILE YOU DRIVE*...

If you really need to pay someone $2 a month to protect you and others from your own stupidity then go ahead, I hope you sleep better at night.

Really? Talk about oppressive. I'm a adult. I can decide for myself with common sense what is good for me. I really don't need a campaign to tell me texting while driving is not a smart idea.

First it was calling while driving, now it's texting while driving.

The day people start using Facebook/Twitter/Instagram while driving will be the end of us...